if you guys don't know what enchanted arms is thin ill tell you its basically about devil golems and a group of people who save the world!There you go!


True story from the game

Chapter 1 class lecture

"Listen up class as I professor kou shall talk to you about the golem war"

as professor kou started the lecture he begins to here snoring

But he still went on

"Atsuma wake up" said the student with black hair

"Toya leave that 1 brain cell!"

"Yeah but I don't want him to feel the wrath of professor kou!"

As professor kou went up to the snoring boy he simply put his pointing stick by his head

"So atsuma are you ready for practice"

"Huh yeah"

I see you don't like my lectures do you atsuma"

"No it's just that your lectures are so boring and they make me fall a sleep"

"Ahhhh so its true well at least your telling the true


Well will you demonstrate us a little practice battle


10 seconds later! All jaws dropt

"Well done atsuma and you only used fists alone well since you broke my golem its lunch time"

"Yes alright"

Lunch time! Well that was chapter 1 what did you thank! Chapter 2 coming soon!