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Lunch with three!

Atsuma: alright lunch time

Toya: now remember Atsuma the cafeteria is down the lecture hall to the right then go down stairs got it!

Atsuma: yeah yeah but you don't have to tell me every single time!.

Toya: but you do forget!

Atsuma: what ever well to the cafeteria!

As the three friends walk to the lunch line they got stopped by professor kou

"Atsuma may I speak to you a second"

"sure what's up?"

I wanted to give you these pair of metal gloves so if you wanted to fight you wouldn't be messing up your knuckles! Oh ill be getting your arm results an a couple of days"

"Thanks professor kou"

As atsuma started to catch up to his friends toya and makoto on the other hand

Makoto made his super dooper toya of love lunch

"Hey guys sorry I am late." (atsuma muttered)"

"oh so now you can get lunch right" makoto said to atsuma)

"Yeah pretty much ….. so what's in the basket with hearts….let me guess its yours makoto and you made it for toya!"

"That's right toya tell atsuma to go get his lunch"

"your right atsuma hurry and go get your lunch" yeah I guess your right!"

As atsuma rushed to the counter to order his food!

"hello atsuma what would you like? There's the burger set, the veggies set or the e-lunch"

"Ill take the hmmmm" the burger set!"

"Alright please in joy"


"ok so I got the lunch time to rush back to my friends"

As I rushed to my friends they have seem to be having a blast

"So guys how's Mankato's love lunch"

"it was really good nothing can beat my toya's love lunch alright"

After we ate are lunch we went to the sector we weren't aloud but surprisingly we for got to go see are furry friend and we had to give him lunch until then take care good bye!