Greetings fellow readers and writers! You're in for something different now! Okay, for a long time now I've been doing Kingdom Hearts crossovers, with the occasional Harry Potter fic. But now this author is delving into uncharted waters, all to bring you a tale of fantastic comedy. This story will be my first in the realm of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, one of my favorite shows from a while back, as well as Wizard101, which IMHO is the best MMORPG ever. All the fans of Halo and World of Warcraft can say that those games are the best, but I like Wizard101 the best.

Now, this story involved players from Wizard101, including myself. All of them have given me their permission to use their characters in this story, and for that I wish to say thanks to all of you.

In terms of everyone's favorite young witch, this story takes place between season 3 and 4, right after Sabrina solved the Spellman family secret, got her witches license and met her evil twin Katrina, but before the start of her senior year at school.

Also in this story there'll be guest appearances by the heroes of several anime's. I won't say who will come or when they'll come, but they'll be there.

One more thing. Each chapter will end in a cliffhanger, giving the whole story the atmosphere of a thrilling adventure, like Doctor Who. It'll still be funny but also exciting.

Now I don't own Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Wizard101 or any of the anime that'll be in this story, so please don't sue me, I'm just trying to tell a good story.

And now, without further delay, please enjoy….

Sabrina's Quest

By AndrewK9000

Chapter 1: The Summons to Adventure

"I can't believe Valerie moved to Alaska," said Sabrina as she and Harvey sat at their usual spot in The Slicery, "what possible reason would her parents have for just packing up and moving to the other side of the continent? On the roof of the world no less."

"I heard that Valerie's dad got a really lucrative job offer in Anchorage," said Harvey, "managing oil rigs."

"That's still no excuse," said Sabrina, "did he have to drag Valerie up there with hin? Alaska's terrible. It's so cold all the time."

"It can't be that bad," said Harvey.

"Trust me," said Sabrina, "it is."

As if like clockwork, Libby walked over, her usual smug expression visible for all to see, "and how would you know that, Sabrina?" she asked, "you sound like you know from experience."

"Uh…," said Sabrina, "let's just say that I know people who travel. And why are you here, Libby? Don't you have other people to torment?"

"They're scheduled in," said Libby, "anyway, I just want to say that I'm sorry that Valerie moved."

"You are?" Sabrina and Harvey both asked.

"Of course," said Valerie, "one less freak for me to work with."

"Takes one to know one," said a familiar voice from behind Libby.

"Excuse me?" said an irate Libby as she turned around, "just who do you think…?" but she was struck speechless as she realized who it was that dared to insult her.

Sabrina and Harvey were also shocked, but they were overjoyed by who it was, "Jenny!" Sabrina exclaimed happily.

Yes, it was Jenny Kelley, Sabrina's first friend when she started at Westbridge High. "It's me, alright," said Jenny.

"Oh my gosh!" said Sabrina as she shot up from her chair, pushed Libby aside and hugged Jenny, "it's so good to see you! I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too," said Jenny as she hugged Sabrina back, "San Francisco was so lonely."

"Do I get a hug too?" Harvey asked as she stood up with his arms spread.

"Absolutely!" said Jenny as she hugged Harvey. She then sat down at the table with Harvey and Sabrina.

"So how long have you been back?" Harvey asked.

"Just got in an hour ago," said Jenny, "and guess what? I'm staying the whole summer!"

"That's so awesome!" said Sabrina.

"Just like old times!" said Harvey.

"Oh great," said Libby in an annoyed tone, "one freak leaves, only to be replaced by the prodigal freak."

At that Jenny looked like she wanted to punch Libby in the face. She stood up and faced Libby, while taking out from her pocket a pair of reading glasses and put them on, "you know, Libby, I learned a lot on the West Coast. I've seen a lot of things and experienced a lot, epically when I visited the Haight-Ashbury district and spent a few months as a hippy."

"You? A hippy?" Jenny asked, "not even the freak queen here," she indicated Sabrina, "would stoop that low."

"You'd be surprised," said Sabrina as she grinned at the memory of when she made a Time Ball and Salem ate it, causing everyone in Westbridge to go back to the 60's.

"Say what you want, Libby," said Jenny, "but your insults and airs only serve to hide your own inner rottenness."

"What does that mean?" Libby asked.

"It means that you're nothing but a big phony," said Jenny, "that all that you do to make others miserable and make yourself feel like the queen of the world, it means nothing, not in the long run. Someday it'll call come back to you and you'll realize just how worthless you've made yourself. So you can take your insults and eat them!"

At that Libby was struck speechless. She tried to come up with a snappy comeback, but all she could say was, "Freaks!" and she stubbornly walked back to the table where her fellow cheerleaders were waiting for her.

"Wow," said Harvey.

"Who are you and what have you done with my friend?" Sabrina asked Jenny.

Jenny took off her glasses and smiled at Sabrina, "it's still me, just a little different."

"I'll say," said Harvey as they all sat down again, "what happened to you in San Francisco?"

"A lot," said Jenny, "partly I had to get reading glasses, which is a good thing because over Christmas, I read a lot of good books, including Atlas Shrugged and Catcher in the Rye. Those books made me realized that I can stand up for myself and not have to take any crud from someone like Libby. But other than that I'm still the same."

"Wish the same could be said for me," said Harvey, "I thought things would get better once mom had the baby, but it's not."

"Oh that's right," said a happily smiling Jenny, "I did hear that you've got a new sister. That's so cool!"

"It is cool, sort of," said Harvey, "but sometimes little Unna keeps everyone up all night, and believe me, you don't want to know how bad it can get."

"I think I can imagine it," said Jenny, "so, Sabrina, what sort of wild and crazy stuff have you been through while I was gone?"

For an instant Sabrina was tempted to tell Jenny everything that happened over the past two years, from studying for her Witches License to solving the family secret, all leading to her meeting and nearly being killed by her evil twin Katrina. That last part was something Sabrina wished she could forget, and who would want to remember being pushed into a volcano by ones own twin?

But Sabrina held her tongue, not just because to tell Jenny everything would bring down on them the wrath of the Witches council, but also because it might be hurtful for Jenny. Sabrina found it hard to forget the time when Jenny accidentally went to the Other Realm and got turned into a grasshopper by Drell. Yes, that was one memory she wished she could get rid of.

"Oh, you know me," said Sabrina, "I like the quiet, dull life," but then before she could stop herself, "oh, and Mr. Kraft dated my Aunts."

"You're kidding!" said a shocked Jenny, "which one?"

"Both of them," said Harvey.

"You're not helping," said Sabrina, "it's not funny, Jenny. Well, it is, but only on one level. On another it's horrible. At first it was Aunt Hilda, but they broke up and now Mr. Kraft is, in his own worlds, 'going steady' with Aunt Zelda. And for a wile we were all scared that they were all going to get married."

"Oh that's just gross," said Jenny, "can you imagine if he moves in with you?"

"Oh god no!" said Sabrina, "we had him over for a while, it was horrible!" She looked at Harvey, "let's tell her some good news. It'll give me the chance to get the horrible images out of my head."

"Oh we've got more than good news," said Harvey as he and Sabrina held hands and the both smiled happily.

"Oh my god," said a shocked yet happy Jenny, "are you two…you know…engaged?"

"Not yet," said Sabrina, "but we did proclaimed our love for each other."

"It was kinda weird how it happened," said Harvey, "I went to Sabrina's house to pick her up for our date, and I just said that I loved her, right there on the front porch. But something was wrong with her voice, and I kinda got upset that she couldn't talk. I thought she didn't love me and I left."

"But you came back," said Sabrina as she adoringly clung to his arm and leaned her head on his shoulder, "my brave hero."

"Yeah, that's the weird part," said Harvey, "I really don't remember what happened after I came back. I have been having a lot of weird moments for a while. Anyway, the next thin I knew, Sabrina told me she loved me."

"And the rest is history," said Sabrina.

"That's so awesome that you two are together," said Jenny, "you know, I sort of had a feeling that you two would make a great couple, kinda like soul mates."

"Of course," said Libby as she walked back over, "you deserve each other; freaks attract freaks."

"This coming from someone who's been trying to grab Harvey for herself ever since I moved to Westbridge?" Sabrina asked.

"I know a lost cause when I see one," said Libby as she idly looked at her perfectly manicured nails.

"Then why don't you just crawl back into your hole and stay there?" said Jenny as she took out her reading glasses again and put them on, "you know what you are, Libby Chessler? You're a parasite."

"I'm a what?" Libby snapped, "what did you call me?"

"I called you a parasite," said Jenny as she stood up and defiantly glared at Libby, "you make those around you feel miserable and you feed off of that misery; it makes you feel powerful, like it was a drug, but regardless of the effect, you're still a parasite. And you know what they do with parasites?"

"Uh…" said Libby, "they…let them do whatever they want?"

"No," said Jenny, "they kill parasites. If you found that you had a tapeworm inside of you, sucking the life from your body, you'd do what have to be done to get rid of it. And you're just like a parasite, Libby, you drain the life of those around others. Sure, you don't physically hurt anyone, but you take away their will to live, bit by bit, just a like a parasite."

"I'm not a parasite!" said Libby, "and I'm certainly not a tapeworm!" With that she ran out of the restaurant.

Sabrina then realized that she had her finger raised halfway, ready to turn Libby into a tapeworm, but she stopped herself just in time. Chances were that, now that she had her witches license, the change would be permanent, and the last thing she wanted was to get in any more trouble. But then again, trouble always had a way of finding Sabrina when she least expected, and what was about to happen to her was no exception.

"Wow," said Harvey again, "you really are different, Jenny."

"I'm just taking my life in a different direction," said Jenny as she took her glasses off.

"Remind me to introduce you to my friend Valerie," said Sabrina, "I'm sure the two of you would have a lot to learn from each other."

"I'm sure Valerie will learn more than you will, Jenny," said Harvey.

"I'm sure," said Jenny. They all laughed.

They spent the rest of the afternoon talking, catching up with each other's escapades and remembering old times. But then it was time for Sabrina to head back home, "I told Aunt Zelda I'd start my summer reading list today."

"I can't believe Mr. Kraft is making us all read War and Peace," said Harvey, "that book is so long and boring."

"Not as long as Atlas Shrugged," said Jenny, "but it didn't take me too long. You really should read that book; it's got a lot of good ideas in it about what's right and wrong."

"I'll put it on my to do list," said Sabrina. Anyway, it's awesome that you're back, Jenny, and we've got the whole summer to enjoy."

"That's the idea," said Jenny, "and you can fill me on how you and Harvey got together."

"I'd be my pleasure to give all the juicy details," said Sabrina.

"And you'll have to tell me everything about your trip to Hawaii," said Jenny, "I'll bet it was so cool there."

"Yeah, cool," said Sabrina in a slightly uncomfortable tone, "and hot, really hot." Like she could ever forget that her evil twin Katrina pushed her into an active volcano, "well, see you later!"

A short time later found Sabrina back home. She found Aunt Hilda, Aunt Zelda and Salem in the kitchen, "I've got the best news!"

"The Great Pumpkin is making an appearance this Halloween?" Salem asked, "if he is tell him I'm looking for him; that deadbeat owes me $50."

"No he's not," said Aunt Zelda, "the last time The Great Pumpkin came to the mortal realm, it caused a great panic in 1938."

"I thought that was Orson Wells fault," said Sabrina.

"He only took the blame because he wanted the publicity," said Aunt Hilda.

"And yet another historical fact turned upside down due to magic," said Sabrina, "anyway, Jenny's back for the summer."

"That's wonderful," said Aunt Zelda, "I hope you two have loads of fun together."

"Just keep her away from the closet," said Aunt Hilda, "I don't think Drell's going to let us change her back from a grasshopper again."

"I fully intend to keep my friends out of the other realm," said Sabrina as she sat down and grabbed an apple, "you know, I have a good feeling about this summer. I mean, I know that Valerie's in Alaska, but when I last talked to her she sounded like she was alright and insisted that I have fun, so I'm going to take her advice and make this the best summer vacation ever."

"I wouldn't jump to conclusions so hastily," said Aunt Zelda, "you have your Witches License now, and sometimes when a witch initially gets her license, there's a brief but horrible period of bad luck."

"Really?" Sabrina asked hesitantly, "what happened when you got yours?"

"Well," said Aunt Zelda, "when I received my witches's license, nearly everyone in the immediate family; that means Hilda, your father, all your aunts, uncles and cousins, they all broke their legs at the same time."

"And mine caused a city to catch on fire," said Aunt Hilda, "don't ask me which one, it's too painful to remember."

"I think I can guess," said Sabrina, "what about you, Salem? What manner of mayhem did you cause when you got your witches license?"

"I never caused any mayhem when I got my license," said Salem, "if you have to know, I actually had a run of good luck."

"Oh really?" Aunt Hilda asked, "I remember a certain earthquake that happened when you got your license."

"That was a coincidence," said Salem, "it was never proven that I had anything to do with it."

Just then a letter popped out of the other realm toaster.

"Uh-oh!" said Salem as he saw the letter, "it's black."

"Oh no!" said Aunt Hilda.

"It's a summons to appear before the witches council," said a nervous Aunt Zelda as he hesitantly picked up the letter and looked at it; indeed the envelope was black and addressed in red ink, "and it's addressed to Sabrina!"

"What did I do this time?" Sabrina asked as she walked over to Aunt Zelda, "I haven't used my magic for anything selfish since I got my license, not today anyway," she looked up in a thoughtful, "although I was tempted to turn Libby into a tapeworm."

"I wouldn't recommend following through on that ever," said Salem, "tapeworm spells can get a bit messy."

"And you would know that how?" Sabrina asked.

"Let's just say that you're not the only one who had snobby enemies in school," said Salem.

"You'll have to tell me about it sometime," said Sabrina, "but what's this about this letter?"

"You're not in trouble," said Aunt Zelda, "now that you have your license, every now and then the witches council will call on you to do certain tasks."

"Oh, like community service?" Sabrina asked as she took the letter from Aunt Zelda.

"More like jury duty," said Aunt Hilda, "but a lot more dangerous. This letter is a summons for a Quest."

"Quest?" Sabrina asked, "like in that Monty Python movie with the Holy Grail?"

"Yes," said Aunt Zelda, "but much more epic, and certainly not as funny."

"Most of the time they're errands that the witches council are too lazy to do themselves," said Aunt Hilda, "this one time, I had to go to a world full of giant psychic spiders that can take control of your mind, all because Drell wanted some of their silk for a new suit," she paused in a thoughtful manner, "that was the last straw that caused us to break up."

"And here I thought it was just bad chemistry," said Salem.

"I hear that cat fur is the new black in the other realm," said Aunt Hilda, "especially black cat fir."

"Oh please," said Salem in a whimpering manner, "not my precious fur, it's the only skin I've got."

"Nobody is getting skinned," said Aunt Zelda.

"Oh come on," said Aunt Hilda in a teasing manner, "I know so many ways to skin a cat."

"How many are there?" Sabrina asked.

"Unofficially," said Aunt Hilda, "216."

At that Salem gulped fearfully.

"No one is getting skinned," Aunt Zelda insisted, "and that's final. And you'd better open that letter, Sabrina. Ignoring a summons for a Quest could lead to serious consequences."

"They could suspend your witches license and make you do the Quest without magic," said Aunt Hilda.

"Oh, in that case," said Sabrina, "I might as well do whatever childish thing Drell wants me to do," she opened the envelope and took the actual letter out; it was written on black parchment and penned in red ink, "it says I've been selected to be The Chosen One."

"What!" exclaimed Aunt Hilda, Aunt Zelda and Salem at once.

"This can't be right!" said Aunt Zelda in a frantic tone as she grabbed the letter from Sabrina's hand, "there has to be some sort of mistake!"

"Has it been a hundred years already?" Aunt Hilda asked in an equally frantic manner.

"It's the last year in the century," said Salem, "but I thought they were gonna wait until the very end before they have the lottery."

"What lottery?" Sabrina asked, "and why am I this Chosen One?"

"We've got to go to the witches council," said Aunt Zelda, "we have to convince them to choose someone else."

"They just can't choose Sabrina," said Aunt Hilda, "she just got her license. We have to make them pick someone else!"

"Can someone explain this to someone who has absolutely no idea what you're talking about?" Sabrina asked.

"We'll explain after we've all talked to the witches council," said Aunt Zelda, "and we have to go now, before it's too late."

"What's too late?" Sabrina asked as they hurried up the stairs to the linen closet.

"It'd take too long to explain," said Aunt Zelda.

"And why is Salem coming with us?" Sabrina asked.

"Because I don't want to see you go off on a suicide mission," said Salem as he leapt into Aunt Hilda's arms.

"We're trying to keep you from going on a Quest that's an almost certain death sentence," said Aunt Hilda.

"We'd better let Ted know as soon as we get to the other realm," said Aunt Zelda, "if anyone can convince the council to choose another, it's Sabrina's father."

They all went into the closet, closed the door and with a flash of lightning and thunder, they were in the Other Realm. It didn't take them long for the three witches and cat to arrive in the hall of the Witches Council.

"I tried to reach Ted," said Aunt Zelda as they all waited for the council to acknowledge them and let them speak, "all I got was his answering service."

"I hope you left a very urgent message," said Aunt Hilda, "this is as serious as it gets."

"What's serious?" Sabrina asked, "someone please tell me what's going on? I'm starting to get worried."

"Believe me," said Salem, "you should be worried, be very worried."

Just then Drell zapped himself next to Aunt Hilda, "oh, there's nothing to worry about," said the flamboyant head of the Witches Council, "it's just a little errand to distant reaches of the Other Realm."

"You know damn well that it's not that simple!" snapped Aunt Zelda, "Drell, you have to make the council Choose someone else."

"Sabrina just got her license!" said Aunt Hilda, "you can't honestly expect us to believe that the lottery Chose her. It has to be a mistake! It has to be!"

"I knew you missed me, Hilda," said Drell, "rumor has it that you've been dating a lot of mortals lately, and that you're hung up about your sister dating a specific mortal; a vice principal of a high school no less," he looked at Aunt Zelda, "how's that working out for you?"

"It's dreadful," said Salem, "they're all lovey dovey all the time."

"And Mr. Kraft so annoying even when Aunt Zelda isn't there," said Sabrina.

"And he has a pet name for Zelda," said Aunt Hilda, "Zuzu."

"Yeesh," said Drell, "I'm glad I heard about it second hand."

"Leave Willard out of this!" said an annoyed Aunt Zelda, "and can we please get back to the more important matter at hand?"

"And what would that be?" Drell asked.

"The one where my aunts think I'm in horrible danger," said Sabrina, "and their loving niece has absolutely no clue about what it's all about. Just what's going on, Drell? Do you need me to go get some rare chocolates from a predator infested rainforest on an alien world or something like that?"

"No," said Drell, "but that would be nice. But you will be doing a lot of traveling. Oh, I nearly forgot," he zapped in a red envelop, the kind that held a birthday card, "this is from everyone on the Witches Council," he handed it to Sabrina, "congratulations on solving your family's secret and getting your license."

Sabrina opened the card and laughed at the corny joke, but then saw that there were three red coupons in it, the same coupons that her Quiz Master gave her last Friday the 13th, "good for one hour's worth of spells on any three mortals. That's awesome. But seriously, what is it that the council wants me to do?"

"You're not doing anything for them," said Aunt Hilda.

"How can I say no if I don't know what I'm supposed to do?" Sabrina asked.

Just then a man in his mid 50's with graying black hair and wearing green and white robes and bluish-green trousers, a green and yellow hat and carrying a tall, ornately carved wooden staff, popped in with a shower of greenish yellow sparks, "I can answer that, young lady."

"I don't believe it!" said a shocked Salem, "Richard? I thought you were dead!"

"And I heard that you were polymorphed into a cat for trying to take over your world, Salem Saberhagen," said the man, Richard, "I warned you that ambition would be your downfall."

He looked at Sabrina, "I'm sure you have far too many unanswered questions, Sabrina Spellman. I am Richard Greenspear, and I am a Wizard."

"A Wizard?" Sabrina asked, "is that like a witch?"

"Both are magic users," said Richard Greenspear, "but where as witches and warlocks cast spells with words and their hands," he held up his wooden walking stick, "Wizards use wands and staff to practice their arts. I promise I'll explain more about Wizards and where I come from, but there's very little time and I have so much more to explain about your Quest."

"She's not going!" aunt Zelda insisted, "the last time this happened, the Chosen One was killed."

"You don't have to remind me, Zelda," said Richard Greenspear in a serious tone, "my own brother was on that Quest, and he died as well." He looked at Sabrina, "everything will be made clear to you, but first thing's first," he tapped his staff on the floor and with a green flash of magic, several comfortable chairs and a table with a large tea service appeared around Sabrina and the others, "we might as well make ourselves comfortable."

"Do I detect the sweet aroma of kippers and chopped liver?" Salem asked.

"And all the other goodies that you love," said Richard Greenspear as he, Sabrina and the others sat down and he helped himself to a cup of tea, "now, to begin.

"Sabrina, this Quest you've been Chosen to complete has it's origins in the distant past. Approximately 10,000 years ago things in the other realm were very different from what they are now. This was before Drell here seized power and made an ass of himself in the eyes of a lot of magic users."

"But I'm still on top," said Drell, "I keep getting reelected."

"Only because you either bribe or threaten the voters," said Richard, "but I digress. Anyway, this story involves a young warlock who believed very much like Saberhagen here, that magic should be used to rule not only his world, but all worlds."

"And yet I got caught," said Salem.

"As did the foolish warlock from long ago," said Richard, "the witches council of then hadn't adopted the punishment of turning criminals into animals, but instead stripped him of his magic and banished him to the outer reaches of the other realm. But they also took away his name."

"They gave him amnesia?" Sabrina asked.

"Not in those words," said Richard, "not only did they take away his surname, but also his true name."

"A true name is the absolute true identity of a person," said Aunt Hilda, "or just about anything."

"True names carry great power," said Aunt Zelda, "if you can learn the true name of someone, you can control that person to the point that that person would do just about anything you asked him or her."

"So if learned Libby's true name," said Sabrina, "not that I would want anything to do with it, I could make her be nice to everyone?"

"You could even make her into a apprentice of Mother Teresa," said Salem, "and that's saying something."

"Fortunately the art of learning true names of other magic users and mortals has long been made forbidden," said Richard, "and for good reason. Atlantis was destroyed because too many true names were invoked. But I digress.

"The warlock in question was banished; powerless and nameless, he was cast out into the wilderness of the other realm and forgotten. But like bad coins, he came back.

"He returned with new powers, dark powers, and with a new name, a name that to this day frightens any witch or warlock who hears it," he then whispered, "Diabolic."

Sabrina then saw Aunt Hilda, Aunt Zelda, Salem and Drell all shudder, as if someone walked on their graves.

"So what did this warlock, this Diabolic do?" Sabrina asked.

"He had the power to summon the most vile of creatures," said Richard, "demons and monsters from the darkest reaches of existence. He also had a small army of witches and warlocks who gave their loyalties to the dark one. Most of them were those who were with him when he first tried to take over, while others were recent converts.

"It took everything the witches council had to hold back Diabolic, and even that wasn't enough to stop his wickedness from spilling over onto the mortal realms and into other worlds. Great calamites inflicted many worlds, sometimes even destroying them. It was fortunate that the many parallel Earths were spared the worst of the darkness.

"Yet in the end Diabolic overpowered the council. He was one step away from assuming total power; power which would have made him a living god. But there was one who had what it took to stop him.

"She was a witch, not much older than you are. Her name was Serena Starbright, and she was a genius at crafting magical items. A lot of her items still exist today, some of them in private collections, others in museums.

"Anyway, Serena crafted five talismans of incredible power, and she and her four friends, three warlocks and another witch, they used the talismans to break Diabolic's powers. All his summoned monsters and demons were vanquished and the majority of his followers were either captured or killed. But the main villain wasn't killed. Rather, he fled and vowed revenge.

"Time past and as the other realm cleaned up the damage from the war, an extensive search went on for Diabolic, yet there was no sign of him.

"After hundreds of years the search was called off and Serena and her friends settled down and lived out their lives. The five talismans were placed in a museum and all but forgotten.

"But forgotten forever they weren't. Five thousand years after the battle, Diabolic returned with his powers restored and a new army of followers and minions. Again, the combined powers of the witches council could only slow him down. Once again it seemed that Diabolic would rule all. But once again an unlikely hero came forward. A half mortal warlock discovered the talismans in a forgotten corner of a museum and used them to break Diabolic's powers. He was defeated, but not destroyed."

"I'm starting to dislike this Diabolic," said Sabrina.

"You're going to come to hate him soon enough," said Richard, "anyway, once again a search for the defeated Diabolic turned up fruitless. This time around the council wasn't taking chances and they made sure that the talismans weren't lost, so when Diabolic returned again, this time only after 2,500 years, they were ready for him. Diabolic was banished in less than a day. But again he evaded capture.

"He returned yet again after only 1,500 years, making this incident roughly around 1000 AD. But this time things were different. Diabolic had a different plan in mind. When the hero who wielded the talismans performed the magic to break Diabolic's powers, the dark one cast a spell at the last second. His powers were broken, but the wielder of the talismans was slain and the talismans themselves were scattered to the far reaches of the other realm.

"It took the council 100 years to find the talismans, and just in time, for Diabolic returned. The one who found the talismans confronted and defeated Diabolic, but once again the wielder of the talismans was killed and the talismans were scattered. But before the wielder died, he cast a spell that would make it easer for the next chosen wielder to find them. When Diabolic returned, the spell would reveal the locations of the talismans, but not sooner than the next conflict. Others have tried to find the talismans before the appointed time, but none succeeded.

"That's when the lottery for the chosen one was started. Diabolic now had the power to return every 100 years, and every 100 years a witch or warlock was chosen by an impartial lottery to find the talismans, for no one since has ever had the courage to stand and face Diabolic of their own free will.

"And this is where you come in Sabrina Spellman. You became eligible for the lottery shortly after you received your witches license, and that allowed your name to be entered in said lottery. And as luck would have it, your name was picked by the impartial lottery. You, Sabrina Spellman, have been chosen to save the other realm and all of existence from the evil of Diabolic."

At that Sabrina was struck speechless, but Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda had plenty to say.

"She is not going!" said Aunt Zelda, "she's 18 for crying out loud!"

"And he's half mortal," said Aunt Hilda.

"But one of the previous chosen ones was half mortal," said Drell, "and that one didn't die."

"But so many have died," said Aunt Hilda, "including Richard's brother!"

"Charlie Greenspear," said Salem, "I knew him well; a wizard of great talents, and a fantastic chef to boot."

"My brother had his gifts," said Richard, 'but he had his faults; one of which was a lack of knowing when to stop. He went with the last chosen one 100 years ago to find the talismans. He was there at the final battle against Diabolic, and he died with the chosen one. But Charlie made it so that the next hiding place of the talismans would be in a place that those he loved would be able to find them, or at least point the next chosen one in the right direction."

"So where are the talismans now?" Sabrina asked.

"They are located in the worlds where I come from," said Richard, "an area of the other realm called The Spiral." He raised his staff and created an image above the table.

It showed a sea of stars in which sat a spiral of rainbow colored gas. In the middle of the spiral was a world shaped like a large tree. As one followed the path of the spiral outward from the tree world, one found a world that had an Egyptian theme, then one like Victorian-era London, then one like Feudal Japan, and a world that had a city built around volcano with a giant stone dragon on top.

"There are many worlds in The Spiral," said Richard, "but the five main worlds are Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu and Dragonspyre. The five talismans are somewhere on each of these five worlds."

He indicated the tree world in the middle, "that's where I come from, Wizard City. That tree is Bartleby, the World Tree, through which all the worlds of The Spiral can be accessed. Also in Wizard City is the school for wizards; Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. Wizards from all across existence come there to learn from the different aspects of wizard magic."

"There's different aspects of magic?" Sabrina asked, "and how is wizard magic different from Witch magic.

"It's very different," said Richard, "as you know, witches use incantations to cast spells. On the other hand," he pulled out from his pocket a deck of elaborately crafted cards, "wizards use cards to cast spells. Cards use energy that we call Mana, combined with a different energy called Pips" he pulled from the deck a card that looked like a hand casting a beam of light, "this card is a basic Healing card. This particular card can be cast without using mana, but stronger spells need more mana and pips to be cast.

"As for the aspects of magic, there's six different schools taught at Ravenwood. My school is the school of Life. Life magic users are called Theurgists', and we use healing magic for ourselves and others who are in need; be it physical, emotional or spiritual healing. Also we're great musicians. I myself have penned 17 symphonies in my life, where as my great-grandson Andrew, he keeps up with the latest pop culture music, ranging from rock and roll to hip hop to heavy metal."

"You'll learn about all the schools of magic taught at Ravenwood, as well as meet many, many wizards when you get to Wizard City, for that is where the first talisman is located."

"No!" Aunt Zelda insisted, "she's not going!"

"We won't let you send our Sabrina on a suicide mission!" said Aunt Hilda.

"I never said it was a suicide mission," said Richard.

"But were you going to tell her?" Aunt Hilda asked in an accusing manner. She then looked at Drell, "and what about you? Were you going to send Sabrina off to her death without telling her the real danger?"

"I'm just a humble civil servant trying to keep things running," said Drell innocently.

"And I'm the Queen of The Nile," said Salem.

"Can I say something?" Sabrina asked, "this is my life that we're talking about."

"You can say whatever you want, Sabrina," said Aunt Zelda.

"As long as it's 'I'm not going,'" said Aunt Hilda.

"I think I can speak for myself," said Sabrina. "Okay, first of all, I'm not happy that I was put into a lottery without my knowing it. And I'm not happy with this so called impartial lottery. Just how was I chosen?"

"We have a huge Bingo spinner," said Drell, "and each witch or warlock's name is written on a ball, and we have a monkey spin the spinner and draw out the name, and whoever's name is on that ball is The Chosen One."

"Okay, that's one thing," said Sabrina, "second, I never said that I was completely against this."

"But you just can't go!" Salem insisted, "you'll get killed for sure!"

"I somehow feel insulted," said Sabrina, "how can you be so sure that I'll die? I mean, how bad can this Diabolic be?"

Just then there was a huge flash of lightning, black lightning to be exact, and a defining crash of thunder.

"You just had to ask," said Salem as a hurricane-force wind blew through the council room, causing the other council members to scream in terror.

"It's him!" said Richard as he stood up, "Diabolic comes!"

There was a flash of black light and a swirling vortex of dark magic opened up in the middle of the council room, and from that emerged a man wearing a black military uniform with a black mantle cloak. He had deathly pale skin and glowing red eyes and long black hair.

The gathered witches and warlocks of the council backed away from the man in terror.

"My dear Witches Council," said the dark man in a voice that reverberated with evil, "how lovely to see you all again." He then saw Drell, "and here's your fearless leader."

"Ah, yeah," said a visibly fearful Drell, "hi there…Diabolic…how are you?"

"Irate," said Diabolic as he glared at Drell, "very irate now that you are in my presence again, Drell."

"Drell was only a junior member of the witches council when Diabolic was first banished," Aunt Hilda whispered to Sabrina, "but he was the one who called for the vote to banish."

"You're 10,000 years old?" Sabrina asked Drell.

"And loving every second of it," said Drell.

"But there are moments that you regret," said Diabolic, "I'll bet you're sorry that you even thought of sending me away, aren't you Drell."

"You want me to lie to you?" Drell asked.

"I want you to get on your knees and beg for your life, you pathetic worm of a warlock!" snapped Diabolic, "I should turn you into a worm here and now! But I have far more greater torments to inflict on the whole other realm, and the rest of reality, once I have all."

He then looked at Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda, "ah, the Spellman sisters. Rumor has it that the two of you are infatuated with the same mortal, and a vice principle of a high school no less. How pathetic!"

"You leave Willard out of this!" exclaimed Aunt Zelda, "he and I love each other! Love! Something a monster like you could never understand!"

"And I'm so over Willard," said Aunt Hilda.

"Oh cry me a river," said Diabolic. "Enjoy your triangle with the mortal while you can, for when I'm done, the pitiful emotion of love will no longer exist."

He then set his evil eyes on Salem, "and here we have the warlock who would be dictator of a world. I seem to remember talking with you 100 years ago. I offered you the chance to join me and have your share of ultimate power, yet you chose to strike out on your own."

"You worked with this creep?" Sabrina asked Salem.

"We were…pen pals…" said Salem hesitantly, "I asked him for advice on taking over the world. As it turned out, it wasn't that great of advice."

"I waned you about going alone," said Diabolic, "but you wouldn't listen. And look at you now…a cat for 100 years. Or is 150 years now? I heard that your sentence was extended."

"It's true…" said a now blubbering Salem, "I'm gonna be a cat for 50 more years! And I'm actually used to being a cat!"

"Hey!" said Sabrina, "you can't talk that way to my family!"

"I can do anything I want," said Diabolic, "and there's nothing anyone can do to stop me, and there's certainly nothing a half breed slut like you can do."

"You'd be surprised at what I can do," said Sabrina as she glared defiantly at Diabolic, "after all that I've been through since I got my magic, I think I can handle one insane warlock." For some reason, even though her instincts as a witch were telling her to be terrified of Diabolic, Sabrina felt a surge of courage emanating from her heart. Why she felt this way she didn't know, but she wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"Insane!" snapped Diabolic, "Insane! That's what they called me when I was first banished! Drell and those cowards on the Witches Council, they said I was mad, all because I dared to do what they didn't have the guts to do themselves."

"You mean go all crazy and try to take over the universe?" Hilda asked.

"Even I didn't go that far," said Salem.

"I mean that I dared to reach into the darkness and take what was there for the taking," said Diabolic, "but I can see that it's useless to argue with you people," he glared at Sabrina, "I'd rather talk with the young beauty."

"No!" said a frantic Aunt Zelda, "Sabrina, don't listen to anything he tells you!"

"You act like I was trying to sway her to my side," said Diabolic, "I may be mad, yes, I admit that I could possibly be mad, but that's irrelevant. I am implying that I am no moron," he walked around Sabrina, "I can see that this one's heart cannot be turned. I can tell that she faced a great and personal trial recently, one where she questioned her own sense of self."

"Well," said Sabrina, "I did just meet my evil twin, who had everyone convinced that I was the evil one, even me."

"It's true," said Aunt Hilda, "we were all convinced."

"But then Katrina tried to push me into a volcano," said Sabrina, "that's when I knew for sure who I was, both in my mind and heart," she glared defiantly at Diabolic, "I know that I'm on the side of good, so don't even bother trying to get me to join you."

"I said I wasn't trying to get you to join me," said Diabolic, "you don't listen. What I'm trying to do is to get you to do is to simply abandon this futile Quest before you even begin, for to contend with Diabolic is to die."

"I know it'll be dangerous," said Sabrina, "I know that some of those who faced you died, but…"

"Oh," Diabolic interrupted, "you heard that some of your predecessors were killed by me. You don't know the half of it."

"What do you mean?" Sabrina asked nervously. For some reason, what Diabolic just said seemed to make Sabrina afraid. She looked at Aunt Hilda and Zelda, "what does he mean by that?"

"You haven't told her?" Diabolic asked as he grinned with vicious glee, "oh, this gets better and better!" He looked at Sabrina, "you know that I've been able to come back every century over the past 1000 years."

"Yeah, so?" Sabrina asked.

"Well what you don't know," said Diabolic, "was that 1000 years ago was what truly happened when I killed the foolish witch sent to oppose me. I already had in place countermeasures that would ensure that I would recover my powers within 100 years, so I could then focus on killing the witch, which I did.

"Sure the waif used the last of her magic to make it easier for her successor to find the talismans, but that was of no concern for me. Though I was forced back into the dark, I still had my powers, and 100 years later I was able to leave the dark. That's when I learned the key to my ultimate triumph!"

He walked into the middle of the room and addressed the Witches Council, "it was then, 900 years ago this day, that I stood in this very council chamber and decreed that if I could kill the next 9 Chosen Ones, the power of the banishing talismans would be broken forever, and I would be free to take my revenge on the other realm and spread the darkness wherever it pleased me."

He then fixed his cold eyes on Sabrina, sending a chill right to her heart, "that was 900 years ago, and I've killed 8 chosen ones since, bringing the total up to nine," he pointed at Sabrina, "and you make ten, my dear Sabrina Spellman, you will be the key to my ultimate victory!"

"Don't listen to him, Sabrina!" said Aunt Zelda.

"He's just trying to scare you!" said Aunt Hilda.

"Be silent!" snapped Diabolic. Although he didn't point his finger, a spell was used anyway, a spell of terrible darkness that Sabrina could feel right down in her heart.

Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda were hit by the curse, their lips glowing with dark red magic. They were apparently unharmed, but when they tried to talk, they were shocked to find that they couldn't speak.

Everyone was then shocked to see a pair of tongues right in front of Salem, "oh come on," he said, "this is lamer than F.D.R.'s legs."

At that Diabolic smirked at Sabrina, "you can see what I can do with just a fraction of a fraction of my power. What I can do with my full magic would give you mind-destroying nightmares."

"Oh," said Sabrina, "well, that just gives me all the more motivation to stop you."

"Haven't you been listening to what I have been telling you?" Diabolic asked, "If you take up this futile Quest, not only will I kill you, but once you are dead, I will be free to do whatever I please."

"But if I don't do it," said Sabrina, "you'll still do what you please, so either way we're in a lot of trouble."

"And you're not the least bit intimidated by my threat of death?" Diabolic asked, "aren't you crushed with hopelessness? Doesn't your heart quail in terror of certain doom?"

"I'm in high school," said Sabrina, "believe me, anything you can throw at me, can't compare to some of the stuff I've been through."

At that Diabolic glared at Sabrina with utmost hate, "so, you've made your choice; the choice of death. So be it. Sabrina Spellman, from this moment on, we are enemies. I will use everything at my disposal; my powers, my minions and allies, and every dirty trick in the book, some of which I wrote by the way, to make your life a living hell.

"And then, when the time is right, when you've lost everything that you care about, all that you love, when your heart has been crushed in fear and despair, that is when I will take your life!"

"Oh really?" Sabrina asked, "well, you're going to find out that my life isn't cheep, so I hope you've got a large bank account."

That caused everyone in the council room laughed, while Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda laughed silently.

"Or better yet," said Sabrina, "you could try bribing me with a car, but then you'll have to talk to my aunts."

At that Aunt Zelda mimed 'Absolutely not!', while Aunt Hilda sighed with exasperation as if saying 'she's on the verge of being killed and she still wants a car.'

"What'd you expect?" Salem asked, "She's a teenager."

"You see," said Sabrina to Diabolic, "looks like my life can't be bought."

"Laugh while you can, little witch," said Diabolic, "you'll find very few humorous moments in the days to come. I'm going to destroy everyone and everything you care about, starting with your family!"

He then zapped one of the columns of the council chamber, blasting it into rubble, which began falling on Salem, Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda.

"NO!" shouted Sabrina…

To Be Continued