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Ch. 1:


Duncan and Amanda walked into the Egyptian villa and found the now familiar scene of Sekhmet yelling at Methos. He was sitting on the couch, a look of acceptance of his fate on his face, and Sekhmet was standing in front of him, hands on her hips.

Amanda, Duncan, Aurore, Joe, Richie, Methos, and Sekhmet had all moved to Egypt to get ready for the wedding. They had all started out in the villa, but after two nights, Sekhmet had gone looking for a nearby place for rent, found one, paid for it, and promptly, but politely, thrown Amanda and Duncan out. She had offered the same thing to the others, and Richie and Joe had taken up the offer, opting for a nice hotel. To lessen the blow, Sekhmet had given them all keys, but with the expressed instruction that Amanda and Duncan were not allowed to have sex in the villa. Aurore was the only one to refuse, stating that she was still putting the final touches on Sekhmet's dress and needed to be able to have access at all times.

According to Methos, she had locked herself in her room yesterday and was refusing to come out.

Sekhmet looked over at Duncan and Amanda, threw up her hands and stormed out.

"What was that?" Amanda asked, leaning down to kiss Methos' cheek.

"Honestly, I have no idea." Methos replied. "I sat down and I was being yelled at."

"This wedding is going to drive her nuts." Amanda said.

Duncan and Methos looked at her, so she shrugged.

"Okay, more nuts." She amended, sitting down. "When do guests start to arrive?"

"Later this week." Methos replied, sighing. "They'll be staying in the hotel where Joe and Richie are."

"Wow, a group of Immortals who actually know who you are, gathering in one place, and you're not running away." Duncan said sarcastically. "I'm impressed."

"Only the wedding party and Richie know who we really are." Methos replied. "I figure I don't need to run away, anyway. I think that the first person who tries to mess with this wedding will have their head taken by Sekhmet, no questions asked."

"I better go check on her." Amanda said getting to her feet. "Aurore called earlier and said she wanted to have another fitting. I think the girl is as obsessed with this wedding as Sekhmet is."

"Sekhmet's probably down by the river." Methos told her.

"Thanks." She replied before heading for the door.

"So you and Sekhmet are going to take your vows as Adam and Eve?" Duncan asked.

"Well, Giovanni agreed to officiate the service, but he won't marry us in the Catholic church because we're not baptized and confirmed in the church." Methos told him. "And Sekhmet drew the line at having a Roman Catholic priest marry us. She said she could only handle so much of Rome. I think she's still holding a grudge for the sacking of Alexandria. Anyway, most everyone we're inviting has known us by loads of different names, so using Adam and Eve makes as much sense as anything."

Suddenly the door to the deck opened and Amanda popped her head back in.

"You two need to get out here and see this." She told them.

The two men exchanged a look before getting to their feet and following her out. When they got outside, they stood on the deck looking down in awe.

Sekhmet stood on the edge of the river, and directly across from her on the opposite bank, was a large lioness.

"We had heard they were getting closer." Methos said softly. "They must be coming for her."

"What do you mean?" Amanda demanded.

"Do you think the Egyptians just arbitrarily decided lions were sacred to Sekhmet?" he asked. "Sekhmet's always had a special connection to them. Her father gave her a lioness cub to have as a pet and a protector when she was a child. Once, when we were on campaign, we saw a lioness hunting and, before I could stop her, Sekhmet rode straight towards it. When she got close, she jumped off her horse and began to hunt right next to the animal. After its prey was down it she simply rubbed its head and it licked her hand before leaving. The men who saw it began to call her the lioness and the name just stuck. Then, when they made her a goddess, all of her temples get lions on the grounds in her honor."

They watched as Sekhmet raised her hand and waved to the creature. The lioness roared once, making the Immortals on the deck flinch, before turning and running away.

"What the hell was that?"

Methos looked up and saw Aurore leaning out her window.

"A lioness." He told her.

"Your joking." She said flatly.

"No." Methos replied. "I kind of wish I was, though."

"Is it safe for Sekhmet to be down there?" she asked, worry in her voice.

"She's fine." Methos assured her. "She was on the opposite bank."

Aurore nodded and went back inside and Methos turned back to see Sekhmet making her way back up.

"Friend of yours?" he called as she drew closer.

"She was beautiful, wasn't she?" Sekhmet asked, joy shinning in her eyes.

"Is that going to happen a lot around here?" Duncan asked.

"This land used to belong to the lions." Sekhmet told him, wrapping her arms around Methos. "They remember."

"Feeling better?" Methos asked her, looking down at her.

"I'm sorry." She said, burying her face in his chest. "I'm really going mental, aren't I?"

"You were always mental, love." Methos said, chuckling as she poked him the side. "What do you say we all go out to dinner? Take a night off."

"I don't know." She replied hesitantly.

"If you don't get away, you're going to lose it." Methos told her frankly. "And," he wrapped his arms around her, "I would personally like it if my wife was sane enough to enjoy our honeymoon."

Sekhmet sighed.

"Fine." She relented.

"Good." Methos replied, kissing her forehead. "I'll go make reservations. Go get Aurore out of her room, get dressed, and we'll pick up Dawson and Richie on the way."

"Alright, come on, Amanda." The Egyptian said, linking her arm with her maid of honor's. "I have a feeling it's going to get a crowbar to get Aurore out of her room."

Duncan and Methos watched the two women walk back to the villa. Duncan glanced at his friend and saw his stormy expression.

"You're worried about her." He said.

Methos sighed and rubbed his hand over his face.

"Sekhmet's never handled stress well." He said. "Maybe I should've said no to the big wedding. Insisted on eloping or something."

"I think she'll be okay." Duncan told him. "We're all watching out for her. We'll make sure she come through this, non-homicidal."

Methos glared at him and Duncan laughed, throwing his arm around the man's shoulders and leading him back to the house.

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