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"I'm walking away…" she had said. All he could do was stand there, unable to move, frozen in place. His mind didn't seem to be able to process the meaning quick enough, for as he stood there, raindrops slowly beginning to make their way down from the sky, he watched her. He knew she was waiting for him to say something, but no words could escape his mouth. True to her word, she then slowly turned around and walked away.

He watched her go until he couldn't see the smallest outline of her figure. And still, he continued to watch. The rain, now falling heavily was warm and salty, as they rolled down his face and traces caught on his lips. Maybe it was his tears mixed in. He didn't know and didn't care, because now all he could hear was the three words she said, "I'm walking away", finally running themselves through his mind. Her eyes burned as realization hit him. At last, he somehow found a way to lift his suddenly heavy feet to his black Mercedes and sat there.

Julian turned on the radio and laid back in his seat, still wet from the rain. He stared into the direction that Marti had walked towards and stared, hoping to catch a glimpse of her, or maybe it was hope, to see her come back telling him it was a mistake. He waited, but yet she did not appear. Looking down at the clock, he didn't realize he had sat there for two hours, just staring. Finally, he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and drove home.


Marti walked into her room in Cheertown, laid down on her bed, and cradled her pillow. Tears started to flow from her eyes as she thought of Julian. The two years they had been together had been amazing, but after graduation in a week, she would have to leave to New York for her new apprenticeship for four months, then straight to Connecticut, since she was accepted to Yale Law. Julian was so proud of her when she got her acceptance into law school. She then proceeded to tell him how little time they would have together. That was when the mood instantly shifted. She thought back to the fight she and Julian had a few weeks before.

"I'll wait for you", Julian had told her when she told him her news.

"You know I can't ask you to do that," Marti explained, "you've been through all of this and I'm just starting out. You have a family and an amazing career. I need time to figure my own path".

"I can give you time," Julian countered, "anything you need. You know I would. I love you".

"Julian, asking you to wait is unfair to you. I plan on doing this apprenticeship in New York then I have to go to Yale, pass the bar, and become a lawyer. I have to develop myself as a lawyer and a person. You have to understand, I just want you to be happy!"

"You make me happy" he said, and held her tight.

And that was that. Marti knew from the conversation that Julian would not let her go unless she made the move. She just hadn't realized how painful it would be.