A/N: I've been writing these every now and then for the JackxCarly fanclub at Janime. I also posted this first one on DeviantArt. So far I've done three of them, and have some plans for a fourth. I'm rating this "T" overall since, while the first three are fairly innocuous, later ones might be a bit naughtier. As of now, though, I don't plan to write anything M-rated.

"Well?" asked Jack as he opened the box, "How do you like it ?"

Carly peered over his shoulder. She supposed that it was a hat, but only in the broadest sense of the word. It was huge, covered in black sequins, and was decorated with a white feather so big that it would probably go almost all the way to Jack's shoulder once he put it on.

"It's for the benefit dinner next week," Jack continued. "You know, the one for the twentieth anniversary of Zero Reverse? If I do this right, everyone will know about me! I can just feel it!"

He paused, then said, "You still haven't said what you thought about it."

Carly, while trying to keep a straight face, answered, "I think you forgot the glove."

"Really? I wasn't planning to wear gloves, but..." Jack trailed off as he realized just what Carly had said.

"Oh, very funny, Carly," he said sarcastically as he pretended to aim a swat to her head with the hat box. Carly squealed and ducked, even though she knew he wouldn't really hurt her.

"And by the way," Jack informed her, "This is a cowboy hat, not a fedora." He crossed his arms, looking very smug that he'd gotten the last word.