My friend Paul showed me Eyeshield manga long time ago and I knew there was something between Mamori and Hiruma. Since then, I fall in love with them. Talking about the yakuza background, I always be the fans of mafia and other criminal organizations since I was kid. Yeah, what a troublesome childhood. Hope you can enjoy reading this with me. ^^

Disclaimer: Inagaki Riichiro and Murata Yuusuke

This story was happened in Alternate Universe, in Japan.

My Lovely Stripper

Part 1 Meeting the Yakuza




The lights and colorful surroundings always made her disgusted, however she had to pretend as if everything was fine and delightful. The scents of high class perfumes and puffy smokes dominated the room. Fake laughter and high pitch voices heard everywhere. She always didn't care about those things. Everything sucked. Everything was abnormal.

"Sasha, pour the water for me!" an old bald man who was lingered his arm around her waist asked. "Hurry, you heard me, didn't you?"

The beautiful woman in red had to obey the request since she had no option left. She needed money. She needed money so badly these days. She had no time, for her brother needed some cash. Sena…

Sena was the only reason why she had to do things she detested. I do this for you only, Sena…

Around 2 AM, she walked out from the bar, hoping to catch cab to her home. She had erased her thick make-up, changed her sexy dress into proper ones. Her lovely face which was buried under thick make up was able to drop every man's heart up and down, not to mention her perfect body. Then, she walked into the bus stop nearby, holding an umbrella with her.

From the main road a cab moved closer, asking her to get in. She knew the driver, and that's why she always used his service. The cab driver smiled to her from the rear glass. "Another fucking night, Mamori-san?" the driver showed his sympathy. He took a pack of cigarettes, and gave it to Mamori. "Have one, to make you relax…"

Anezaki Mamori took the cigarette from the red pack, saying thanks and throwing her rueful smile. "You're right Riku… I just had another bloody night."

The empty road made the cab added some speed, passing through the night. Mamori fogged the window with the smoke. She felt so tired, exhausted. Mamori had to collect much money as soon as possible and she had a bad premonition that she hardly made it. She inhaled her cigarette deeply, tasting the pleasing scent of tobacco. She closed her eyes. She still remembered what Maruko Himuro, her close friend in the bar, had told her.

"Do you need money, Mamori? Don't be such a fool, with that body you'll be a successful stripper."

"Maria… does being stripper include sex?"

"Why you're so stubborn? It's the matter of money, Mamori. One single show as stripper equals two weeks working as hostess, idiot. You need money right?"

Riku's words dragged her into reality. "Here we are, Mamori-san."

Mamori nodded and handed him some money. Riku took it and waved her goodbye. Soon, his cab entered the dark night and disappeared in minutes. She sighed heavily, pulled out the key from her purse and opened the gate.

Mamori had lived alone in her house since her parents had left them, she and her brother Sena. All of the destruction started since Sena's illness had been identified as leukemia. He needed lots of money. Soon, their family belongings had been sold one by one. Her father killed himself, hanged his body in the living room, and left so many unpaid debts. Her mother ran away soon after the debt collector came. She was forced to work in the bar to pay her debt. Luckily for her, she had good friends who helped her during the hard times.

And now, Sena needed more money. Should she give up? Should she accept Maria's offer? Oh… she only had Sena in this world. She would do anything to save him…

Yes, she would do anything.




The hospital was quite serene that morning. She was the first visitor who came that early. Mamori was known as the regular visitor in the hospital. Everyone in the hospital adored the young woman who put so much love for her sick little brother. With simple blue gown and short cut hair, Mamori looked so peaceful and lovely. She quickly walked toward the administration room, handing the money.

"It's so early, Mamori-san," the cashier greeted her. She typed the numbers and gave Mamori the yellow print. "It's only for the first payment, okay? You still have to pay the rest in the end of this month."

"I know it, Megu… Don't worry, I'll pay the rest…" Mamori smiled. "You knew I'll get the money."

Hiding her great sadness, Mamori walked through the hall and finally reach the room where they placed her little brother. Sena was lying there, motionless. Several wires connected to his small body. His face was pale, and getting thiner day by day. She found it hard to watch him like that. Sena needed surgery. He needed surgery, she repeated that over and over. He needed surgery. Sighing deeply, Mamori finally gave up. She noticed that she must take that offer. Slowly, Mamori took her cellphone and dialed Maria's numbers.

"Maria, I want to be a stripper."

The woman in the end of the line laughed at her for a while, then answered. "That's a good deal. You'll get so much cash, darling."




Hiruma Yoichi kicked the bloody man in front of him without mercy. His cold demeanor made his pale devilish face looked scarier than ever. "Kekeke… tell me where did you hide the files, fucking baldy? I wouldn't hurt you or your fucking family."

The bloody man smirked, "I don't care. You can kill me and my family, but I won't give you those files…"

The man stopped his words. His red eyes widened as Hiruma's guards rushed inside the room with a young woman. He couldn't help screaming, "oh, Riko!"

The young woman cried silently for her mouth was tied with handkerchief. She stared at her father, hoping for help. Her eyes were blackened. She was terrified and sad.

"Yes sir… this is your beautiful fucking little girl indeed. Tell me, you said I could kill your happy fucking family, right? How about giving my faithful bloody guards her pretty body? They must like her very much. Such lovely woman like her would satisfy their lusts before killing her…"


"Kekeke… quick change of heart, don't you fucking baldy? Tell me where the hell those goddamn files!"

The man cursed mournfully at his weakness. Then he took a piece of paper and wrote something on it. "Here… please let her go, she has nothing to do with our business."

Hiruma gave a dark laugh toward the man, taking the paper and walked out. He ordered his guard, "Tsk… kill the fucking baldy. Do whatever you please to that fucking woman. She is all yours…"

"Yes, master…"

Hiruma kept on sauntering down the corridor when he heard the man screaming behind him. He curved his lopsided smile, thinking something nice he might get tonight. He wanted a woman to share the fucking night with. He obviously needed some fun.




"My… what beautiful sight we have here!" the assistant exclaimed when Mamori took off all of her clothes. "Her curves are so sexy and alluring… if I were man I'll keep you for myself forever!"

"Stop joking around, Suzuna! Just do your fucking job!" Maria ordered, giving the little lady a killing look. "We don't have time, right?"

"How come you ask me to perform tonight? I even don't know what I should do…" Mamori stuttered. She bit her lips when Suzuna removed several unwanted hair from her body. She had to be looked delicious and clean.

"No problem. I don't ask you to dance tonight. I ask you to sing and remove all of your costume slowly, Mamori," Maria answered calmly. "About the rest of things, I'll make it easy for you."

"They won't ask me to have sex with them right?" Mamori asked again, worried.

"Damn! Stop bitching, Mamori! Are you a fucking virgin so you really hesitate about that? No, right? So stop asking me that question!"

Mamori held her tongue. She was still a virgin indeed, still fuck, I don't have time to think about that… I must collect the money as fast as I could!




"Is this the place, sir?"

"Yes, I believe this is the place. My friend said she'll give me something nice tonight…" the pale and slender man said, inhaled his cigar deeply. "I wonder which one this time? If she gave me another fucking shit I'd kill her instantly." As Hiruma Yoichi walked in the bar, several people hurriedly followed him, leading their master to the best seat.

Hiruma looked completely bored. He was so bored being in those crowded places. Since he had taken over the whole business nearly five years ago, he had spent many time in places like that one. He looked over the bar, searching for some hostesses to accompany him. However, Hiruma stopped gawking as his eyes met the beautiful woman on the stage.

She was the most beautiful woman in his life. Her brown hair and brown eyes were completely pretty. Her curves made his heart beat faster under his suits. She threw her angelic smile to the audience and started singing. Her face was so adorable. Hiruma sighed, thinking she would have been much more beautiful without those heavy make-up. Slowly the woman opened her yukata, layer per layer. Hiruma didn't blink his eyes. He kept staring at her, his beautiful angel. He had to have her, no matter what.

"Do you like her?" came a voice behind him. Hiruma didn't turn his head, kept watching the show. "I want her, Maria. I want her tonight and you'll have no debts to me…"

"What if someone gave me bigger offer for her?"

"I'll triple the offer, you lousy bitch."

Hiruma couldn't set off his eyes of the woman on stage. She was so attractive and her voices like sexy seduction to his ears. He was so crazy about the woman, and desired her to escort him that night, in his bedroom.




Mamori was changing her clothes in the dressing room when Maria entered the door with a very pretty silver yukata in her hands. Her face was unreadable, making Mamori wonder what her friend had in her mind. Maria held Mamori's shoulder tightly, "it's your chance, honey. One businessman wants you to accompany him in his meeting. Wear this and go to his room."

Mamori raised one of her eyebrows, asking, "hey, you didn't tell me about that… I can't stay too late, I have a test tomorrow." Mamori mentioned about her education. She had been studying in one prestigious university with scholarship since she was smart and had fulfilled all of the criteria for two years. That was why she only could work at night.

"Blast your test, darling. He's a big fish." Maria convinced her. "He'll need you for two or three hours and you'll get enough money for your younger brother."

Mamori desperately needed money, so she believed what Maria said. She was her best friend after all. She believed Maria. Mamori finally nodded her head, agreed. "Fine, I'll be ready in 20 minutes."

The woman in front of her smiled at her, kissing her cheeks, "You'll have a lovely night, and hon, just trust me."

"That's okay, Maria…"

In the next 20 minutes, Mamori looked so lovely. She was wearing the prettiest yukata on her and she walked toward the room that Maria had mentioned before. She spun the handle and entered the room. The light was completely bright. Mamori had never entered that room before. The room was so modest, designed with such good taste. The crystals above her shone brightly, making her feeling turn better.

"I've been waiting for you."

Mamori turned her head, staring at the man who was standing behind her. He looked much different from another man in different ways. His face was sharp and cold. His blond hair was sleek and soft. His pale skin made her wonder whether he liked exercise or not. He's so tall and lean, but he looked fine in his suits.

"I'm sorry sir, I don't think…"

"Call me Hiruma. Please sit down over there. I'll take some bloody drink for us." The pale man spoke, making Mamori confuse what she must do next. Preparing drinks was one of her jobs, so she didn't have any ideas when the man did otherwise. He asked her again, "do you like wine?"

Mamori answered softly, "yes…"

Hiruma walked toward Mamori. He didn't make mistakes for choosing her. She was amazing and her skin looked so smooth under the silver yukata. He poured a glass of drink to their glasses. "What's your name?"

"You can call me Shas…"

"Real name," Hiruma cut in, smirking. "I want your real name."

Mamori raised her eyes in disbelief for no one had asked her that question. She was stunned, didn't know what to do.

"What's your name?" He repeated, his tone was rather impatient and cold. "Do you want me to call you love instead your name?"

Mamori answered quickly, "It's Mamori."

Hiruma sipped his wine, looking at the young woman. "Mamori fits you."

Mamori took her glass and drank it slowly, tasting the wine. It was good wine, she thought. Well, it's the best wine so far. There is something wrong here…

Suddenly, Hiruma cupped her face and kissed her lips. He kissed her passionately until Mamori lost her breath. Mamori struggled, stepped backward. She jerked away from Hiruma, biting her lips. She had to get out of that place immediately. There was something wrong happening. She needed explanation. Hiruma followed her, smiling. "No… please stop, I'm not woman you thought…"

Hiruma laughed at her, "Kekeke… is that part of everything? Well, I always enjoy role-playings." Mamori quickly ran toward the door, but Hiruma was much faster than her. He had blocked her way before she reached the door, locking it. His cold eyes imprisoned her, locking her. "Tonight is fucking ours."




Mamori cried as Hiruma forcefully carried her to the enormous bed with beautiful carvings around it. Her face was pale because she felt terrified. She kept begging him to let her go, telling him that she had nothing to do with his request or whatsoever. "Hiruma… Please…"

"What's the matter with you? I'm not going to kill you… in fact, I'll give you satisfaction, so stop crying and look at me." The man noticed she was shivered with fear as he held her under his arms. However, he didn't want to stop. He knew this scene quite well. She was playing pure maiden. So, he would play as seducer—or rapist.

"Mamori…" Hiruma kissed her again and tasted her moist skin. She was so lovely and tender under his touch. He kissed her neck and slowly sucked it, leaving red marks everywhere. His hands started exploring her body, slipped between her yukata, touching her breasts.

"Hiruma… ohh…" Mamori moaned when he cupped her breast with his fingers, making a circle with his thumb around her nipple. "Please stop…"

Hiruma's mouth was on hers again, swallowing her voice. Mamori cried when he entered her mouth, exploring it with his tongue. She gasped when he sucked her tongue with such techniques, making her feel something strange.

"Please don't…"

His hand slid her yukata, opening it slowly. Mamori sighed when Hiruma managed to opene her yukata with ease. She was naked now, for she was ordered not to wear any underwear under her yukata.

"You're such lovely angel, Mamori…" Hiruma said hoarsely. He was blinded with lust and couldn't wait to taste her, his choice. "I couldn't wait to bring you to real heaven, soon…"

Hiruma sucked her nipple one by one, while his fingers slid to her legs. Mamori groaned and closed her eyes when Hiruma's fingers rubbed her clit. He caressed her clit until Mamori moaned again. Finally, his fingers entered her pussy, finding her solid wall inside. Hiruma looked a bit shock finding she was still virgin. How come this beautiful woman is a fucking virgin?

However, it didn't make him stop. In contrary, the fact made him hunger for her more. He wanted her above everything. First, he had to make her wet.

"Mamori, Mamori… you fucking woman…" Hiruma whispered, still licking her breast while his other hand massaging the other. Mamori could feel her body turned hot. She bit her lips, resisting her own passion.

"Moan again, darn you… make sounds as you like it…" Hiruma teased her. He rolled her body and started licking her pussy, sucking it passionately. Mamori could help it. She moaned over and over when Hiruma's tongue moved between her thighs. She was getting wet for sure.

"Hi-hiruma…" she gasped weakly. "Hiruma…"

Hiruma lost his control when Mamori called his name. He felt his part was getting hardened. He couldn't wait any longer. He pulled down his trousers and shown her his cock. He barely smiled, "it's show time…"

"Hiruma…" she begged, half-crying, "please stop… I beg you… please stop…"

"You're getting all wet… you want me, don't you?" Hiruma quickly bent her body down and took her legs, placing them on his shoulders. "Hold on, you little bitch…"

He started entering her, she thought desperately. Oh, my God… "Please, I beg you… do-don't…"

"It's too late, little bitch…"

Mamori screamed when Hiruma suddenly forced himself deeper, thrusting his cock into hers. She moaned as hard as she could when he fully entered her, passing her wall. She kept on screaming when he pumped himself, moving in such rhythm.

"Hi-hiruma…" she hardly whispered. It felt hurt. He was breaking her inside and it felt really hurt. "Hi-hiruma… please… stop…"

Hiruma ignored her pleads. He was enjoying himself, sliding in and out from her. Her pussy is so tight and lovely… damn, fucking never felt this good…

Mamori knew Maria had lied to her. She had to serve that man's lust that night. She knew she had no option besides letting him do what he wished for. She had no choice.

"Hiruma… ohh…" Mamori moaned as she was getting wetter and wetter. Hiruma had changed their position many times during their lovemaking, and somehow she could follow his rhythm. Mamori felt so ashamed. She shouldn't react that way. She shouldn't enjoy what he was doing to her. She hated herself. "Hiruma…"

Hiruma yelled softly as he loaded inside his lovely angel, completely satisfied. Mamori felt the same sensations, and soon after Hiruma released her, she felt the climax.

"Ohhhh…" Mamori yelled, biting her lips as her body shivered uncontrollably. That was really unexpected, she noticed. She shouldn't feel that way. She shouldn't enjoy what he had done with her body. She should have felt disgusted instead of satisfied. Still, he was so divine. "Ohhh…"

Hiruma watched her face, asking, "are we finished or what?"




"I'll take you home," Hiruma said as he lay beside Mamori. He felt tired after what they had done several hours ago. He never thought he would keep fucking one woman for long time. And to the worse, he still wanted to fuck her again, and again. "Wait here."

Mamori bit her lips sorrowfully. She was so damn embarrassed. Hiruma had taken her over and over that night, and she seemed liked it, enjoying his kisses and touch. Mamori quickly took her yukata and wore it. "Thanks for your offer, but…"

"You couldn't find any vehicles at 3 AM in the morning except bad guys and criminals waiting for stupid fucking victims. Let me drive you home," said Hiruma softly. He definitely had some plans inside his head for her.



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