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My Lovely Stripper

Part 6 Coming to Vegas




Mamori kept looking at the dark sky out there from her seat. Hiruma had mentioned that they would be landing in the next one hour. She hadn't had overseas traveling before, but going to Vegas was certainly never in her agenda. Long time ago she always wanted to visit America together with Sena, to her grandfather's place. Her mother sometimes talked about it, making her wondering about America several times. However, losing both parents and considering Sena's health had changed her mind. She had to focus herself in healing Sena, looking for money at all cost, including working at the bar. Then there was Hiruma.

She didn't know exactly about her feeling, whether she was lucky or not by meeting that cruel, rough, and unpredictable man. The first time she met him she really wanted to die. He had made her life worse than living in hell. Later, he had helped her going through a very critical moment, waiting for Sena's surgery together. Last, they lived together in Hiruma's condominium with dog. She really loved the last one.

Faint smile rose on her face when she stared at Hiruma, who sat beside her, sleeping. She knew Hiruma was very tired. Aside from having sex and teasing her, Hiruma always attached himself to his laptop and handphone, arranging every single detail and gave some orders to his subordinates. He was workaholic person, Hiruma Yoichi. Mamori slowly reached up and took off his sunglasses. Mamori smiled when she noticed something about him. His face actually was quite nice if he stop making cruel, sarcastic expression. Mamori touched his face, his cheeks. Hiruma, you are really something.

Hiruma moved a bit, still closing his eyes. Mamori gasped. What am I doing? What am I really doing? Gosh, am I really attracted to him? Stop thinking like that, silly! Didn't you recall what he might do when he grew tired of you?

She bit her lips in pain. She shouldn't forget her position, yes. She was poor woman who sold herself to get money. True, she had been poor stripper who sold herself to her costumer. Still, there was nothing wrong with giving him such attention, right? She quickly pulled out some extra blankets and covered Hiruma and herself. Sleep well, Hiruma.

Mamori didn't know how long time had passed, but she was sleepy. She shut her eyes and tried to relax a bit. She was thinking how good Vegas could be when Hiruma suddenly pressed his lips against her, gripped her tightly. His eyes gleamed in the half-dark plane, "thank you."

Mamori could feel her face blushing. She quickly turned her face to another side, not wanting him to catch her blushing. He might mention about her giving him the extra blanket. "That's fine."

Still, Hiruma noticed the reddish color on her cheeks. She was cute as always, and so thoughtful. He had been living alone for years, running every business and handling every problem by himself. He had forgotten how warm someone's touch could be. He hardly recalled the last time he accepted those attentions, sweet unselfishness acts, which asked nothing for reward. He knew she really cared for him. He could tell.

Fuck, all she did was taking off his glasses and giving more blankets yet he acted as if she had been helping him for years. Fuck him for being emotional. Fuck him for having those sentimental feelings. Fuck him for having that fucking teenager minded. He was 35 for heaven's sake!

Fuck, she hadn't stayed with him more than 24 hours and he already didn't want her away from him for the rest of his life. Fuck her. Fuck Anezaki Mamori.

Well, nothing less from woman he chose. He knew he had to continue his plans on her. He couldn't wait longer. Slowly he let her go and returned to his seat. Their position was in the window seat, while his bodyguards and subordinates occupied the rest. He knew the meeting he would attend was the beginning of his whole operation of conquering America. Yes, handling the whole casinos and those fucking bastards would be nice. He still remembered last time he visited Vegas and that made his blood run faster. Just wait and see, you asshole fuckers, you'll pay for what you have done to me…

Mamori and Hiruma arrived in Mc Carran International Airport, Las Vegas at 7 AM. As they stepped off the private jet, several limousines lined nearby, ready to pick them up. Hiruma smirked when he saw that, holding Mamori tightly and quickly entered the first one. He whispered seductively beside her ear, "I've been holding myself this far, hardly waits for having Vegas fuck with you."

"You mean…"

Hiruma was always blunt about everything. In a very kinky way, she liked his bluntness. Hell, he made her blush again. "Taki bastard, next direction in 5 minutes or I'll make a fucking beautiful hole in your head."

"Yes, master."

The limousines passed several checking points with ease. The airport officers didn't even check their identities and saluted their coming. Mamori sighed. She didn't understand why they could pass the international check like that and so on. How could this happen? Why everything seemed so unnatural?

Then again, she remembered the time when Hiruma sent her money without revealing his bank account. She also remembered the way Hiruma got VVIP treatment in her bar. That knowledge sent cold chill to her veins. Hiruma was only the leader of Deimon association, right? How could he posses those power? What kind of man he was?

"The airport officers, policemen, and others…," Hiruma smiled mischievously, reading her thoughts. "They won't do such unnecessary things."

"What's the function of giving me illegal documents?" Mamori asked him. "If you could enter this place so easy you don't have to prepare those things for me. You just could…"

"There are times when I can't be with you anywhere. A well done preparation is the best solution for every problem, isn't it?" Hiruma grinned. "Besides, your visa, passport, and tickets aren't illegal documents. Those are real documents, little bitch."

He was a dangerous person indeed. Hiruma Yoichi was obviously a dangerous person. She had just learnt one important thing. He could do anything he wanted to her and she couldn't complain, not a single word.

"Haven't I told you from now you'll live with me?" Hiruma asked with innocent expression on his face. "No need to worry, I have moved your things."

Mamori was so astonished, the words failed to come out from her mouth. Her face turned pale, "I live with you? What do you mean?"

"Of course you live with me. You're mine, remember?" Hiruma asked her.

Moreover, he also possessed her. He owned her, body and soul. She was one of his properties. He would own her to the day he found her useless.

"What's wrong? You look pale…"

"Nothing, I just…"

"You want me taking you to doctor?" Hiruma cut in, touching her forehead gently. "You're cold."

"I'm fine…"

"You're sure?"

"Are you checking my condition so you'll get plenty of sex after this?" Mamori bit her lips. That was crazy she dared to confront him. She didn't expect herself to say something like that. She didn't want him to care about her health. She didn't want him to be that kind, that nice. She was afraid she might fall in love with him, not when she realized their positions.

That made Hiruma laugh. His eyes narrowed and he couldn't stop laughing.

"What's so funny?"

"I'm very fond of you. Too much for a thought, little bitch." Hiruma raised one of his eyebrows. "What's wrong with giving little attention to my lovely stripper?"

Mamori blushed red. She didn't know how to react. Hiruma hugged her closer, kissing her head. "I'll do my best for you, little bitch. You're mine after all."




MGM Grand Hotel was one of the best hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada. The hotel was designed according to old classical movie, The Wizard of Oz. That was the reason why the whole emerald green glass covered the 30-story hotel towers. Mamori found this fact interesting, despite like what she had thought before, it was also another Casino Hotel. She saw lot of visitors from different countries with business suits, talking about bets and money. Of course, she couldn't understand all of their conversation, but she mastered some business talks around 10 languages. It was part of her lessons anyway.

"Enjoying this, aren't you?" Hiruma gave a sardonic smile when he saw her reaction. "It's just the beginning."

Hiruma took the elevator up, to the top. They were welcomed with red carpet as they reached Skylofts. She knew damned well about Skylofts. Who wouldn't? It was five stars hotel with amazing services and extraordinary gadgets. Maria always talked about it, how Maruko had taken her there for her birthday present. Then, Hiruma took her there, to Skylofts.

Hiruma summoned the manager and exclusively booked 30 out of 51 rooms. He enjoyed the facts that Mamori knew about the lofts, so she might realize who the hell he was. Damn, her expression was priceless. "Come, this is our lofts in Vegas."

Mamori held her breath. The whole design was wonderful. She liked the way they combined modern architecture with haute style. The outside view was the best. She could see all of Vegas from her windows. Hiruma reached her, hugging her.

"Perhaps this is a very crazy decision, but I have dismissed our butler. I just want us to be alone…"

Hiruma kissed her again. He gave her a demanding, rough kiss, which made her heart flutter. Mamori closed her eyes when his hand went down under her trench, plunged beneath her dress searching for her breasts. Her breasts, as he expected, stiffened into hard peaks because of his touch.

Mamori moaned, "Hiruma…"

Hiruma ignored her and dragged her to the bedroom, undoing her dress. Their bedroom had two beds. There was a huge transparent window in the left side. That room was simple, yet marvelous. Hiruma smiled, "Vegas fuck, as I told you…"

Mamori was actually against his idea. She was sleepy and Hiruma was exhausted, so where that crazy idea came from? Hiruma was opening her dress, licking her neck hungrily as if she were the water for his thirst. He did thirst for her. "Aren't you tired or…"

Hiruma didn't stop. He lowered his head to kiss her nipples. He murmured between his kisses, "you're always beautiful…"

"Hiruma, please…" Mamori struggled to stop him, forcing him to release her. "We'd better sleep or…"

Hiruma still ignored her. His hand slid beneath her dress once more. Mamori instantly caught his hand, stopping him. She begged him to stop, "Hiruma…"

Suddenly his expression changed. He certainly had better idea than just having lame fuck in the bed. He knew she would love that. She would love what he was planning next.

"Little bitch, do you enjoy bathing together?"




It was afternoon when she opened her eyes abruptly. Mamori found herself in the bed with Hiruma, with warm bedcover wrapped her naked body. He always had his way with her, taking her whenever and wherever he wanted. Mamori bit her lips. She hardly believed that he had taken her inside the bathtub. She didn't believe he had asked her to join him in the tub and made love there.

It was the craziest yet challenging sex ever.

"What the hell are you doing there, come here."


Hiruma dragged her and pushed her into bathtub together. He forced her to sit on his lap, and hugging him. He asked her to straddle, facing him, and slowly joining their body.

"Great, just keep on up and down, move your hip a bit…" he ordered with naughty smile on his face. "Keep on it…"

"Hiruma… oohh…" Mamori closed her eyes. She gripped his shoulders stronger. "It's so…"

"You're unbelievably good as beginner…"

Mamori blushed when her eyes meeting his. "What time is it?"

"You should sleep longer," Hiruma told her, his arms curving her into his body. He liked her scent. She smelled like fresh-scented flowers. "Sleep longer while you have time."

Mamori smiled coyly, pressed herself closer to him. She traced his broad chests with her fingers, saying, "you're the one who needs sleeping, Hiruma."

"Shall we make love again?" Hiruma teased her, taking her fingers and started licking them one by one. "Maybe I could sleep like fucking log, just like you did."

She released several light punches with her free hand to his chest. "You're naughty…"

"You couldn't blame me. You are the one that making me like this, little bitch. You infected me with Little Bitch Virus, which makes me demand you every time." Hiruma kissed her lips again. That was a soft, tender kiss. She returned his kiss, opening her mouth and let his tongue guide him more, deeper.

"Hiruma…" she sighed over and over, calling his name. "Hiruma…"

Hiruma sealed her mouth with his kiss. He stared directly into her eyes, "call me Yoichi…"

"Yoichi…" Mamori whimpered between his kisses. She was surprised. "Eehh, Yoichi?"

"Yeah, call me Yoichi from now on…"


"Why are you so shocked, huh?" Hiruma smirked, caressing her jaw. "Well, let's get ready if you don't want to sleep. You have several places to visit, and I'm sure you'll like them."




Mamori gulped uneasy when Hiruma was talking with two of his people in the living room. His stoic expression, which he always showed whenever he talked with his subordinates, was simply gone. He cheating and talking with two of them like old friends. Perhaps they were his old friends in the association. Mamori had seen them before many times, but she didn't know their names or their positions.

"Asshole, you've done good job, fucking fatso. Makes sure you'll keep it up!"

"As you expected, Hiruma. All was going as you had told me before." The big man replied smiling. "The north is waiting for your next commands."

"Kekekeke, I'm counting on you, fucking fatso. Tell me more about you last operation, old man."

"Hiruma, your woman is here," the other man noted her coming. His flat face stared at Mamori.

"She is?" Hiruma smirked. "Little bitch, sit with me."

"Ah, yes." Mamori slowly joined them, sitting together besides Hiruma. That was awkward for Hiruma had never involved his woman in very intern meeting as they were having.

"Well, this time make sure you'll get the files. I won't tolerate mistakes, you fucking old man."

The big-muscled man calmly sipped his wine, "you knew last time your all-time favorite dreadlock disturbed us very much he destroyed half of it."

"Asshole dreadlock interfered with our affairs again, huh?" Hiruma gave a mocking smile that time. He lit his cigar, and then turned his head to Mamori. "Ah, I believe I should give all of you proper introduction, right? Little bitch, meet my best assistants, fucking old man and fucking fatso."

"Hiruma, this isn't proper introduction!" Kurita pouted his mouth. He faced Mamori and gently introduced himself, "I'm Kurita Ryokan. You can call me Kurita."

"Kurita…" Mamori smiled uneasy. "I'm Mamori Anezaki, nice to meet you."

"Mamori-san, nice to meet you too," Kurita swallowed his cakes. "Nice name…"

"Mamori…" Musashi nodded. "Well, I'm Takakura Gen. You call me Musashi."

"Musashi, nice to meet you," Mamori greeted him. She glanced at Hiruma who enjoyed their conversation. He even winked at her.

"Want to try some?" Kurita offered her some strawberry cakes. The cakes seemed delicious, but the smoke, which Hiruma produced, attracted her more. It had been a long time since she enjoyed her last cigarette.

Mamori shook her head, asking Hiruma, "can I have one?"

Hiruma repeated her question with his dark voice, "can I have fucking cigarette? You stop smoking from now, little bitch."

Mamori raised her eyebrows, "sorry?"

"No more fucking smoke for you. No more fucking cigar, cigarette, joint, grass, whatsoever." Hiruma explained nonchalantly. "Is that too hard to understand?"

Mamori grunted. "You're… ah, how could you… you…"

"Me what?" Hiruma challenged her, smirking. "Too much fellatio has dulled your tongue completely."

"Hiruma!" Mamori snapped. Her face was red as tomato. She was so furious he talked that way in front of his assistants. "How could you!"

"Yoichi," he told her. "Call me Yoichi, don't you remember?"

"Yoichi…" she could feel her heart blowing with excitement. She smiled, "Yoichi, how could you saying like that to me?"

Her anger was completely gone when Hiruma asked her to call him that way. Musashi's instinct was sharp as usual. He could detect the tension between Hiruma and Mamori. He knew his friend was having filthy plans with his woman. Hiruma wasn't sort of person with sweet personality.

Musashi sighed, "fine, I won't even ask."

Hiruma laughed, ignoring Musashi harsh response. "I knew you had asked some vacations to your favorite places. How about having earlier vacation next summer?"

Musashi asked blatantly, "what do you want?"

"I'm talking about having some fun in the dessert tonight. You'll decide where you'll go." Hiruma explained, "I'm going with you. Same place, different reaction. I'll call you later."

"Say, since Hiruma forbid you to smoke, do you care strawberry cakes? Or you prefer cheese cake, Mamori-san?"

"Cheese cake would be fine," Mamori answered politely. "I guess…"

"No time for cheese cake. Little bitch and I got something to do." Hiruma cut in, taking Mamori away. "Fucking fatso, you call my butler and ask him to clean my loft."

Mamori was surprised when Hiruma took her into several shopping centers in MGM Grand. He asked her to wear those expensive brands, choosing the one fitted her, buying with uncertain limit. Mamori didn't understand why he did that. She had some beautiful dresses in her collection, even though they weren't labeled and expensive. Yet she liked the way she dressed.

"It's for my meeting in the next two days." Hiruma whispered when Mamori tried red gown with diamond necklace lingered on her neck. She looked adorable. "You'll look perfect as my couple."

Mamori couldn't be happier than that. "Do you think so?"

"Of course, nothing less from my woman. Now try some more." Hiruma raised his hand. He knew she wouldn't mind trying some more after he had praised her. She was simple-minded woman after all. "You son of bitch, bring the best label here, fur coats or trench."

The manager ran fast like hurricane, obeying Hiruma's command. The rest of assistants kept on smiling and served them with the best services.

They had been there for hours. Hiruma didn't care the time or tiring feet. He ordered, he cursed, and so on. Mamori gulped seeing his actions.

"Yoichi, I guess you went too far. I don't need these much. How could I…"

"Get some lingerie too," Hiruma added. He glanced at Mamori, leaning closer to her, their shoulders touching. "I can't hardly wait to rip off them some time later."

"You pervert…"

"You just realized that?" Hiruma laughed. "Hurry then, I'm hungry."




Several gun shots blazing in the crowded streets. The smeared cold air spoiled the night. It was a lively place with lights and hookers, cards and vodka. Many men fought for their lives there, changing vows and curses.

"Run, father!" the blond man shouted, covering the thin man behind him. Several bottles shattered into pieces. The whole casino was ruined. "I'll take care the rest!"


"NO BUT! QUICK!" he gave an assured smile. The young man tried his best to hide his bloody chest. He knew he wouldn't last longer. "Don't let anyone find you, dad!"

The old man nodded, unaware of his son's critical condition. "Take care, son."

"YOU CAN HIDE BUT YOU CAN'T RUN!" the number one devil was laughing in the middle of the room. The man who was known as Hiruma Yoichi drew his machine gun and shot everyone without mercy. "YOU'LL DIE WINDMILL HAIR!"

Innocent people died. They were in the wrong location in the wrong time. They didn't know who to blame, whether God or Devil. Deimons kept on killing, tearing every piece apart. another guns shooting. Women cried before guns sealed their mouths.


"FUCK OFF YOU ASSHOLE BASTARD! THIS IS MY TERRITORY!" the old man yelled furiously.

"Dad, please, hurry!"

The man gave up, running through the alley, trying to save his life. He had refused Deimon's offer last time. He didn't want to sell his casino and they had promised him to pay his rejection with his blood. Where are those bloody cops? They are coward! Such asshole!

The alley was completely dark and narrow. The man didn't know where he should go. He was far too terrified to think of any solutions. It happened too fast. Shit!

"Come here! I've prepared the car!" came a voice in the end of the alley. The car was opened, ready for him. Without much thinking, the man entered the car. He was glad he was able to survive. The car moved fast, piercing the night. It passed another car, going through to the lonely streets. It was weird. He thought they would bring him to police post or…

"Where's the file, machine gun Sanada?" the man in dark coat was smirking, threatening him with his gun. "All you have to do is giving your files and you'll survive. We won't kill your son."

"What files? You want my casino, right? It has nothing to do with…" the man stuttered. How could they know about those files? What they intended to do? Were they responsible for Kumabukuro and his daughter's death?

"Stop playing dumb with me."

"Where are we? We should go to police department, right?"

"I hate to say this, but my patience is running thin. The files or else."

The man had no option left. He gave the files they wanted. It was top secret. No one could find out about that. Why did this man notice he got the files?

"Here, please spare my life and my son. He is the one I have…"


It was short and fast, two bullets rushing through Sanada's head. Blood spread inside the car. Musashi wiped the blood on his face, ordered, "Stop the car, Taki."

"As you wish, Musashi."

The car behind him rushed over, blocking Musashi's car. Musashi knew it was him. Hiruma appeared with big grin on his face. He couldn't be happier than that. His fur coat slowly brushed the dirty street, yet he didn't care. He only had one thing in his mind, the files.

"Excellent job for old fucking man like you," Hiruma praised him. His eyes swapped the entire car, staring at the whole mess. "He didn't stand a chance, did he? Crap, you pay the wash."

"You bastard," Musashi handed him the files.

"Just kidding, old man! Let's have some fun together! Drinking and playing all night! Too bad Kurita couldn't be with us!" Hiruma laughed, entering his car. Musashi followed him. "You deserve some fun after all Caribbean or Bali, you decide!"

"What are you planning with her? She's not your type."

"Darn, you're getting into my life, fucking old man." Hiruma inhaled his cigar. "Move the car, Grand Hotel."

"Yes, master."

"Don't give me that crap," Musashi continued. He knew Hiruma for years. He wouldn't let anyone attached him like Mamori did. "What is she for?"

"It's the tradition I couldn't break, rules I couldn't ignored to follow. Family man gets better respect and honor in every aspect. The elders would cut their own throats when they realized how responsible person I could be. This association, ruthless fucking association needs me as family man. I would look good in front of them, don't you think so? It also served me best decoy, weakness I pretend to have. They would think she is my weak spot."

"Crap, you're fucking asshole!"

"That's my line, fucking old man. Besides, you always want me to have family, don't you?" Hiruma gazed at his old mate's eyes. "She'll be best wife. If I'm lucky perhaps she'll bear me son or daughter."

"All planned, huh? Hope your plans run well."

"So, where should we go?"

"You go fuck your little bitch, Hiruma." Musashi retorted sarcastically. "Life's not game to play."

"Yet I play it well."

"Damn, I just hate you toying people's life."

"It's not the first time, isn't it?" Hiruma threw his devilish grin. He inhaled his cigar once more. "In this funny world, you always have those lame morals."

"I'm not the one with any morality. So you want us to protect her?"

Yet, Musashi knew Hiruma wouldn't introduce his woman like what he did last time, except that woman meant something to him. Hiruma had given them another mission. Darn, having boss and friend like him was quite irritating. He was very, very annoying sometimes.

"Protect her at all costs."

"Family man indeed, Yoichi is."

"Well then, I'm returning to her. You'd better accompany fucking fatso tonight." Hiruma sighed. His meeting would be held soon. He had to be fast and accurate. He couldn't fail again this time. Vegas would be his. Those bastards would pay all right.



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