Attention all faithful reader! The sequel to this story, entitled Caged Birds Don't Sing, is in progress! The first chapter has already been posted and is available for viewing. This message is only to let you know that I am continuing this series.

Sidenote: With the fifth installment of the POTC franchise due in 2017, I have been debating something. I could end this series the way I originally planned, which is the version I previously posted in The Immortal Captain Jack Sparrow. However, there is an alternative: I edit that one-shot and display it as an alternate ending to this series, and instead continue Robin and Jack's adventures into On Stranger Tides and Dead Men Tell no Tales. Please leave your opinions in the reviews or PM me if you prefer. I will be keeping a tally up until Caged Birds is finished. These results WILL determine how the series is continued, so I will be disabling anonymous reviews for the time being. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I cannot take the risk of someone being counted twice to influence the results. They will be enabled once again when the results have been tallied. Thank you for your patience and please vote!