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Making You A Better You

Chapter 1

"Len, I have decided on who's going to be your fiancée," Hamai Misa said with a smile on her face.

"I don't need one," Len said while reviewing all the company's problems.

Len was a candidate on becoming the head of the Tsukimori Family. He was rumored to be the best heir but it wasn't enough for him to be the head of the family. He first needs to be good at academics, good at his instrument, good at self defense and plenty more... he had accompished all of that except for two things, the heir should be good at socializing as well as the heir should have a fiancée (To make sure there would be a heir).

"Geez, if you ask me, boss isn't going to be the head as long as he has that attitude of his," Ryoutarou said while walking with Kazuki.

"I agree. But isn't it great? I mean, the Tsukimori's had added some more requirements and he passed them all!", Kazuki said.

Ryoutarou laughed, "Yeah, except for two things that is easy to get. A good character and a fiance!".

"Aren't you two a bit too harsh?", Azuma said with a smile on his face.

"But," all three men looked at the woman, "I heard that the boss was gay," Nami said with a notebook on hand.

"Gyahahaha! And that's the best part about that ice cube!", Ryoutarou said and laughed with Kazuki.

Azuma just smiled and said all of a sudden, "You guy's shouldn't laugh like that, you might not know, he has his eyes on both of you".

Both guys stopped laughing. "That's not a good joke Azuma," Kazuki said laughing nervously.

"If you guys have time to laugh like that, I guess giving you more task isn't a problem".

That voice, all four thought with a shiver. They all slowly turned around and saw a blue haired lad with his arms crossed. His face saying Get back to work.

In just one glare they all ran away and did their jobs.

"Why am I suddenly being called to the faculty room when I need to prepare myself for my part time job", Kahoko mumbled while marching her way to Seiso Academy's faculty room.

"You shouldn't walk like that Kahoko, you're a lady," Shinobu said while following his lower classmen towards the faculty room.

"Thanks for reminding," Kahoko said with a sarcastic tone yet she continued walking unlady like.

"This is important so endure it a little," Shinobu said kindly.

"What is important than earning money! I need to earn money to maintain my instrument as well as for me to eat! I also need to save for my tuition fee and for my rental!", Kahoko shouted angrily.

"True," Shinobu agreed.

Kahoko hugged him and said, "I'm going to eat noodles again... it's not a healthy food at all and it's string like figure is saying 'I'm not rice! I'm not rice! I'm not rice!'. It's like it's saying that it's more greater than rice!".

Shinobu laughed nervously while seeing some students looking at them. "Ah, Kahoko, people are looking," Shinobu whispered to Kahoko, "And noodles do not talk".

"Uwaa! Shinobu! I'm so sorry you have to look after me!", Kahoko said. "If only I'm not a free loader at your place you can make a living by yourself! How can I repay you?".

"It's fine Kahoko. You are repaying me by staying by my side, cheering me up, and always playing a piece for me. Also I'm repaying you for your kindness back in the past." Shinobu said remembering the time when the Hino family helped him enter Seiso Academy.

"Aww Shinobu, you're so kind!", Kahoko said and both continued to reach the Faculty Room.

Kahoko and Shinobu entered the faculty room to see a beautiful lady waiting for them. "So that's her?", the lady asked with a smile on her face.

"Yes," Kanazawa, the teacher who was beside her, answered.

The lady went in front of Kahoko and took both Kahoko's hands. Kahoko got surprised by the sudden action the lady did.

"You must be Kahoko Hino", the beautiful lady said, "I've been waiting for you.".

"Eh?", was Kahoko's reaction.

"I heard that you are the perfect person who can help me so please accept my offer," the lady said.

"Me? P-perfect p-person?", Kahoko pointed at herself, unsure if the lady was mistaken or not.

"Don't worry, I'll pay you," the lady raised her hand in front of Kahoko's face, "This much," the lady said.

Kahoko stared at the lady's hand and thought N-no way, and said, "Five hundred?".

The lady did not move an inch, so Kahoko continued guessing, "Five thousand?". Still the lady didn't move. "Fifty thousand?", Kahoko asked. Now she was sure about the price because it's already big enough for her to live for six months without working.

"Do not underestimate me," the lady smiled, "I'll pay you five hundred thousand if you agree," the lady said, confident.

"Eh?", Kahoko said in surprised. I can even pay my rent for the year if that's the case and I can pay my tuition as well as eat decent food! "I'll do anything! I'll do my best!", Kahoko said without thinking.

"But Kahoko, are you sure?", Shinobu asked behind Kahoko.

"But Shinobu! It'll help me alot! I'll do anything!", Kahoko said determined. Shinobu sighed behind her, giving up.

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