"13!" Mello laughed as he woke, he looked around the room, there was no one there, this surprised him, most years he would wake and Matt would be sat on his bed, but he wasn't. Mello shrugged and then noticed there was something on the bed, he reached down and picked it up. I t was a parcel and a huge letter, he opened the letter. Inside was a note and another envelope. Mello read the note, Dear Mello, Matt fell ill early this morning, he has been taken to hospital and will be home soon, he did however want me to give this to you, Roger. Mello was alarmed, Matt in Hospital, he ignored the other card and the present and jumped out of bed. He pulled on his tight black skinny jeans and found a relatively clean black shirt, it was skin tight, he grabbed his jacket off the chair and slipped his shoes on as he left the room. He ran down the corridor and down the stairs. After running the length of Wammy's he finally burst out of the front door and around the side to where there was several cars parked, as he ran to one and driver noticed him,

"Where are we going this early?" he asked, Mello looked at him,

"Look, I know your not supposed to take us any where without permission, but, it's my Birthday, and my best friend is in Hospital, please, can you take me to see hi? I'll take all the blame, I just need to see him" Mello said his voice cracking. The driver looked around and then nodded,

"Fine get in" he smiled getting in the drivers seat. Mello got in the passenger side and buckled up. Within half an hour they had stopped at the Hospital.

"Thanks again" Mello smiled as he got out of the car.

"Don't mention it, oh and kid?" he asked,

"Yeah?" Mello replied,

"Happy Birthday"

"Thanks" Mello smiled before closing the door and running into the Hospital, he got to the reception and a receptionist stared at him,

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"Yes I'm looking for a…" he paused, What name would they be using, Matt or Mail? Matt hated the name Mail and anyone who called him it, depending on their age, found them self in a head lock. As he thought,

"Mello? What on earth are you doing here?" Roger asked, Mello turned,

"I'm here to see Matt of course!" Mello replied, Roger sighed heavily,

"Fine come with me" he said. Mello followed him to a room, as they entered a nurse got Roger's attention and lead him out of the room, Mello looked at the bed. Matt lay in it, he had a sling around his right wrist and a bandage covering most of his red hair. Mello gasped at how bad he looked, he walked to the chair next to the bed and sat on it, as he did Matt moaned.

"Mello?" he asked,

"Yes Matty I'm here" Mello said smiling down at him, Matt smiled back,

"Hey, how you doing? Did you like your present?" he asked. Mello rolled his eyes,

"I didn't get to open it stupid, as soon as I found out you were here I came, now what happened to you? You look awful". Matt sighed,

"I… kind of climbed up the side of Wammy's to put your present in your room, as I was coming back down, some security guard caught me, shouted, distracted me, and I fell two stories into a bush that was growing out of gravel" he replied,

"You idiot! Couldn't you just wait till morning to give me the present?" Mello asked. Mat smiled,

"No, I wanted it to a surprise". Mello rolled his eyes again…

Matt stayed in Hospital for another 3 days, he had mild concussion, a sprained wrist and a twisted ankle. Mello stayed by his side every day, no matter how much they tried to move him, he even slept in the chair and ate the spare Hospital meals the nurse would bring him.

Mello opened the door into his room and helped Matt in. He had his arm around his shoulders. Mello sighed and helped him sit on the bed,

"There you go" he smiled as he looked down to his friend,

"Go on then" Matt smiled,

"What?" Mello asked, Matt rolled his eyes,

"Your present" he replied. Mello looked at the bed and the present that had been on his bed days before was still there, he picked up the card and opened it.

Dear Mello, Happy 13th, From Matt XXX, Mello smiled as he read. He then grabbed the parcel and opened it. He smiled as the box under the wrapping stared at him, He opened the box and tipped out what was init,

"Matt! Why?" he smiled,

Matt shrugged,

"You 13, you should have you own mobile"…