Late that very night, Faye grabbed everything she wanted to take and quietly slipped down the stairway and into the entrance hall. The tried unlocking the door, but for some reason, She couldn't.

"Damn door!" She whispered. "Why. Do. You. Have. To Be. So. Difficult!" She tugged at the door handles, and tried picking the locks. Nothing worked. She ran towards the back door, hoping it was easier than the front. "You stupid doors!" She covered her mouth when she realized that she had said that a little too loudly for a sleeping house.

"I'll just have to make my own exit then..." She quietly ran back upstairs and into the second story living room. Faye stopped, and looked around. "Aha!" There was an open door leading to a balcony. That's perfect! She looked around the grounds to make sure that there were no guards, and dropped "her" stuff to the grass below. The young and determined woman looked around for a way to get herself down without hurting herself.

"Stop Miss Valentine!" A guard yelled at Faye. She looked back and saw him and six others behind him, pointing their guns at her. Vicious was standing off to the side of them.

"You forget, Little one, this house is heavily guarded. There are sensors everywhere that detect even a fly's movement. You cannot escape."

"And you forget, Vicious Dear, That I can get out of anything, security or not." Faye jumped off the balcony, and landed with an ungraceful thud on the ground below. She looked up just in time to see a pack of dogs rushing at her. She sprung up and began running, grabbing the one thing that she wanted to take with her most, despite the enormous amount of pain she was in.

"After her. She will not be leaving this place." Vicious shouted to his guards, sending them on their way.

Faye kept running, past the fountain in the front lawn, looking back every once in a while to see the dogs gaining on her every second. She didn't stop running. Not for the gun shots, the men yelling, or the dogs nipping at her heels. She ran until she couldn't run any longer. Thankfully, she had lost them a while back.

Faye hurt all over. Especially in her left leg. One of the stray bullets hit her and she went down, only for a split second. She got right back up and continued running, no matter how bad it hurt. Where is that damn communicator?! She searched her small bag, then her jacket. Found it!! Pleeeeaaase let them answer...

"Hello..?" It was Jet. Thank God!


"Faye?! Where the hell have you been?! Spike said you got kidn-"

"Jet! You HAVE to come get me!! And yes, I was kidnapped. I'll tell you later.. wait.. where's Spike?"

"Slow down! He's out looking for you."

"Looking....? For... me...?" Why in the hell would SPIKE, Mr. Indifference give a damn about where I am? I don't owe him money..

"Look. Where are you..? I'll tell Spike, and have him come get you." The comm shut off.


Sorry that that was kind of short. The next chapter will be better! It's from the POV of Spike, after he finds out Faye's been kidnapped. Hopefully it'll be up shortly!!