(First Encounter)

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you

Roxas accidentally yanked his headphones off as he ran into someone causing both parties to fall. "I'm so sorry." Roxas apologized to the person in front of him as he rubbed his head.

Roxas blinked his eyes several time and once his vision had cleared out, Roxas looked at the person in front of him with shock. He wrapped his headphones around his iPod and placed it in his pocket.

"I'm so sorry." Roxas said again, his gaze never faltering at the teenage boy in front of him. "Here let me help you." Roxas held out a hand.

"Thanks." The boy smiled. Suddenly Roxas felt a tug on his chest. And mind you, this isn't because Roxas's heart is aching. No. It's because Roxas's heart is triumphing with joy.

The boy took Roxas's hand and helped himself up. Once Roxas and the boy were eye level, Roxas couldn't help but examined the boy.

The boy standing in front of him was no more than shorter than by an inch, has brunette hair that defies that law of gravity, and has jolly smile that could take anyone's breath away. Roxas also noticed that the boy has the same blue eyes as he is, only his were lighter's. While Roxas had the shade of night sky blue, this boy had the shade of the ocean's blue.

Another thing about this boy was that he has a sun kissed skin and has a very well defined body. Well unlike Roxas's body, the blonde's were more muscular and has a figure that was well-maintained.

"Thanks again… err…" The smile on the boy's face faltered.

Roxas snapped back on reality. "Oh… uhh… Roxas!" He stuttered. "The name's Roxas." He said, trying to be casual. "Roxas Yamamoto."

The boy smiled. "Nice to meet you, Roxas." The boy shook the blonde's hand. "I'm Sora. Sora Ichigawa, that is."

Roxas smiled. "Oh your things!" He mentally slapped himself for forgetting the Sora's stuff on the ground.

"Ohh… right." Sora laughed as he helped Roxas gather his stuff.

"So you're an artist." Roxas stated as he handed Sora two paintbrushes and 3 bottles of paint.

"Yup!" Sora smiled placing the items on top of his blank canvas.

"I bet you're works are good." Roxas said after a moment of silence.

"Well… I wouldn't say that…" Sora said sheepishly. "I mean… I am still studying you know."

"Really? Where?" Roxas asked, interested.

"Radiant University." Sora stated.

"Oh so you're from uptown, Radiant Garden." Roxas said, knowingly. Sora nodded.

Suddenly, Roxas's heard a rumbling sound which made him look at Sora.

"Yeah… it does that when it's hungry." Sora explained looking at his stomach with a blush. Roxas laughed softly. "How 'bout you join me at Starbucks for some coffee then?" He asked, hopeful.

"Sure." Sora said. "But I don't drink."

"Yeah… me too." Roxas stated. "Makes me high." Roxas made a face which made Sora laughed.

=…Inside Starbucks …=

"Hmm… let's see…" Sora said as he examined the menu board in front.

"I'll think I'll have a grande Vanilla Frapuccino…" Sora and Roxas said in unison. "And some Cinnamon Swirl too." They both said again. Both boys stared at one another for awhile then laughed at their silly antics.

"Guess great minds think alike huh?" Roxas commented.

"I'll say." Sora laughed. Roxas blushed. Wow it's been 20 minutes since I've met this boy but it's feel as though we've known each other for awhile. This will be great. I think I may have a chance with him. Roxas mentally slapped himself. No, no. You will not ruin your chance for a new friendship for something silly as establishing a relationship with a boy you barely know.

"Tell you what." Roxas turned to his brunette friend. "Why don't you get us a table and I'll just order yours." He smiled warmly. "You also might want to put those down, right?"

Sora looked at the art materials at his hand and laughed. "Alright." Sora turned on his heel as Roxas placed his orders. Moments later, Roxas name was called and he immediately grabbed their order. He muttered a thanks to the lady on the counter and headed towards his and Sora's table.

"So…" Roxas said as he reached their table. "One Grande Vanilla Frap, for you." Roxas placed the said item in front of Sora. "And a Cinnamon Swirl to go with your drink.

Sora laughed. "Thanks."

Roxas placed the remaining items on his tray in front of him and set the tray aside. Roxassat in front of the brunette began to slurp down his drink.

"So…" Sora said, deciding to be the first one to break the ice. "Are you a college student as well? Or are you already working?"

"Nope. Still studying." Roxas placed his Frappe down.

"Really? What college do you go to?" Sora asked excitedly. "And what major are you in?"

"Whoa, whoa. Slow down there, buddy." Roxas laughed. "I have all day."

Sora blushed. "Sorry."

Roxas shook his head and smiled. "Well for starters, I'm majoring Arts in Twilight University."

"Whoa! No wonder you and I got along so easily." Sora commented. "You and I had the same perspectives."

"I guess you can say that." Roxas said. He took the knife and fork on his Cinnamon Swirl plate and began to cut it into small pieces. Sora did the same.

"So…" Roxas began with a mouth full. He gulped down whatever was left in his mouth and took a sip from his beverage. "What's an uptown boy like you doing here in Twilight Town?"

"I came here to paint." Sora said simply. He sliced another good amount of Cinnamon Swirl and placed it on his mouth.

"So that's explain the art materials with." Roxas mentally slapped himself. "But why would you paint here?" He asked with concern. "I mean, the Radiant Garden's a nice place, right?" He looked up at Sora. "Why would you trouble yourself in going down here just to paint?"

"Well…" Sora placed his knife and fork on the side of his plate. "I kinda find it relaxing to paint in this place."

"Relaxing?" Roxas raised a brow.

"I know it's a lame excuse." Sora made a hand gesture. "But I kind of feel connected to this place."

"Really why's that?" Roxas asked before placing another Swirl in his mouth.

"My father told me that before he and I moved to New Jersey, we used to live here when I was little." Sora explained. "Heck I was even born in this place, Roxas." Sora smiled which made the blonde counterpart smile as well.

"After sometime, my dad got promoted at his job which is why we have to move to the U. S. of A." Sora continued.

"Must be cool living in another country, huh?" Roxas pushed.

"For awhile." Sora said sadly.

"For awhile?" Roxas repeated.

"My dad died 2 years after he and I have finally settled in." Sora said.

"I'm sorry." Roxas said sincerely.

"It's okay." Sora smiled reassuringly at Roxas. "I mean it's over a year ago. Besides, if my dad sees me sulking like this..." Sora made a sad face. "Then he'd be scolding me like there's no tomorrow." Sora laughed. "It's only me and him, you know. I guess that's the very reason why he always wants to see me happy because he doesn't want me to feel the pain he had experienced."

"I know this is kind of personal and I'm not yet in the place to be asking you these but uhmm…." Roxas began, choosing his words carefully. "Where is your mother? You never mentioned her once in your story."

Sora's smiled faltered. Roxas gulped nervously, thinking he'd cross a line. "Like I said…" Sora began. "It's only me and my father. So my mother was totally out of the picture ever since I was little."

"What happened?" Roxas tried again.

"I don't know." Sora shook his head for emphasize. "Father never really mentioned anything about my mother once."

"Guess something bad must've happened between your parents back then, huh?" Roxas said.

"Probably." Sora turned his gaze at the window. He sighed. "But enough about me…" Sora looked back at Roxas, brightening up their moods. "What about you? Tell me something about your family."

The questioned seemed to have caught Roxas off-guard, but he answered it truthfully nevertheless. "Broken family." He began. "My father decided to end it up with my mother when I was about three or four?" Roxas's brow furrowed. "He thinks my mother is cheating on him, when in reality, he really is the one cheating on my mother."

"what happened after that?" Sora asked politely.

Roxas sighed. "My mother asked for an annulment and they both agreed that they will each have one of their sons with them."

"You have a brother?" Sora asked bewildered.

Roxas laughed. "Don't get too excited, it's not like I knew the guy anyway."

"Ohh." Sora pouted. "But still, it's cool you know."

Roxas laughed anyway.

"So what happened to them?" Sora asked.

"Well… after he and mom have legally separated, the guy took my brother somewhere away from here and after that we haven't heard anything from them since." Roxas finished and took a sip from his drink.

"Well that's a little sad." Sora commented as he absent-mindedly played with his straw.

"Do you think your father and brother will ever come back?" Sora asked.

"Hopefully." Roxas set down his drink. "My mom still loves the guy, you know." He looked at Sora, probably asking for comfort with his eyes.

"I should say, you dad's a lucky guy to have a great woman such as your mom." Sora said gullibly.

Roxas laughed. "Thanks."

To be continued… ^_^