I really have neither explanation nor justification for this. I apologize for inflicting this upon the internet. Consider it a step closer to Armageddon.

"Hey Broq!"

"Sup Fiyerbro!"

"Just chillin', broski."

"Okay. Catch yah later, brodeo!"

"Yeah! Later brobia!"

"Is that a challenge, broseph?"

"Bro battle!



"Kiamo bro!"

"That one sucked, brotellini. And it might've been racist."

"Whatevs, broccoli."

"Madame Brorrible!"

"Dude, that's not cool."

"I don't battle to be cool, brohemian rhapsody."

"I don't even get that one."

"You don't have to, brobocop."

"That's it! Bronado!"


"Hey Elphie?"

"Yes, Galinda?"

"Why is Boq spinning in circles?"

"Presumably the same reason Fiyero is jerking around like an epileptic."

"Look, here he comes! Hey Fiyero!"

"Sup Galinda….bro!"






"Shut up! For the love of Oz, if I hear bro one more time-!"

"No need to be so tense, Elphabro."

"Fiyero, you are an idiot."

"Don't you mean broron?"


"Or dumbro?"

"I'm pretty sure I mean idiot."

"Yeah, Fiyerbro."

"Shut your brole, Broq."


"Bro hole."


"Miss Galinda's right, Fiyerbro. That's bross."

"Ooh, let me try! Bro and gross?"

"Brotacular, Miss Galinda!"

"You're a real bro!"


"There's…really no good way to mix bro and pro."

"Oh! Brokay!"

"Galinda, we're leaving."

"But, Elphie! I'm talking bro!"

"Yeah, Elphabro. Chill."

"Not cool, Miss Elphabro. Not cool."

"Silence your imbecilic chatter before you invite severe bodily harm upon yourselves, bro!"




"I hate you all."