"Arthur this is getting ridiculous!" Francis glared at the Brit through his drenched blond hair. Yet again he had been apprehended on the way to the school counsel room by the Brit's three brothers. Did he have no control over them at all.

"I can't do anything about it" Arthur shrugged simply, glancing up at Francis from his report, blinking a pair of innocent green eyes at him, "what can I do? They're older than me."

Francis had known Arthur, or England for hundreds of years. After spending that much time with someone you knew how to look over their little tricks.

Arthur was no more innocent than a very hungry crocodile, and twice as dangerous.

It had been a year since the Nations had been enrolled in Gakuen High.

The original nations that had attended for a trial period hadn't enjoyed it very much, but were pushed back again the following term anyway.

Slowly after this other countries began sending their nations to the school, until the building was packed.

Unsurprisingly Jason and Max had dropped out of school, and not returned for the second term onwards. Scott was still around but kept his distance from Matthew now as a strict rule, especially with Alfred always hanging around him.

Arthur and Francis had made their way up to the position of School President and Vice President.

Of course, as they had learnt in their first term they had to keep the fact they were nations a secret, it led to nothing but trouble from power hungry and racist students.

Smirking, Francis made his way over to England's desk, running a finger along the smaller boy's chin; enjoying the blush that spread over the Brit's cheeks. Deciding to take it a little further, France bent his mouth towards Arthur's, encouraged by the feeling of the other boy moving closer to him.

The moment was broken by a bucket of cold water being thrown over their heads, followed by a string of words that sounded like they'd come from Robert, England's oldest brother; also the Scottish nation.

"Still can't do anything about it?" Francis huffed, glaring after the retreating figures that hadn't even bothered to close the door behind them.

Placing a quick kiss on Arthur's wet forward, Francis made his way towards the door, closing it and locking it this time.

"I don't know what they're problem is," Francis spun on his heel back to his own desk, reaching for a towel in one of his draws (this wasn't the first time something like this had happened).

Arthur shuffled on his chair, looking awkward before muttering, "they're worried about me..."

"Worried about you?" Francis tilted his head, drying off the last of his locks before chucking the towel to Arthur and pulling out a hairbrush.

Watching Arthur sink lower into his chair, Francis managed to put two and two together. "They're worried I might hurt you?"

By Arthur's silence he guessed he was right.

However much England's brothers may tease him, Francis knew they were all very protective of their youngest brother.

Admittedly up until now Francis had seen very little of Arthur's brothers, it was a little overwhelming to suddenly be attending the same school as all three at once, while he was dating their little brother.

All Francis could say was thank God they weren't sharing a room with one of them.

Arthur and Francis shared a room with Alfred and Matthew. The same room they'd had last year.

Since last year a few of the rooms had changed and the classes as well. Mathias and Norge were in their class this year.

"Usually you bring your friends back here after school," Arthur finished drying his hair with a small shake, looking down and frowning at the report he'd been reading. It was now illegible.

"Ah, but you don't like it mon Cher," the Frenchman caught the towel as it was thrown back to him.

"That's never stopped you doing anything before," lifting an eyebrow, Arthur pulled for another sheet of paper to begin writing the report again.

"They're both in detention" Francis admitted, "Gilbert got into a fight with Roderich in the hall and hit him a few times, and Antonio fell asleep in class again,"

"because of Romano?" Arthur checked, referring to the other well known couple amongst the nations,

"no, I think he just finds class boring," smiling Francis pulled a dryer ribbon from his pocket to tie back his long hair.

"Are we still going out this weekend?" Arthur always felt he had to keep checking, because Francis had a terrible habit of promising him a date then arranging something with Gilbert and Antonio who were also meant to be on dates.

"I'm not going to forget Cher," getting back to his feet, Francis made his way towards Arthur, taking his hand and steering him out of the chair.

"I've heard that before..."

"Come on, let's go somewhere your brothers can't bother us."

The two adolescent Nations smirked at each other, unlocking the Student Counsel room door, heading for the dormitories.

Laughing, Arthur pulled away from Francis the moment they were in the room.

"Arthur..." Francis whined, making a lunge for the Brit, who neatly dodged him, standing a little distance away with a playful look on his face.

"Why do you put up with me?" He grinned, running a hand through his messy blond hair,

"Perhaps because I'm desperately in love with you," edging closer, Francis caressed the side of Arthur's face, "has that earned me a kiss?"

Nodding, Arthur pulled on the front of Francis' uniform pulling him down into a deep kiss. He could feel the Frenchman directing him towards the bed, already pulling his school blazer away.

"I thought we agreed no sex in the room while others outside the relationship are in," with a loud crash, Alfred pushed open the door, strolling into the dormitory with Matthew behind him.

Blushing furiously, Arthur pulled his blazer back on, glaring at the American.

"Don't you ever knock!" He hissed, giving Francis an apologetic look before getting off the bed to give Alfred a proper telling off.

"Revenge for that time you wouldn't let me and Matty sleep in the same bed" Alfred smirked, brushing off Arthur's angry face without a second thought.

"That's because you were groping him in his sleep, with all that moaning me and Francis didn't stand any chance of getting to sleeping a wink!"

Feeling he was no longer needed; Arthur would probably want to get on with his homework now, Francis excused himself and dashed back through the school.

The detention room was empty except for a few desks against the wall, and black board that Gilbert had scribbled all over.

Antonio had a CD player on one of the desks and was dancing to some fast paced Spanish music, while Gilbert was adding a few final details to his perverted pictures.

"How's detention?" Francis wondered in, checking his watch.

Teachers didn't even bother to watch Gilbert, Antonio (and usually Francis) because they always stayed in the room the right amount of time, even sometimes staying overtime.

"Why aren't you in here today then?" Gilbert glanced at Francis out of the corner of his eye, before casually running the chalk down the side of the black board.

With a howl, Antonio stopped his dance, stopping the CD and glaring at his friend.

"Wanted to see if I could get a score from Arthur..." Francis shook his head, "his brothers are still after me, and Alfred and Matthew burst into the dorm when we were just getting started."

Gilbert and Antonio exchanged looks of sympathy.

"At least you two can share a room" Gilbert sighed, "me and Eliza don't even get that."

"Kiku can't stand it if he thinks we're having sex in our dorm either" Antonio shook his head, "how can I have a bed right next to Lovino's and not be allowed to do all the things I want to..."

Flopping into one of the seats, Gilbert motioned for Antonio and Francis to do the same. "This weekend me and Eliza are going to see some new film then we have a hotel room booked," looking excited, Gilbert licked his lips, "she's looking forward to it too, but don't tell her I told you."

Knowing Eliza's temper Antonio and Francis were unlikely to risk such a thing.

"You doing anything at the weekend?" Francis and Gilbert turned expectantly to the Spaniard, who just shrugged,

"Maybe, or we might just hang out in the dorm while the rest of you are out," he gave them a mysterious wink.

A sudden crashing sound from the hall caused the trio to stick their heads out of the detention room.

There were a few students still in the hall rummaging through lockers and the sort, but they had all stopped to stare at the three that were walking down the hall.

Robert had a cigarette between his lips, red hair and bushy eyebrows covering striking orange eyes.

The green eyed Patrick, they were a slightly lighter green than England's. Black hair. Trying to beg a puff out of Robert.

Finally Brice, the second youngest brother; and probably the one that looked the most like England; barring the fact his hair was smoother, and like Patrick had a trail of freckles over his nose and cheeks.

They looked like they were heading towards the detention room too.

"Brilliant!" Francis threw up his arms, backing away from the door. Whether they were protecting Arthur or not, he didn't care, even he liked his own personal space sometimes.

"Frenchie!" Robert was leading the way as usual.

"Come to ruin another blazer have you?" Francis groaned, flopping down into his chair, "can't you guys lay off for an hour or something?"

"You ai ne forcing him to do anything are you?" Robert slammed his fist down hard on the desk, "I hear shouting from your room!"

"That's Arthur arguing with Alfred" Francis explained, knowing he'd already been over this.

"An' what about the time I saw you two arguin' after History?" Patrick joined in,

"We always argue after History."

"And in the Council room?" Brice added for extra measure,

"Yes!" Glaring at Gilbert and Antonio for support he got to his feet, "When he runs crying to your room then you'll know something's wrong, and if that ever does happen do not assume it's defiantly my fault!"

Brice looked a little guilty, murmuring a sorry; the older two gave a huff, crossing there arms and strolling back from the room.

When they were gone Gilbert put a hand on his shoulder, "Probably should have told you this before you started going out with that British smart arse, but it's not usually a good idea to date someone with three older brothers."

"Thanks for your support" Francis growled sarcastically.

"Are you still here?" Eliza seemed to swing into the room the moment Arthur's brothers had left, "I thought you told me you'd meet me in the library at Five..."

Quickly glancing at his watch, Gilbert slapped himself in the forehead, "Oh Scheiße!" he swore, "sorry, I lost track of time."

Looking hurt by his remark, Eliza turned round, "It's okay if you'd rather stay here..."

"Well if it's okay with you," Gilbert perked up, "you can study on your own right?"

Already Francis and Antonio could sense he'd given the wrong answer and were backing away slowly.

"You bastard!" Eliza shrieked, lunging at him with her bag, tears in her eyes, "Stupid! Stupid! Hülye! Hülye!" With that she dashed from the room, leaving a startled Gilbert behind her.

"Eliza..." He still had a hand held out as if he had been going to grab her, or could will her back. There was a long pause before Gilbert realised she wasn't coming back. "Ah! I'm such an idiot!" He kicked out at one of the chairs.

"You can make up with her right?" Antonio hurried forward to comfort his friend, "me and Lovino always fight, and Francis and Arthur are even worse. What's a relationship without a few arguments."

Looking a little better, Gilbert sniffed and nodded, "I'll apologise tomorrow..."

"Oh no you don't," Francis gave him a shove in the direction of the door, "you'll go and do it now if you know what's good for you."

Taking his friend's advise Gilbert sped from the room, running down the hall leading to the girl's dormitory.

He managed to catch Eliza just before she got to her room.

"I'm sorry, we can go and study now," Gilbert hated it when she stayed mad. He didn't like the look Eliza was giving him. "Look, I'll even carry your books for you. I know I'm an idiot, please I'm still learning, unlike Francis and Antonio I haven't really been with anyone before..." Feeling embarrassed, Gilbert found he couldn't meet her gaze.

"Oh..." Eliza's anger sounded like it was fading away. She reached up and gave him a soft peck, "come on, you can carry my books" she paused, lifting an eyebrow, "if you like?"

Knowing the answer this time round, Gilbert took the books from her without a word.

She was truly beautiful. She'd always been. Not that he'd ever admit it, but to him Eliza was the most precious part of his being; he felt like he could be another person when he was around her.

"You do know I love you right..." It was a struggle to get the words out, but somehow he managed it.

"You've already been forgiven" Eliza assured him, smiling,

"No, I really just wanted to tell you that."

Beaming Eliza threw her arms around his neck, kissing him full on; not caring that her books were now all over the floor. Prussia's touch made her come alive; she was like a child again.

"I love you too" she smiled.

Author's note: The designs of Scotland, Wales and Ireland are not my own. I found this picture on photobucket .com/image/hetalia%20wales/Vaunt93/another%20hetalia/69550_102622203136919_100001674180081_19254_673198_?o=21 by Vaunt93. Credit is not mine.

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