Alfred tried to struggle to his feet, but whatever they had been drugged with was making it very difficult.

"Drop it!" Out of nowhere Lili dived across Jason's shot line, seizing the gun from him, and by either some amazing miracle or that Jason was so shocked, she succeeded in pulling it from his grip.

Suddenly finding movement again, Matthew struggled forwards to help Alfred move away from him.

Jason still had his hand on Arthur's arm and was cursing loudly, eyes blazing in Lili's direction.

Someone else came at Jason from the side, knocking him away from the British nation.

Jason fell to the ground at Lili's feet, his head bleeding from the impact with the concrete floor.

Lili pointed the gun at the back of his head, her hands trembling.

"You must promise to leave us alone now" she whispered, her own voice shaking, "our bosses are sending help, so you'll be arrested and taken away..." Lili stopped, feeling someone take the gun from her hands.

Vash pointed it steadily at Jason's head, "Zur Hölle fahren" Go to hell he growled, pulling the trigger without any second thoughts.

The shot rang out throughout the warehouse. Bouncing off the empty walls. Surely Max and Elliot must have heard that; maybe they'd come down now, thinking it's safe.

"Is that it?" Matthew whispered, steadying Alfred's head with his hands, worried at how pale Alfred's face had gone for a moment when Jason had pointed that gun at him.

But the American's cheeky grin was beginning to return.

Lili carefully took the gun from Vash's hands, dropping it on the floor, giving him a tight hug and a kiss.

Scott hurried forwards to see if Belle was okay.

"Y-You saved us...?" Belle looked dazed and completely shocked, "why? What if you'd been killed?"

She knew Govert was hovering back and giving them some begrudging space. She had to tell him.

Scott pulled a gun out from his own belt and grinned, "I brought this just in case" he told her, "I could never let anything happen to you... I know you're a nation and everything, but I think I..."

Suddenly Lili screamed.

Just like a nation, the gun shot wound in Jason's head was beginning to close. But even nations couldn't do that when shot by another nation. Taking on a nation's memories hadn't just given him the power to kill them, it had made him invincible even to their shots.

He didn't even need to be touching Arthur any more.

Jason was getting back to his feet laughing manically, picking the gun Lili had dropped off the floor, swinging it round to point at Alfred again. "You can't kill me" he drawled, "But I can kill you..."

Two shots.

Jason's eyes were wide, and he only just had time to turn before he dropped back to the ground, eyes wide but glassed over.

Unmistakably dead.

Scott had one hand on Arthur's arm. The gun he had brought with him was raised and still smoking slightly in Jason's direction.

He released Arthur's arm and gasped, falling to the floor.

There was none of that swagger Jason had. But it may have been only their imaginations and hope, that even Jason had given a small stumble when he'd stood up, and Lili and Scott had been able to disarm and knock him really easily.

"Oh mon Dieu!" Belle hurried forwards, holding Scott's head in her hands, "Are you okay? How many fingers am I holding up?" She tried to comfort him, thick tears falling down her cheeks and onto his face.

Scott opened his mouth, a thin trail of blood trickling down the side of his mouth. He gave small gasp, then managed to smile, "I don't think Jason would have managed to stay alive much longer anyway, he only kept going because he was determined to do something..." He coughed, his face paling a little more.

"No, you'll be fine!" Never, not once had Belle imagined this might happen. It was just between Jason and the nations, nobody else had needed to get hurt.

Scott smiled, touching her cheek gently, "I'm sure you and him will be happy together," he winked, "I'm not as stupid as people might think... But I do love you, and if you were human and we could have been together, I may have fought a little harder..."

Govert bent down and put his hand on Scott's staring him silently in the eye.

"I'm sure you'll take care of her" the boy grinned,

Govert nodded, watching Scott's body eventually go limp.

"T-Two shots..." Arthur was stammering, his face was pale and their were cuts all down his arm from where he'd been trying to pull free of the wires.

Francis leapt forwards to help him, but Arthur brushed him away looking dazed, staring round the room.

"Are you okay?" Francis cupped his lover's cheek in his hands,

"There were two shots" Arthur whispered, falling into Francis' arms when the Frenchman released him, "who else got shot?"

Everyone looked round.

"Mon Dieu!" Francis' eyes widened, staring directly at where Alfred and Matthew were.

Alfred was knelt next to the Canadian, his hands trembling over a shot wound in Matthew's shoulder.

"Mathieu!" Francis shot over towards Matthew, feeling Arthur pulling himself after him.

Matthew's violet eyes were still open, his breathing was fast and heavy, but he was smiling up at Alfred.

"What happened, I thought he was aiming for you!" Francis didn't mean it to sound horrible, but he was shocked, how had little Matthew ended up like this?

"H-He blocked the b-bullet" Alfred stammered, his eyes finally filling with tears, "Why Matthew, you moron!" He let loose all the tears of the Mississippi, pressing his hand against Matthew's wound.

"Stay with us Mathieu, the bosses' help should be on its way, we'll get you to hospital..." Francis was staring around wildly, what was keeping their bosses so long, they couldn't still be arguing could they!

"Here they come" Feliciano called, pointing at the entrance to the warehouse where hundreds of men in different military uniforms were filing in. "They just got here too late..."

"How is he?" Arthur sat outside the hospital ward. His arm was bandaged, and he still looked a little dizzy, but otherwise the Brit was fine. It seemed like the wires he'd been plugged into had caused a little confusion amongst his nation DNA so it was taking longer than normal to heal.

"They think he'll be fine," France yawned; he'd been here since six this morning, and spent the whole night in Arthur's ward, awake because of the nightmares.

Alfred had black circles under his eyes, and was still holding onto Matthew's hand.

The Canadian had fallen unconscious in the Ambulance and hadn't woken up since.

"They've arrested Max, Elliot, and Marianne" Francis filled in, kissing Arthur's cheek, "Max and Elliot will be doing life, and I mean real 'Life' imprisonment. If some of the other nations had their way it would be death..." He paused, brushing a stray hair out of the Brit's vision, "me and Alfred have told the courts we believe Marianne was forced to play her part, so she's only serving five years..."

The English nation smiled, no words needed to be exchanged for Arthur to tell Francis he'd done the right thing.

"I still don't understand what made Jason do it..." Francis began directing Arthur back in the direction of his own room in the hospital.

He felt the Brit flinch then found a pair of enormous green eyes swelled with tears looking up at him. "It's all my fault... I understand what Germany was talking about now when he asked me if Jason had any reason to hate me before we met..."

"Arthur this isn't your fault" Francis tried to sooth, but the Brit shook his head,

"Do you remember that time seven years ago when I went on a...sort of..." Arthur went red with guilt, "I shot that man in front of that child..."

"That wasn't..." Francis felt his right hand twitch- the one he'd patted that boy on the head with. But Arthur was nodding, crying a little harder.

"It was all because of me..."

Francis hushed the Brit with a kiss, ignoring the sound Arthur's brother's made when they returned to his ward.

The three of them had been waiting to visit, and were a little irritated to see Francis with his tongue down their little brother's throat.

"Then we move on Cher" Francis smiled, giving Arthur a small grin so that Arthur couldn't help but laugh a little, "we move on, after all it's what we are today that matters."

"Oh be quiet!" Robert grumbled, storming after them into the room with the other two behind him, "we came to give you some good news as well."

"Unlike the rest of you, us three, Feliks, Toris, Berwald, and Tino have been out their trying to plead your case," Patrick folded his arms,

"Our case?" Arthur blinked at him, having almost completely forgotten what with everything that had been going on, then he dawned a look of recognition.

"We won!" Brice leapt onto Arthur's bed in excitement, "nations are now free to have relationships as long as it doesn't conflict with their duties!"

Arthur felt his face flush with pleasure. He hugged all three of his brother's in thanks, and they were careful to avoid his bad arm.

"But that doesn't mean we're not watching you no more Froggy," Robert narrowed his eyes at Francis over Arthur's shoulder, "you cause him any reason to be upset again and you'll find a whole army of buckets ready to tip themselves over you precious hair."

Francis scowled back, kissing Arthur full on in the mouth when he got him back.

There was a thumping in the hall outside, then the door was thrown open. Alfred stood in the door frame beaming. "Matthew's awake!"

Author's note: I know this chapter is short, but I covered so much in the last one. I'm quite pleased with this ending. Please tell me what you think about it, and I hope you enjoyed it.