1) Piercing

"What if I bleed to death?"

"Were you born a drama queen, or is it something that you got over time?"

"Shut up!"

Hands clasped her over ears protectively, she glared at the offending needling Duncan held innocent between his pointer finger and thumb.

"This is a absolutely horrible idea," Courtney repeated for the fifteenth time that past hour. "I really think this should be done by a professional."

Duncan scoffed, as if she had personally insulted him. Setting down the long, sharp needle on the table near him, he pointed to his face which had it's own piercings. "Babe, I am a professional. You think I got some brain dead moron to do these for me?" Courtney bit her tongue to hold back a comment about him being exactly that. "I did 'em all myself, now it's your turn. Trust me, I know what I'm doing."

His reassurance didn't make her want to high-tail it out of his bedroom any less. "A professional-"

"Would rip you off. They charge way too much for something that takes two seconds."

Biting her lip she scrambled for something else to say as he picked up the needle again, along with a bottle of some type of rubbing alcohol. He doused a piece of paper towel with the alcohol and rubbed down the needle. "Seriously, chicks get their ears pierced when they're three these days. Do you wanna be one-upped by a toddler, Princess?" As he said this, he set down his tools and reached forward to gently lower her hands from her ears.

"No," She answered after a long second of searching his teal eyes, and letting him rub his thumb over her knuckles. "You promise it will look okay?"

"Trust me, Sweetheart, you'll look hot."

"Come on, it wasn't that bad!" He yelled helplessly to the closed bathroom door, where Courtney had locked herself in solitude and began bawling her eyes out. "I didn't mean to poke the wrong place! I told you not to squirm around!"

"I have a hole in my ear!" She shrieked in return. "And I can't even put an earring in it!"


"Shut up!"

Playing with the slightly bloody needle he still held between his fingers, a grin spread over his face. "You want to try your bellybutton next? Maybe your nose?"

"I swear to God himself, I will shove that needle-"

Courtney didn't end up with anything being pierced by him, though he ended up with a nice little poke hole in a very unmentionable place.

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