AN: I've decided this will be a little drabble series. It will still be part of my hundred, but I'll update this 'story' every second prompt. Sound okay?

10) Intrusion

She rushes right home; dismissing the thought of dumping him in the middle of the road and hoping she gets lucky. Only on the account that she would probably be charged with murder.

Courtney swallows back her own feeling of sickness as the smell of the vomit curls around her nose like a blanket. All the windows are rolled down, but it does nothing back make her worry as Duncan leans out of the window like a dog.

Though, it was fitting, seeing as how he was one.

She wondered if she could pay a vet enough money to put him down. That was somewhat legal, wasn't it?

"Where we going, Babe?" His slurring is getting worse, as the numbers on car stereo tick on.

"Stop with the pet names." She huffs. "And, for your information, we're going to my house, so I can clean your barf off of me!" She veers right slightly in her fitful shouting, and has to swerve.

He shrugs, like she asked her how the weather was, before propping his filthy feet up onto her dashboard. The car will definitely need to be washed out with bleach, and lots of it.

"Now, stay. Right here. Don't move a muscle. Not one inch,do you understand me?" She has to hold his chin between her thumb and pointer finger to keep his eyes on her face. His eyes are drooping slightly.

"Sure, Sweetheart. W'ever you say..." As soon as she lets go of him, he falls sideways into the plush white leather of her couch and lets out a snore not seconds later.

She groans. "No, go right ahead, it's not like I don't love your company." Asshole. She adds, mentally.

Deciding he's at least not going to break anything in her apartment, -though the couch will have to be burned- she heads into her bedroom to strip off her grim infested clothing -she'd burn it, too, if it wasn't her work uniform- and step into her attached bathroom to run a bath.

Duncan sighs lightly, rolling onto his back and draping an arm over his eyes to shield them from the harsh sunlight streaming in onto his face. Had he left the blinds open again?

Blinking for a moment, he realizes quickly that this isn't his apartment that he shares with his best friend. It's much too plain to be his; the walls are a dull cream, and everything else is either white, cream, or a pale yellow. It screams dull.

It doesn't take him more information than that to understand where he is.

Pulling himself up off the couch, he winces at the kink in his back, and the pounding in his head. Okay, so, getting himself wasted just to piss Courtney off? Not one of his best ideas. Then again... he was in her apartment.

A grin spread across his face; he had been presented with a wonderful opportunity here.

"Courtney?" He tests quietly, listening for any sound of movement. When he hears none, he tiptoes into the small -completely spotless- kitchen and smiles. Across the way, he sees another door; it's got some kind of wood carving of a C hanging on it. The door is propped open slightly.

He doesn't need more invitation than that.

Smirking, he quietly and stealthily makes his way to the door, before nudging it open. Her bedroom is perfectly clean as well, -OCD, maybe?- and a vaguely Courtney-sized shape is buried underneath a mountain of covers.

Chuckling, and very much aware of how badly this could end for him, he easily pulls off his shirt and unbuttons his jeans, before sliding into bed with her. Lightly reaching over, he brushes his fingers against the smooth brown of her cheek, until she rolls over slowly and blinks at him sleepily.

He smiles in a very sly manner, making sure she catches an eyeful of his bare chest. "Tell me Princess, where did you learn how to do all that stuff? I gotta say, you rocked my world last night."

Face flushing white, then pink, then an startlingly bright shade of red, he swears she wakes up every person in the building with her shriek.