The Best Father

Rachel allowed Puck to carry her down to the kitchen. He sat her in a chair and busied himself getting her food. He sat down vegan lasagna, which was actually pretty good, in front of her. She asked for coffee and thanks to Santana's physic abilities, a fresh pot had just been made.

"How'd you get so addicted to coffee?" Puck asked as he set the cup down in front of her.

"Daddy actually started me on it. He's the same way; neither of us could function without it."

She took a gulp of the hot coffee and smiled as it warmed her insides.

"I can't believe you drink it black though. That's hardcore," Puck said, thinking of all the girls he knew who liked frou-frou drinks that had like a bazillion things in it.

She smiled and grabbed his hand with one hand, as she ate with the other.

Puck liked being with Rachel like this. Santana had gone home to shower, but was coming back. The house was empty and quiet. He watched Rachel. In her huge over size sweatshirt, she looked even tinier. He still thought she was beautiful.

"Why are you staring at me?" Rachel asked, taking a drink of coffee.

"Cause your beautiful," Puck said. She smiled. Then Aunt Lisa walked in.

Her whole face lit up when she saw Rachel. She ran over and gently wrapped her arms around Rachel, dropping little kisses all over Rachel's forehead, Rachel smiled and hugged her back, harder than she should have, but ignored the ache in her ribs. She missed her aunt.

"It's so great to see you, Lisa," said Rachel, who had also, at a young age, been instructed to call her aunt by her first name.

That whole afternoon, Rachel poured her heart out. She explained the last few months in more detail. When Puck and Santana got up to give them privacy, she shook her head and pulled them back down beside her. They had dinner and they all watched West Side Story. Puck felt bad for Tony. The dude fell in love, then practically a day later he dies. That sucked. Rachel had fallen asleep with her feet in Puck's lap and with her head on Lisa's shoulder.

Puck picked her up and took her upstairs to bed and Santana stayed in there with Rachel.

He walked down and found Aunt Lisa in the kitchen.

"I want to talk to you," Lisa said.

He nodded and sat down.

"Rachel trusts you. If you hurt her, you will regret it," she said, tiredly, though Puck fully believed it.

"I love Rachel so much and hate how much she's had to go through on her own. Hiram and I never got along well, so he always "forgot" to invite me to things. Leroy hated to have Hiram upset and agreed, though he didn't feel good about it, that I should go. So I moved to New York. Rachel and I only talked through email and text. I missed her. I don't like the situation at all, but I am responsible for Rachel. I need to know that you will help me to make sure that she doesn't hurt herself or do something stupid," she said.

"I will," Puck said.

"Good. I didn't want to upset her, but Leroy is getting very bad. He's not in any pain, they have him on tons of medication, but his systems are all shutting down, they don't think he'll last very long." Puck grabbed the woman's hand and squeezed it.

"I'm going to go to the hospital. Please stay here with Rachel and bring her to the hospital in the morning," Lisa said, grabbing her bag and giving Puck a nod, then left, worry etched on her face.

Rachel woke up the next morning between Santana and Puck. Puck had his arm around her. She sat up, waking Puck. He opened his eyes and saw she was awake. He smiled lazily and sat up, rubbing his eyes. She yawned and stretched. She looked at Puck with pleading eyes. He knew what she wanted. Coffee. He got up and went downstairs, Santana felt him get off the bed and opened her eyes.

She sat up and gave Rachel a hug, and a kiss on the cheek. Rachel walked into the bathroom, with Santana following. She brushed her teeth and Santana did also. They walked downstairs to find Puck, struggling to make the coffee machine work. Rachel laughed at his confused expression and started it, simply by pressing a button. Puck frowned.

Lisa walked through the front door. Her face had tears running down and she had circles under her eyes. Rachel's smile faded from her face.

"What is it?" she asked slowly and carefully.

"The doctor said that he was now totally dependent on the machines. They're going to take him off them. He's essentially dead," Lisa said in an equally dead voice.

Rachel didn't say anything; she stayed still, frozen in shock. She suddenly grabbed Puck's hand and Lisa's hand and ran out to the car, tears flowing. Puck got in the driver's seat and Rachel and Lisa were in the back. Rachel's head was buried in Lisa's shoulder and Lisa was rubbing Rachel's back.

They got to the hospital. The door to the room was closed. Rachel put her hand on the handle and paused, not knowing if she could take what was on the other side. She pressed down on the handle and slowly walked in. He was just laying there. Not hooked to any machines. He could be sleeping.

Rachel, tears silently falling, walked over and softly kissed his forehead. She turned and took Puck's hand with an iron grip. She was shaking. Puck wrapped her in his arms, not sure what else to do. He felt a tear fall down his own cheek for Leroy Berry, the best father he'd ever met.

Rachel couldn't understand. Her dad was gone, forever. She would never watch his face light up as she sang to him. He would never kiss her forehead and tell her everything was going to be all right. They could never sit up and talk for hours into the night. Rachel could never tell her Daddy that she loved him again.


I'm about to cry… Nuff said