Author: NagiLite

Rating: PG

Warnings: Shounen ai hints

Disclaimer: I do not, have not, never will own Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling (Goddess in Masquerade) and WB :( own it/him/them.

Miss J.K. Rowling is sitting at a computer, pondering what to type about her hit series, Harry Potter, when a teenager with wild black hair, glasses and bright green eyes walks in. A scar in the shape of a lightning bolt is situated on his forehead, and it looks like it's been there a long time.

Miss Rowling: Um, hello.

Boy: Hi. It's me--Harry. You know. Harry Potter. You write about me.

Miss Rowling: *surprised* Why yes, so I do.

Harry: *pushes up his glasses* See, I really appreciate all the--er-- popularity you've gotten me. Muggles love me--my world--they love us now.

Miss Rowling: That's good.

Harry: And I like the way you portray me. I like it a lot. You don't try to idealize me, and that's admirable.

Miss Rowling: Thank you.

Harry: 'Welcome. But, um, you seem to have missed a very important part of my developement.

Miss Rowling: Have I?

Harry: *blushes* I couldn't help but notice that you said I had a crush on Cho Chang, the Ravenclaw.

Miss Rowling: Didn't you?

Harry: Well, no. In fact--this might shock you--I had a crush on Ron Weasley, my best friend. For a while. Not anymore, though.

Miss Rowling: Er...

Harry: I'm gay, Miss Rowling. Just thought you might want to know. Draco Malfoy and I got caught snogging yesterday.

Miss Rowling: Malfoy?

Harry: *blushes again* He's very attractive, you know.

Miss Rowling: Of course he is. Evil has to be.

Harry: *offended* He's not evil. Just...Just Slytherin.

Miss Rowling: Hrm.

Harry: So, if you don't mind, could you, like, not imply that I'm straight? 'Cause I betcha there's alot of female fans out there who would love you forever, and so would I. Don't worry about the religious fanatics- -they already hate your books.

Miss Rowling: That's true.

Harry: *nodding* I have to go now. Classes start soon. Maybe I'll see you again.

Miss Rowling: Perhaps.

Harry: 'Bye.

Miss Rowling: Goodbye, Harry.

Harry exits, leaving behind a stunned Miss Rowling. She thinks for a moment, then types down the title of her next book:

Harry Potter and the Unique Orientation


Harry Potter Gets Caught Snogging Draco Malfoy

LOL. Ok. That was weird. No, Miss Rowling did not really say all these things, I'm just using her and Harry. Heh.