Let me preface this by saying, I have cherished my writing fan fiction. I've loved every chapter, every story, every review, and every fan. It's been a thrilling and fulfilling seventeen months.

All things have to end though. I'll be graduating college in the spring, and by then this final project will be complete. I won't be writing fan fiction anymore, but will be moving on to continue my freelance work that I'm doing, and also writing my own novels. Before I start that though, I want to leave the fan fiction world with a bang.

This final project will be a series of four stories. "Reborn in Twilight," "Broken During The New Moon," "Fighting an Eclipse," and "We Are Breaking Dawn." That's right, I'm rewriting the saga.

Some may consider it a ballsy move, some may see it as stupid. But since my writing fan fiction has been me molding the characters to be my own, what other proper way is there to leave fan fiction, other than rewriting it.

I mean no disrespect by doing so. I enjoyed the saga very much. Still, I think I can do a decent job at making it something different. Not necessarily better, just my own.

There will still be similarities to the saga of course. No character names or couple pairings will change. Only the characters personalities may be different. Something else that I'll do, as I do in all my stories, is make multiple character POV's. I think it helps character development, and makes it a more rounded and complete story.

There will be obvious differences also. The vampires will not be the same type. No sparkling or dazzling here. Parts will be darker, and parts will be funnier. No differences are meant to upset anyone, or offend, it's just the way I write and tell the story.

I hope this will be enjoyed, and I hope I receive the much needed feedback in reviews.

Let's get started.