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"Sam!" Mercedes called, waving her arm frantically. "Sam, I saved you a seat!"

He glanced around the busy dining hall and sidled over to her, his overflowing tray in hand. "I thought we were keeping this on the down low," he whispered.

"We are," she said. "I just miss you is all."

Sam grinned and plunked down next to her. "Then I guess a breakfast date is in order," he said, leaning in to kiss her.

Before he could manage it, Teddy popped up at his elbow. "Good morning, Sam!" he said cheerfully, nearly startling Sam into faceplanting in his pancakes.

Mercedes lowered a patented bitch-face at him. "And who the hell are you?" she asked.

"Teddy Cooper!" he said, thrusting out a slightly sticky hand. "I am in Sam's cabin too. I play the violin! And my brother is a Warbler! Do you know the Warblers? They're awesome!" He perked up. "Oh, look, there's my brother! I'm going to go say hi!"

"He never shuts up," Sam muttered under his breath as he forked into his pancakes.

"Well, I can tune him out if you can," Mercedes said, sliding closer to Sam.

Just before she could kiss him, Finn loped towards their table, nearly tripping over his untied shoes. They hopped apart. "Hey, guys, have you see Rachel?" he asked. "I was gonna see if she wanted to eat breakfast with me."

"Nope, sorry, haven't seen her," Mercedes said brusquely, hoping against hope that he'd get the hint.

Sam swallowed a bite of his pancakes. "Isn't that her eating breakfast with Jesse St. James?" he asked, pointing with his fork.

Finn's expression darkened. "Uh-huh," he said, and he spun on his heel and stalked away to the other side of the dining hall.

"What's up with him?" Sam asked.

"Rachel envy," Mercedes said. "Boy only wants what he can't have."

"Well, I know what I want," Sam grinned.

"You and your pickup lines," Mercedes teased.

Rachel rushed over to them before they could touch lips. "Oh my god, you guys, what time is it?" she asked.

"Like…I don't know, breakfast time, I don't wear a watch," Sam said. "And Finn's looking for you, by the way."

Rachel pressed her hands to the sides of her nose. "Oh my god, oh my god, I need to go practice," she said. "Oh my god. I have to audition today."

"Yeah, we all do," Mercedes said.

"Yes, but…but…oh, no one understands!" Rachel wailed before rushing to the girls' bathroom with her forearm across her eyes. She ran past Jesse, who glanced up from his grapefruit and blinked, then shrugged and went back to the script he was reading.

"I guess she does that no matter where she is," Sam said.

Mercedes snorted. "You should have seen her last year," she said. "She had a diva-out at least once a rehearsal. I think her record was like…four and a half."

"A half?" Sam repeated, raising an eyebrow.

"Puck picked her up before she got all the way out and Kurt tied her to a chair," Mercedes clarified.


"Who did I tie to a chair?" Kurt asked as he plunked his breakfast tray down across from them, looking entirely out of place in his purple tee shirt, sparkly silver converses, and khaki cargo shorts.

"Rachel, in rehearsal," Mercedes said.

Kurt smiled fondly. "Ah, that was a fun day," he said.

"I wish we could tie her to a chair and leave her for a while," Lucy groused, dropping her breakfast tray next to Kurt's with a fierce scowl. "Maybe in the middle of the woods. With honey all over her face."

Mercedes arched an eyebrow. "Lucy's her bunkmate," Kurt explained.

"I will die before this summer is over," Lucy said solemnly.

Sam opened his mouth to answer, but Blaine crept up behind Kurt and Lucy and caught his eye, tapping his finger to his lips. "Mercedes, can you hand me a napkin, please?" Kurt asked, clearly unaware.

Blaine wrapped his hands over Kurt's eyes. "Guess who," he said.

"Blaine, your hands smell like your hair gel," Kurt complained.

Blaine dropped his hands and grinned. "Good morning to you too," he said, dropping a kiss to Kurt's soft cheek.

"Did you get breakfast already, honey?" Kurt asked. "You can have some of pancakes if you want."

Blaine sat down beside him. "What kind?" he asked.

"Blueberry," Kurt said, raising his fork to feed Blaine a bite. Blaine opened his mouth obediently.

"All right, you two, you're acting a little too married," Mercedes said. "Move along before the rest of start puking."

"Come on, we're adorable," Blaine grinned. "Kurt, you've got syrup on your face." He licked the pad of his thumb and brushed at the dimple in Kurt's cheek. "Okay, I fixed it."

"My hero," Kurt smiled, tilting his chin up for a kiss. Lucy rolled her eyes and Mercedes mimed gagging.

"Oh, god, are they kissing again?" Finn said, reappearing with his tray still in hand and his shoulders slumped in defeat. "You think this is bad, you should see them at home."

"That's because you have a natural talent for walking in every single time we try to have some alone couple time," Kurt said.

Finn scowled and sat down by Mercedes. "Trust me, I don't want that talent," he said.

"Finn's just a cockblock," Kurt said with a wave of his hand. "He does it to everyone. I mean, once you get a boyfriend, Mercedes, I'm sure he'll do it to you too."

"Oh, yeah, I can imagine that," Sam said dryly. Mercedes elbowed him sharply in the ribs.

"Quinn! Quinn! Quinn!"

Quinn glanced up from her magazine to see Brittany running down the path towards her, Santana strolling behind her. "Hi, Britt," she said.

Brittany hopped onto the picnic table and sat down. "I haven't seen you in like forever," she smiled. "Hi. Are you having fun?"

Quinn shrugged. "I guess," she said.

Santana sat down on the other bench of the picnic table and stretched out her long legs. "Hey, Q," she said.

"Hi, Santana," Quinn said, turning a page in her magazine.

Brittany swung her legs back and forth. "How did your auditions go?" she asked. "Ours were awesome. We're doing ballroom dancing and I think the cute little Warbler is going to be my partner."

"That's nice," Quinn said.

Santana frowned. "Okay, hold up," she said. "You've got your bitch face on."

Quinn smiled at her. "I do not have a bitch face," she said, closing the magazine. "I am hot, and irritated, and covered in bug bites, but I do not-"

"You've got a bitch face," Santana said flatly.

Quinn sighed. "I just don't care about the auditions," she confessed. "I don't see the point. I mean, I watch girls like Rachel kill themselves to get a good part, and I…I just don't even care."

"Don't you like performing?" Brittany asked, leaning her elbows on her knees.

"I like it when it's glee club, but that's different," Quinn said.

"How?" Brittany pressed.

Quinn snapped her magazine shut. "I don't know," she said. "Can we stop talking about this?"

Santana laid down on the bench, crossing one leg over her raised knee. "So I heard Shelby Corcoran's a counselor," she said. "How's that going for you?"

Quinn clenched the magazine so tightly in her hands that the cover crumpled and stalked away. Santana raised her sunglasses and watched her go.

Dave sat by himself in the shade of the arts and crafts cabin, leaning back against the wall as he watched a bunch of the other guys play Frisbee. He could hear some of the other campers in the cabin through the screen windows, laughing and chatting, some of them singing and harmonizing easily.

Everything seemed to come so easily for everyone else. Except him.

Dave heard the screen door open, but it didn't really register until he saw the pair of lavender boat shoes approach him and stop near his knees. He glanced up to the see the tall pretty blonde girl from his cabin standing there, smiling hesitantly. "Hi there," she said.

"Hi," he grunted.

She shifted her weight. "You're Dave, right?" she said.

"Yeah," he said slowly.

She held out her hand. "I'm Joanna," she said. "But you can call me Jo, if you'd like everyone does."

He shrugged. "Okay," he said.

Jo sighed. "Look, I know this is awkward, but I couldn't help but notice that you've been basically by yourself since camp started," she said.

His cheeks flushed. "I didn't ask you to talk to me," he said.

"I know, but it's got to suck to just sit by yourself all the time," Jo said. "I was going to walk down to the snack shop to get a popsicle or something. You want to come with?"

He sighed. "Sure," he said. He pushed himself off the ground and brushed off his hands. "Thanks."

"No problem," she said, sticking her hands in the back pockets of her purple plaid shorts. "So, Dave…that's short for David, right?"

"Yeah," he said, ambling behind her down the path.

Neither of them noticed when the screen door opened again and Lucy stood in the doorway, mouth dropped open as she watched them walk away.

"So, what'd everybody get this week?" Finn asked, trying to balance his three marshmallows over the fire.

"One big speaking part and one little one," Tina said happily. "They're not exactly the roles I wanted, but still. It means they like me, right?"

"I think they love you," Mike said, leaning in to kiss her on the cheek.

Lauren broke a Hershey bar in half and arrange her s'mores halves. "We in the tech department are pleased with this week," she said. "Costumes will be a snap and the lighting will be exciting. As it should be."

"The lights are going to be tight, yo," Artie said. "Brittany, can you hand me another marshmallow, please?"

She obliged. "And I get to dance with the cute little Warbler," she said. "He's so nice. I like him." Artie frowned. "I want to pet his hair and put him in my pocket like a kitten, he's so cute." Artie sat back with his marshmallow in hand, slightly mollified.

Finn nudged Kurt lightly. "And how's life in the musical theater world, little bro?" he asked.

"Well, I get to sing 'I'm Not Afraid' from Songs for a New World, which I am terribly excited about," Kurt said proudly. "And Lucy's singing a song from The Last Five Years. She was so thrilled she started crying."

"So why was Rachel crying this time?" Quinn asked warily, gingerly patting her gooshy marshmallow into place. "It didn't look like she was thrilled."

Kurt sighed. "Unfortunately, she didn't get the part she wanted," he said. "She wanted to play Luisa from The Fantasticks, but she got Psyche's solos from Cupid and Psyche instead, and the girl's part in 'The World Was Dancing' from Songs for a New World." He shrugged. "I realize she's unhappy about not getting exactly what she wanted, but I really hope she doesn't do this all summer. She's a total killjoy."

"Do you think we should talk to her?" Tina asked.

Finn perked up. "I'll talk to her," he offered.

"Somebody's got to," Puck said. "We New Directions kids gotta stick together."

Lauren punched him affectionately on the shoulder. "Look at you, you big softy," she teased.

Author's Notes:

A short chapter, but it's here, nevertheless! I hope you enjoy it!

Also, if you don't mind, I think I'll answer a couple of reader questions!

Q: Was Quinn the blonde girl getting yelled at by Thad in the last chapter?

A: Yes.

Q: I like it and can't wait for the pranks to start, but it kinda feels like it's turning into the Rachel Berry story (who is annoying and not in a good or funny way). More Kurt pleeeaaassse?

A: Please let me handle the plot. I've got seven and a half more weeks of camp to write.

Q: if Shelby's a counselor, who's watching Beth?

A: Shelby smiled at him. "Beth is wonderful," she said. "She's staying with my parents in town." (from chapter 6)

Q: Why did the Purple Parrots have WAY more performances than the other cabins?

A: Because I only listed the performances that are mentioned in the story. Each cabin (except for tech, who is involved in all performances) gets 5-7 brief scenes or songs per week to perform in front of the cabin. I only mention some of them.

Q: I think Blaine's a bit OOC because he was the one that said that him and Kurt needed to help him out cause he's confused. I know that he has the right to be a but angry now that they're dating but I don't think he would stoop that low.

A: But then we saw Blaine versus Karofsky in "Night of Neglect." Didn't Blaine shove him forcibly?


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