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Gosh, when did money get so powerful?

It controlled people, had such impact on people's lives. Wasn't there ever a simple point if life, where if you had it, you had it? Now, everything you do relies on money. People had become dependent on buying their way out of things, using it to fill up their graves, leave their pasts behind them.

If only.

Now, there were millions of families whose lives were falling apart, all because of money. They couldn't pay taxes, bills, insurance, doctors, food, and the necessities of daily life.

The Cullen family was just one of them.

A single mother of two kids, Bella Cullen was working three different jobs, all overtime, and still couldn't manage to pay the bills. Ever since her husband had passed, years earlier, things had changed. She hadn't been able to keep a steady job for more than two months, and the rest didn't pay well. She felt herself begin to fall out with her kids, and could never seem to get through to them anymore.

And the worst part about it… they had gotten used to her not being around.

That hurt her, knowing that. She knew that she had to do something about it.