They took their time going back to the island, stopping to watch the dolphins or pulling into a port to shop. Edward realized most of the clothes he got for Bella wouldn't fit so he encouraged her to purchase maternity clothes. Bella kept getting side-tracked by baby clothes so he put Alice in charge of shopping for Bella.

Jasper and Edward sat at a small cantina drinking beers as they waited. "So what do you have planned, dude," Jasper asked.

"What makes you think I have something planned?" Edward asked and took a drink from his bottle.

"Because I know you, spill it."

"It isn't anything big, just have fun with you and Alice for a couple of weeks and then send you to get Charlie," Edward announced.

"He's going to want your head on a platter for stealing Bella away," Jasper said as he narrowed his eyes at Edward.

"At first he will, but he needs to know he's going to have a grandchild. Plus, we need his resources to make sure Bella is safe."

Jasper raised his bottle and said, "You're a good man Edward Cullen."

"Keep telling me that, because I'm terrified I put Bella in more danger," he admitted softly and Jasper nodded.

They eventually made the last leg of the trip to the island and Edward watched Bella's face as they approached. She stared at the house and then lowered her sunglasses to see it better; finally she turned to look at Edward. "You're kidding," she said.

"Nope, that's home," he chuckled.

Bella looked at the large, sprawling home set on the hill, just up from a sandy beach. It had wide windows and a low roof, with a veranda going all the way around the house. Palm trees dotted the yard and big white chairs sat on the porch overlooking the sea.

"God, this is paradise," Alice said in a reverent tone.

Edward docked the boat and helped everyone out as Jasper handed the bags up to them. They made two trips to bring everything inside. Edward gave them a quick tour of the house and then took Bella's hand and headed down the beach.

She was gawking at everything around her when Edward suddenly stopped walking. He pointed at two small white crosses under a tree and said, "This was where my parents died."

"You buried them here?" Bella asked in surprise.

"No, I have their urns; I just marked where they died."

Bella walked up to the grassy spot and sat down. She looked out at the beautiful ocean and sighed. "God, it's gorgeous."

Edward sat next to her and said, "I was conceived at this spot."

"Seriously?" Bella laughed and Edward nodded. "Yeah, I could see how easy it would be to make love right here."

"I sold the condo and my parents' home. This is all I have left from them, well, this and the station."

Bella now understood how they could live on the island for years without having to work. She began to truly believe she was safe and so was their child. "My dad left instructions for their ashes to be spread here, but I couldn't do it," Edward said softly and Bella placed her hand over his.

"Why?" she asked.

"It was too final. I guess I was too much of a baby to really let go," he said as if ashamed.

"That is understandable. You'll be able to do it when you're ready," Bella said and leaned to kiss his cheek.

"I walked up and down this beach so many times, thinking you were dead and trying to find a reason to continue living," Edward admitted. "I begged God to take my life or give you back, and you're here."

"I want you to know I had nothing to do with this. I was pulled away kicking and screaming. I was willing to stay and take my chances."

"What if I did the wrong thing by bringing you here? Would you be able to forgive me?"

"Listen to me Edward, I chose to come, you didn't force me here, I am here because this is where I want to be. If anything happens to me, you didn't do anything to cause it. We're having a baby, Edward. We belong together."

He smiled at her and lay back onto the grass. "Come here," he said with a sultry voice.

Bella jumped up and shook her head. "No way, Cullen, that is just too creepy," she said as she pointed to the crosses and began walking back to the shore.

Edward ran after her, pulling her into the warm water as she tried to fight him. "You ruined my new jeans," she complained.

"They're not ruined," he laughed and raised her shirt to see the patch of stretchy material where he thought a zipper would be. "What in the hell is that?"

"They're maternity jeans, they grow with me," she explained.

Edward pulled on the elastic and saw how far it stretched before saying with wide eyes, "God, how big are you going to get?" Now for the second time he sent Bella into tears, and had to keep apologizing to calm her down.

They made their way back to the house and found Jasper and Alice gone, but their clothes were lying on their bed. Edward and Bella changed into swimwear and headed back to the beach to enjoy the afternoon sun. Edward noticed how curvy Bella now looked but he refrained from saying anything. He found her sexy, but he wasn't sure she would agree, so he kept quiet. He was learning quickly.

It was two days later when they finally headed to the mainland to have Bella see a doctor. She used her middle name, Marie, and Edward's last name. The doctor didn't speak English and Edward had to interpret everything for him. He advised her to get plenty of sleep and relaxation. Bella snickered at the thought of relaxing when she was being hunted.

Edward took notes on everything the doctor said and then took Bella to a store to find the vitamins he suggested. They loaded up on supplies for the week and then headed back to the island. Bella took a nap while the rest of them took the boat out for the afternoon.

When she woke up she began wandering through the house and looking at the books and photo albums. She laughed when she saw the pictures of a young Edward. His hair was unruly and constantly in his eyes. He always had a big smile on his face and Bella hoped it was how their child would look, happy and carefree.

Most of the pictures were of Esme and Edward, with very few of Carlisle. Bella swore her child's album would not look like that. She would take pictures of Edward and his son or daughter often. She got the camera and went onto the veranda to wait for the others.

Suddenly, she saw a boat in the distance and it appeared to be coming closer. She rushed back into the house and peered out the window as it came toward the dock. It carried two men and Bella ran from the back of the house and into the dense forest to hide. Her heart was pounding and she was having trouble breathing. She was terrified Edward would arrive and be hurt as she watched from a distance.

The men walked up to the house and knocked loudly on the door. When nobody answered they came around to the back and knocked there. Bella couldn't tell if they looked Brazilian or Italian and she couldn't hear them to know what language they were speaking.

As they headed back to their boat Jasper and Alice pulled up to the dock. Edward was nowhere to be seen. They chatted for a moment and then Jasper handed them a gas can from the boat. They filled their boat and then pulled away. Once the boat was far from the dock Edward came out from the galley and ran toward the house.

Bella came out of her hiding place but felt sharp pains in her abdomen. She stumbled her way into the house and into Edward's arms.

"Are you okay?" he asked in fear. He noticed how she was holding her stomach and picked her up and placed her on the bed.

"Yes, I was so scared," she said as she lay curled into a ball.

"Are you having labor pains?" he asked and rubbed her stomach.

"They stopped when I laid down," she said and tried to calm her racing heart.

"I want you in bed the rest of the day," he instructed. "I'll bring you whatever you need."

"Edward, I was terrified, we're stuck here unprotected if anyone comes," she said and began to cry. Edward walked to a closet and pulled out a locked box. He brought it to the bed and opened it to show her the gun and ammunition.

"Do you know how to load an automatic?" he asked her.

"My father's a cop, remember?" she said and rolled her eyes. "How many clips does it have?"

Edward laughed and asked, "How many people do you plan on shooting?"

"I'm not one of those stupid girls who fires once and then lets the guy jump up and kills her. I'm unloading the entire clip in his skull. He's not getting up if his head is completely gone."

"Oh my God," Edward laughed. "I'm marrying Dirty Harry."

Bella took the gun from his hand and looked at the mechanics. She found the safety and loaded a clip to make sure she had it all down. She took it back out and then handed the gun back to Edward. He returned it to the closet and came back to the bed to lie down next to her.

"You've been under so much stress, I'm worried about you," Edward said.

"I'll rest more often, I promise," she said as she placed her hand on his cheek. "I looked at your albums today. You were such a cute little boy."

"Were? I'm still cute," he said with a childish grin.

"Yes, you are," Bella said and stared into his eyes.

"I know I'm young but I feel ready to be a father, Bella. I want to do it right and be there for you and our child."

"I have no doubts about your ability to be a great father, but did you have to bring up your age," she teased and he laughed.

"I'll be twenty-six when the baby comes," he said. "And you'll still be twenty-nine, that's not too bad."

"Where's that gun," Bella mumbled as she sat up and looked around. Edward pulled her back into his arms and they laughed together. Everything was perfect, if only they were free to return to Seattle their lives would be almost a fairy tale. Bella didn't want to think about it, she had more than she thought possible and wouldn't ruin it with, what if's.

Edward was more determined than ever to give her back the life she left. He was sure Charlie would have a solution and couldn't wait to find out what it was. They spent the last week with Jasper and Alice doing simple things like lying on the beach and taking slow boat rides. Bella rested every afternoon and their child grew peacefully.

When the morning came for Alice and Jasper to leave, Bella couldn't contain her tears. Alice cried openly and swore it was over the thought of leaving Bella and Edward, and not over leaving the island paradise for the cold, wet weather of Seattle.

Edward took them to the mainland and shopped for supplies as Bella rested, with the gun at the ready. He gave Jasper a letter to send to Charlie, it read:


I have Jane in a safe place, but she is with me now because she's expecting our child. If you have any suggestions on how to keep her safe back home, I would love to hear them, if not, I'll keep her here. Jasper can give you more information, but you'll have to see him in person, not over the phone.

If you are angry than you know how I felt when I found out she was alive. We'll talk about it later.


Edward knew the letter would shock and anger Charlie, who most likely knew Bella was missing from London and presumed dead. He smiled at the thought, remembering how painful it was for him to think the same thing. He also knew Charlie would come right to the island to express his anger, and it was just what Edward wanted.


Jasper dropped the letter in the mailbox the moment they landed in Seattle. He only had to wait two days for Charlie to come crashing through his office door in a rage.

"Do you have any idea what you've done you little shit," Charlie yelled in anger.

"I helped my friends," Jasper stated calmly. He honestly believed he did the right thing and wasn't going to let Charlie make him think any differently.

"No you didn't, you endangered my daughter," he yelled with wide eyes. "She was safe and we were working the case….legally."

"Nothing is stopping you from continuing on. Bella's safer, that's all."

"Where is she?" he demanded.

"No, not that easy," Jasper said, and pointed to a chair. Charlie sat and stared anxiously for an explanation. "She's due in July, but nobody in London knew she was expecting. Edward is taking care of her, the stress doesn't help," Jasper added.

"I'm not going to move her; I just need to know where she is so we can watch for any movement in that direction."

"She's in Brazil," Jasper said softly.

"How did she get out of England?" Charlie asked and Jasper laughed and shook his head. He wasn't about to admit to criminal activity in front of a cop.

"I can tell you how to get there, but that is all I'm telling you," Jasper said.

Charlie stood and paced back and forth awhile before finally agreeing to the terms. Jasper explained about the Cullens vacation home and how remote it was. He gave him explicit instructions on how to get there in a roundabout manner and then let Charlie decide what to do.

"You, me, and Alice are the only three people in the world who know where they are. Don't let anyone else know and they'll remain safe," Jasper said and Charlie glared at him for insinuating his contacts could betray them.

Charlie went back home and made arrangements for a vacation. He packed a bag and headed to the island. He thought his anger would ease as the long trip wore on, but it only fueled instead. When he climbed from the water taxi and saw Edward walk toward him down the dock his hands pulled into fists and he swung hard.

Edward felt the blow on the side of his chin and fell sideways onto the dock. Bella screamed and ran at her father with a furry. "Dad, stop it," she yelled. She knelt next to Edward and held onto him. "Are you okay?" she asked.

"Jesus," Edward said and rubbed his face. "What in the hell was that for?"

Charlie took a deep breath and glared at them both. "Do you know what I went through to make sure you were safe, and then this little piss takes you out of the country? Plus, you knocked up my daughter," Charlie yelled and pulled his hands into fists again.

"Get real, dad. He didn't tie me down and forcibly impregnate me. We got carried away and didn't use protection." She held up her hand to show her father the engagement ring, "Plus, we're getting married."

Edward finally stood and Bella held onto him protectively. "Let's go inside," he said and began walking toward the house. Charlie grabbed his bag and followed behind them. He felt Bella looked tired and pale for living on an island and worried about adding more stress.

They all sat down at the table and Charlie spoke just to Bella, "How are you feeling?"

"I'm trying to rest, but I'm worried," she admitted. "Edward's taking good care of me."

Charlie nodded and looked at Edward, "How did you get her out of England?"

"We used my mother's passport. I haven't filed her death certificate yet."

Charlie had to admit it was a good plan and nodded in approval. Bella smiled at Edward knowing her father well enough to see he was impressed.

"Dad, someone with an Italian accent came looking for me in London, and the hotel I was supposedly staying at burned down. Do you know anything about it?" This was the first time Edward heard about the hotel and he looked at Bella in shock.

"Yeah, it would be Demetri. We have someone inside the organization telling us their every move. Your disappearance has them stumped and they believe you may have actually died in the fire," Charlie informed them.

"So I can come home?" Bella asked with elation.

"No, dear, we are getting really close to the guy who gives the orders. If we can take him down, the entire organization collapses."

"What about the insider, can he still get information for you?" Bella asked.

Charlie glanced at them both and sat back to think for a minute. He finally said, "Bella, Heidi is our informant. If she has nothing to tell them she can't gain information. She lost her power when you ran."

Edward felt defeated and Bella knew he would feel guilty for stealing her away. She turned to him and said forcefully, "I'm having your baby, Edward. We belong together."

"I'll keep her here forever, if I have to," Edward said to Charlie.

"Dad, what if I call Heidi and tell her I'm still in England, make up some story about why I ran, will it get her back on the inside?"

"They'll trace the call," Charlie said.

"Then I'll tell her I'm in Sao Paulo. It is a huge city, they would never be able to find me," Bella suggested.

"We could check her into a hotel as Jane Harper and make the call, then leave and come back to the island," Edward suggested.

Charlie didn't like the idea of using Bella as bait but her plan sounded good. It would force Aro to make a decision and once he ordered a hit they could grab him. He was in Vegas right now, and if they could force his hand while on U.S. soil the charges would stick.

"Okay, you need to tell Heidi you met a man, a criminal who deals in fake documents. He got you out of the country, don't tell her how, he just pulled it off. You traveled with him to Brazil and then found out he was married, so you're trying to get back to London. Aro will tell her to offer money or something to help you; they'll try to kill you at the drop or when you arrive back in London. We'll get a decoy to act as you in both places."

"So Bella isn't going to be in any danger?" Edward reiterated to make sure.

"No more than she is now," Charlie said and gave Edward a menacing look.

"Dad," Bella warned. "Remember what Edward's been through. He thought I was dead and then lost his parents, too."

Charlie's features softened and he looked at Edward with sympathetic eyes. "I'm sorry about your parents. But, my only concern was for my daughter's life."

"I understand," Edward said. "And I hope you understand I won't live without her."

Bella felt an eerie feeling, as if Carlisle was sitting at the table saying those exact words. She glanced at Edward and worried about him if someone was able to get to her. The conversation finally lightened and they talked about things going on in Washington and about things they could do during Charlie's visit. Bella loved having her father there and stayed up most of the night talking with him.

The next morning they took the boat to the mainland and then rented a car and drove to Sao Paulo. Bella slept the entire way as Edward and Charlie both worried about her health. "When did she last see a doctor?" Charlie asked.

"Two weeks ago. He told her to rest but everything appeared to be fine," Edward said.

"Bella always was a worrier," Charlie said as he stared out the window at the foreign view.

They found a rundown hotel in the middle of the city and Bella rented a room under the name of Jane Harper, before opening a window for Charlie and Edward to sneak in. She used a purchased calling card to make the long distance call. Heidi answered after the second ring.

"Heidi," Bella said softly. "This is Professor Harper; don't use my name out loud."

"Where are you?" she gasped and covered the phone with her hand to speak in quiet.

"I'm in Brazil, it doesn't matter where," Bella said with a strong voice. "I met a man who turned out to be a married jerk, now I'm stuck in South America."

"Oh my God, do you need money to fly home?" Heidi asked.

"I have some, but my documents are forged, I'm afraid to use them," Bella said and tried to sound like she was going to cry.

"If they got you into the country I'm sure they are good enough to get you out. Do you want me to wire you some money?"

"Let me think about it, I may just go home to America."

"Are you sure?" Heidi asked as if trying to warn Bella without coming right out with it.

"I'm so confused, I don't know what to do," Bella said and let out a fake sob.

"Professor, come back here," Heidi pushed. "I can wire you some money and you can find a new job. You can live with me until you do."

"I can't impose," Bella said softly.

"Yes, you can," Heidi yelled.

"Okay, let me sleep on it and then I'll call you tomorrow and tell you where to wire the money," Bella said and then hung up.

Charlie grabbed his phone and went into the bathroom to make a call. He spoke softly and they couldn't make out any words, but they knew he was telling someone about the plan. When he returned he gave Bella a big hug. All three of them climbed out the window and headed back to the coast and to the island.

The next morning they made the exact same trek. Only this time they chose a room outside of the city and close to the airport. Bella called Heidi and gave her the name of a bank to wire money for a ticket. She then listed herself on a flight with a transferable ticket. Charlie planned to board the flight instead of Bella.

It was here they parted ways. Edward took Bella back to the island as Charlie worked to catch Aro. He made her promise to stay put until he came for them. Bella hugged her father tightly and asked him not to take any chances for her. She couldn't stand the idea of her father being hurt because of Mike; he had already taken too much.

Charlie waited in a small restaurant across from the bank to see if anyone else was waiting too. He noticed a couple of men who seemed to circle the block but it could have been completely coincidental.

When the bank closed he headed to the airport and pretended to board the flight to London. Bella and Edward were back on the island and hoping everything was going to be over soon.

They went to bed early and Bella was in Edward's arms feeling her baby kicking inside of her. They were both awakened in the night when the sound of a boat caught their attention. The house was dark and Edward crawled on the floor to look out the front window as Bella got the gun from the closet.

'It could be nothing," he whispered to her. "The doors are locked but I want you to lock the bedroom door and get in the bathroom and lock that door. If anyone comes in, shoot."

"Come on," she yelled to Edward and he shook his head.

"The boat is here, they know someone is on the island. I'll make them think I'm alone."

"No, Edward," Bella cried, "Come with me, please."

"Don't argue with me, it could be nothing, now go," he said harshly.

The boat pulled up to the dock and Edward crawled back to Bella and pulled her in to the bathroom. "Shoot anyone who comes through this door," he said and then locked her inside. He ran from the bedroom locking that door too and waited on the couch for either a knock or someone crashing through the door.

Bella sat on the lid of the toilet and put the clip in the gun and released the safety. Her hands were shaking as she raised them toward the door. Her heart was pounding furiously and she felt bile rise in her throat. Her pains began low in her abdomen and she tried to calm herself with deep breathing.

She could hear the sound of loud pounding and glass breaking as her tears blurred her vision. She couldn't hear any voices but it was obvious a fight was taking place inside the house. The sound of the bedroom door crashing open made her scream and she tightened her shaking hands on the gun.

"Bella, run," Edward screamed as a foot made contact with the bathroom door. Bella closed her eyes and waited for the sound of it crashing open before she pulled the trigger and shot into open space.


Bella opened her eyes, ready to shoot again when she saw Edward staring back at her with wide eyes. A small red stain began to grow on his shirt and Bella screamed loudly. Her biggest nightmare had come true and she shot someone she loved. The dark man holding Edward in front of him let him fall to the ground as he made his way toward Bella. Edward grabbed the man's leg and cried out in pain as Bella lifted the gun again.

She began shooting again, and again, causing Edward to let go of the man and roll out of the way as he jerked in response to each bullet. She emptied the clip as she cried out, hearing only the sound of the empty chamber.

Her fear kept her from stepping over the dead man so she crawled up onto the counter and pulled into a ball as she screamed in terror.

"Bella," Edward called out, bringing her from her daze and into action. She crawled across the sink and stepped onto the floor to run into the room to find Edward bleeding on the floor.

"Oh God," Bella cried and Edward grabbed her by the arm with his bloody hand.

"Get in the boat and go," he said and she shook her head back and forth. "Bella, damn it, take my child and get out of here."

"No," she cried, "I can't leave you." She grabbed a towel and pressed it on his would before pulling him up and he cried out in pain. "Get up, Edward," she screamed. "If you want our child to live you better get up."

Edward stood and leaned heavily on Bella as she tried to help him from the house. She screamed when she saw a man lying by the front door with a fireplace poker through his neck. Edward got the first man as he came through the door, but couldn't respond quickly enough to get the second one. Bella and Edward stumbled down the stairs and onto the dock when another boat came into view.

"Leave me and go," Edward begged her.

"No, Edward," she cried. "I'm not living without you. If we die, we die together."

Bella tried to move faster and got Edward to the end of the dock, ready to jump into the boat, when a familiar voice called to them from the darkness. It was Charlie, coming toward them in the boat. Bella and Edward collapsed onto the dock and held each other as they cried.

Soon the island was surrounded by boats and Edward and Bella were whisked away by helicopter to a hospital in Rio. Bella was given medication to stop her contractions and told she couldn't get out of bed even to use the restroom. She laid waiting for some kind of news on Edward.

It was almost noon when her hospital door opened and Edward was wheeled in by an orderly. His shoulder was in a sling and strapped to the opposite side. He smiled as Bella began to cry. "I'm so sorry, Edward."

"I yelled for you to run so you would know he had me at the door," he said with a chuckle.

"I was too scared to think straight," Bella said with shame.

"Thank God you only shot once," Edward teased and Bella covered her face with her hands and shuddered at the thought. "Come on Bella, it's a funny story we can share on the air."

Her hands dropped and she looked at Edward in shock, "We can go home?"

"I told Charlie I would let him give you the news, but I should get the pleasure, since I took the bullet," Edward said and smiled wider.

"You're never going to let me forget it, are you?" she winced.

'It isn't like I you forgot my birthday love, you shot me," he emphasized.

"You told me to shoot anyone who came through the door," she said to defend herself.

"Let me clarify… Bella, you can shoot anyone who is a bad guy, who breaks down our doors."

"A little late for clarifications," she added with a pout. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, the bullet stopped in a muscle, man I'm strong," he teased but Bella didn't laugh. Edward walked the wheelchair closer to the bed and took her hand in his good one, "How's the baby?"

"Content, as long as I don't move or get stressed, so we're going to have to break up," she said with a smile.

"If I refuse, are you going to shoot me again?" he teased.

"Oh God, one little bullet, be a man, Edward."

He stood and leaned over to kiss her. Bella met him halfway and sighed loudly when their lips connected. It had been a year full of every emotion he could imagine, but knowing Bella and his child were safe made it all worth it.

Charlie came to the room and explained how his call to the detective had been intercepted. They had tape of Aro ordering the hit and moved in to arrest him before realizing the hit was happening on the island and not Sao Paulo. Charlie rushed to the island, but Edward and Bella had managed to kill the hit men. Everyone evolved with Aro was running or spilling everything they knew for leniency. Several of the large casinos were handing over information they had on the mob after years of having to pay them off. Aro would most likely die before being tried on all counts he was being charged with.

Bella had to stay in the hospital for three weeks before being allowed to fly back to the states. Edward spent the time getting the house closed up and finding a place in Seattle for them to live. Alice looked at the options and told him which would work best. He was finally ready to face his father's last request.

Edward took the urns to the grassy area and looked up into the sky. "I feel you helped me that night, I love you both and I'll live in a manor to make you proud. I'm ready to be a man now, so I can let you go." He tossed the ashes into the air and watched them fall in a cloud onto the sand and grass. He smiled and turned to leave the island and become a husband and father.

They finally returned home two months before their baby would be born. Bella was ordered on bed rest after her first doctor appointment and Edward waited on her hand and foot. They chose not to know the sex of the baby. They only hoped for a healthy child and would welcome a son or a daughter.

It was in the middle of the night on July seventh when Bella's water broke. Edward rushed her to the hospital and then waited for nine hours for the baby to finally make an appearance. He watched with awe as his child entered the world.

"A son, Bella, we have a son," he yelled as he threw his fist into the air.

Bella cried and held her arms out for her baby. Edward cut the cord and took pictures of mother and child. "I want one of you two," Bella insisted and a nurse took the picture for her. "Carlisle Emsen Cullen," Bella said as she smiled at her two guys.

"We need to make it official; can I have the Chaplin come marry us?" Edward asked.

"You don't want a wedding?" Bella asked him.

"I don't, do you?"

"No, I just want to be your wife," she said with her tears falling.

So they married, the bride lying in a bed and holding a baby in her arms, with Jasper and Alice as witnesses. It wasn't traditional, but nothing about them was. Bella was busy with the baby and used any spare time to work on a book about her experience. Edward took over control of the station, but they missed the fun of an on air show.

It took little coaxing from Jasper for them to return to The Drive. Bella hired a sitter to stay with the baby in her office when she was on the air.

"Hello, Seattle," Easy began. "We're back, did you miss us?"

"They probably can't even remember us," Bella said.

"Come on, we were the life of the party as you made the long grind back home. I was the charming, good looking guy and Bella was the older, matronly woman."

"He's got all the charm of a junior high boy talking in a locker room," Bella said and rolled her eyes at Edward.

Bella took the first call. "Welcome back," a woman said. "Is it true you shot Easy?"

"Yes," Edward said quickly. "Most women shoot you down with verbal shots; she actually used a gun and shot me."

"He shouldn't have done what he did," Bella said nonchalantly.

"What did he do?" the caller asked.

"I can't tell you, or I would have to shoot you," Bella teased and Edward laughed with her.

The next caller brought up another subject of gossip. "Is it true Dr. Swan, that you had a baby?"

"Yes," Bella said, "I have a son."

They had not announced their marriage to the each other and wanted to keep it quiet for the show. People didn't know Edward was Easy, they only knew the Cullens son took over the station and married Bella.

"Did Easy make a pass at you, is that why you shot him?" the woman asked.

"I'm contractually obligated to keep it a secret," Bella said and winked at Edward.

"That's a no, by the way," Edward interjected. "Dr. Swan would be lucky to have me make a pass at her, but her husband would fire me and she would most likely shoot me."

"Seattle, did you know Easy loves poetry," Bella said and Edward pointed his finger at her in warning.

They spent the next hour explaining Bella's supposed death and her connection to Mike and Tyler. Bella encouraged anyone who had contact with either man to notify detectives. She was able to keep Esme out of the conversation and Edward was grateful.

The show came to a conclusion and Bella and Edward smiled widely at each other. "That was great," he said and she nodded in agreement.

"I never thought we would be back," she said and stood from the cold mic.

"We have a very serious subject to discuss," Edward said as they walked toward her office.

"What is that?" she asked.

"You turn thirty next week," he said with a smile.

She refused to acknowledge his comment and went into the office to pick up her sleeping baby. She held him in her arms and kissed his head before handing him to Edward and insisting on a picture to document their return to air.

"Bella, we have to have pictures of you with him too. I get what you're doing, but we need to even it out a bit."

"Fine," she lamented and handed the babysitter the camera.

The woman held it up and said, "Say, The Drive."

Both Edward and Bella smiled and looked at each other. They had taken a long road to make it back to this point, a place neither of them wanted when they were first told they would be partners. Now they treasured the situation. The problems of the past seemed trivial compared to how awful their present could have turned out. Bella now lived her tattoo to the fullest, knowing how quickly things could change. She would never judge others, or condemn them, but try to always forgive. It was exactly what Edward brought to her.

They looked at the camera and said in unison, "The Drive."