I know what you feel and how you think.

To see into the sky with eyes open wide

And hear the breeze pass by your face.

I can see into your mind and see what you have to hide.

I know your thoughts and your dreams,

Unfortunately for you, I can see everything.

You eyes are like a portal into your soul,

You want the gates to be locked

But to me I know what you have inside

And what you want to be able to show.

Your loneliness is what gets to me,

The vivid dreams of color and light.

I though I could not feel and then I stepped into the night,

The night when your dreams awakened me.

I floated through them and felt free.

I was able to feel that was the key,

The key into your soul and what you didn't want the world to see.

Inspired by Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dream Hunters.