Settling in the euphoria of my love,

the man was taken in at a moments glance.

I had seen him lurking in the shadows,

following me around.

His covered gaze bore into my back

causing a hot sensation to envelope my body.

I turned toward him with a seductive grin

and then started walking away again.

I knew he would follow without a doubt.

I stopped down the hallway not turning back.

I could feel him behind me

and was surprised to find that now I was in his trap.

His hand came up and skimmed my face,

he pulled a cloth out of his pocket and covered my eyes with it.

Then I felt his hands running down my sides,

I covered his hands with mine and followed his trail.

I felt his smile as his fingers tangled in my hair.

His arms came around me and I smile sincere.

He pulled me back against him and we melted into the darkness.

Inspired by the movie Practical Magic: Gillian and Jimmy Angelo.