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Prince Arthur Pendragon, future King of Camelot stormed into his chambers, slamming the doors shut behind him. He had had enough. His father had pushed him for the last time. Uther Pendragon had thought of himself as a proud and just King, but he was anything but.

Within two weeks of turning twenty one Arthur practically had woman after woman forced upon him by his father. Telling him that if he knew what was best for him and the kingdom, he would marry one of these women.

But Arthur had had enough. Having been forced to meet, what must have been the twenty fifth woman, Arthur had kindly apologised to the lady, gave his father a cold look and stormed to his chambers.

Packing some chainmail and clothes, Arthur grabbed his sword from the table in his chambers and left for the stables, but not before leaving a small note on his table for his father to find. Arthur kept the note short and simple. It read: If you want kingdoms united then you marry someone. I've had enough. Good bye father.

Arthur readied his horse and rode from Camelot without so much as a backwards glance.

On the second morning of Arthur leaving Camelot. He had some breakfast (a rabbit he had caught the day before) and started walking. After a few hours of riding away from Camelot, Arthur realised, that if one night whilst he was sleeping and the knights, who he knew that Uther would send out to find him, found his horse, then Arthur would be near by.

After coming to a fork on the pathway, he got off his horse, making sure to land his feet on the grass and not the pathway where footprints would show. He instructed his horse to keep on running, following the pathway, knowing there was a village a days ride from where he now was, they would look after the horse. Arthur stroked his horses' face and said goodbye before hitting it with his hand, signalling the horse to gallop away.

Arthur stood and watched it before walking off in the opposite direction, walking on the grass and staying clear from the pathway.

It was now a day and a half later and after Arthur had some breakfast he took off walking again and after a few hours he saw a small village come into view. Wondering what village he had come across, he didn't have to wonder for long as he saw that someone had hand crafted lettering onto a really thick tree trunk. Arthur walked up to it and read: Welcome to Ealdor.

Walking down the grass bank towards the village, Arthur caught his foot on a rock hidden beneath the grass and fell forward, rolling down the bank. On his way down he caught a glimpse of a skinny bloke with black hair near the bottom. "Watch out!" Arthur called out.

The young man turned in time to see a blond haired man rolling towards him, not being quick enough to move out of the way, the blond man rolled into him causing him to fall and get tangled up with the blond haired man as they rolled together down the rest of the bank.

When they both reached the bottom, Arthur landed on his back and looked up to see the man he called out to, laying on top of him looking directly into his eyes. "Are you alright?" the skinny man asked.

"Not really. I am in pain with my foot, having caught it on a hidden rock at the top of the bank, I ache all over from the constant rolling until I reached the bottom, halfway down I roll into you which then causes pain as your elbows and knees are digging in me and when we come to a stop I find that you are still laying on top of me." Arthur said looking back at the skinny man who smiled at his explanation. "A simple yes or no would have sufficed."

The skinny man answered as he got up off of Arthur. He held his hand out, which Arthur accepted and pulled himself up. Keeping a hold of Arthur's hand the skinny man looked at him. "I'm Merlin. Merlin Emrys."


"Arthur what?"

"Penn. Arthur Penn."

Merlin looked Arthur up and down. "You a lord or something?"

Arthur looked down and saw that he was wearing his breeches, his Pendragon red top and his boots. He looked back up at Merlin. "No. What makes you ask that?"

"Your clothes. They look very rich."

"I stole my masters clothes when I ran away. My clothes won't keep me warm at night so I took his."

"Why did you run away?"

"What's with all the questions?"

Merlin put his hands up in a mock surrender. "Sorry. I didn't mean anything by it." Merlin sighed. "If you ran away. I won't ask again why you did. I will let you tell me when you're ready. You obviously need a place to stay. A roof over your head?" When Arthur nodded, Merlin continued. "You can stay with me if you like. It's just me and my mum."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. There is only one bed and that's my mums'. She sometimes suffers with her legs so she has the bed. Will you be alright on the floor?"

"Fine. I've spent the last few nights on the forest floor." Arthur brushed himself down and followed Merlin into the village. Arthur inwardly sighed. He had gone from the comfort of his bed back in Camelot to now sleeping on the floor. But he couldn't moan about it. It was his choice to leave. He would get used to sleeping on the floor, he did when he was travelling with his knights and this will be no different.

"So what was doing then when I rolled into you. Even though I shouldn't have done because I told you to watch out."

Merlin chuckled. "I was skiving. I was supposed to be helping this old man who lives two houses down from me and my mum. I just had to get a breather. He is one of them moods today."

"What mood is that?"

"He asks you to do something, tells you exactly how to do it. You do it, exactly how he says and he still nags at you and goes off on one saying you're not doing it right."

Arthur chuckled. "Are you planning on staying here?"

Arthur looked around. "Yeah. Why not."

Merlin smiled. "Then you'll get used to him. When he starts to ramble, you learn to sling a deaf 'en and just nod when he stops to take a breath."

Arthur smiled. Walking slightly behind Merlin, Arthur found himself looking Merlin up and down before letting his eyes stop on Merlin's arse and watched the way it moved as he walked. "From the looks of things. I think I'm going to like it here." Merlin stopped and turned and Arthur looked up just in time so he wasn't caught oggling Merlin's arse. He looked up at Merlin and saw the smile on his face. "Good. Come on. I'll introduce you to my mum."

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