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Merlin was stood on the balcony watching as the sun set over Camelot. Merlin had been living in Camelot for just over year now. Within four months of arriving, he and Arthur were married. Geoffrey the monmouth had found it strange to marry two men as it was never done before, but it was what Arthur wanted and he was King.


Geoffrey was stood in the great hall with King Arthur stood in front of him. The great hall was packed with as many people as it could hold as everyone wanted to see the King get married. The doors opened and Arthur looked up, smiling when he saw Merlin walking down towards him with his mother one side of him and his father the other side. Reaching the front, Merlin took his arms back and walked up to Arthur as Hunith and Balinor went and stood at the front with Gaius.

Arthur and Merlin faced each other and smiled. Geoffrey stepped forward. "King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot. Is it your wish to become one with Merlin Emrys."

"It is."

"Merlin Emrys. Is it your wish to become one with King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot."

"It is."

"Join hands."

Merlin held his hands out and Arthur took them in his, giving them a slight squeeze whilst caressing his thumb across Merlin's hand. Geoffrey took a long silk fabric and wrapped it around both of their hands. "Repeat after me Arthur. I Arthur Pendragon do pledge my heart, mind, body and soul to you Merlin Emrys."

"I Arthur Pendragon do pledge my heart, mind, body and soul to you Merlin Emrys."

"I will not seek to change you. I will regard you as I regard myself and love you forever more."

"I will not seek to change you. I will regard you as I regard myself and love you forever more."

Geoffrey smiled and faced Merlin. "Repeat after me Merlin. I Merlin Emrys do pledge my heart, mind, body and soul to you Arthur Pendragon."

"I Merlin Emrys do pledge my heart, mind, body and soul to you Arthur Pendragon."

"I will not seek to change you. I will regard you as I regard myself and love you forever more."

"I will not seek to change you. I will regard you as I regard myself and love you forever more."

Geoffrey stepped back and cleared his throat. "King Arthur and Merlin Emrys have declared their love to one another. I pronounce them King Arthur and Lord Merlin Pendragon of Camelot."

Geoffrey looked at Arthur and Merlin. "You may kiss."

No sooner had Geoffrey said it, did Arthur place his hand on the back of Merlin's head bringing him towards him and crashed his lips upon Merlin's in a passionate kiss.

End flashback.

Merlin smiled when he felt a pair of arms wrap around him from behind. "I thought I'd find you here." Arthur said, placing a kiss on the back of Merlin's neck. "What are you thinking about?"

"Our wedding day." Merlin said softly as he leaned back into Arthur's embrace. "What about our wedding night?"

Merlin grinned and decided to play with Arthur. "What about it?"

"Don't you ever think about that."

"I would if I remembered it."

Arthur took his arms back and spun Merlin around to face him. "What do you mean 'you would if you remembered it'? Cheeky sod. You're going the right way for a smacked arse."

"Oo Kinky."

Arthur smirked. "I'm going to count to ten Merlin." Merlin placed a kiss on Arthur lips and ran.

Hunith and Balinor were walking through the castle when their son turned the corner. Balinor chuckled at the big grin that was on his son's face. More often than not, did they see Merlin running with the biggest smile on his face closely followed by Arthur who had a big of a smile on his face as Merlin had. "How far dad."

"On your heels son."

"Stall him. Please." When Merlin turned the corner and out of sight. Arthur came into view. Balinor put his hand up and stopped Arthur from running. "Arthur. How are you."

"I'm fine Balinor. I'm just in the middle of something."

"Yes. Chasing my son."

"How far in front is he?"

"He vanished round that corner as you turned that one."

"He's that far in front and you stop me. You know how often I chase him, you should have stopped him for me."


"Because I'm the King."

"And he's my son. Happy chasing."

"A king shouldn't be behaving like that should he." Hunith scolded as she watched Arthur disappear around the corner.

"Hunith. His kingdom is at peace, everything is as it should be. What's the harm in letting loose when he can. Our son is happy and in love. It's thanks to Arthur for that."

Arthur ran into his and Merlin's chambers, seeing Merlin stood against the table panting, Arthur turned and locked the door behind him. He turned back to face Merlin who had a smile on his face, he walked over to him and pulled Merlin to him so he was flush against Arthur. "Mine," Arthur growled posessively.

Merlin wrapped his arms around Arthur's neck. "Yours." Merlin replied before leaning in to kiss Arthur. Arthur broke awyay. "Too many clothes." he moaned, tugging at Merlin's jacket.

Merlin smiled and stepped back. "Shall I show a new trick?"

"Go on then."

Merlin waved his hand over both of them and murmered a little incantation. Arthur eyes widened when his and Merlin's clothes vanished from them and ended in a pile on the floor, leaving them naked. "How?"

"I learnt this spell a couple of weeks ago."

"And you're only showing me now. Why?"

Before Merlin could answer, Arthur picked him up and carried him over to the bed, he laid Merlin down and walked to the bottom of the bed. "Arthur? What are you doing?"

"Working my way up." Arthur leaned over Merlin and started to lick, kiss and nip his way up Merlin's legs. Merlin laid with his head on the pillow watching Arthur's every movement. When Arthur reached Merlin's crotch, he buried his face in, trying to take in as much as Merlin's scent as he could. "Arthur?"

"Shh Merlin." Arthur said before taking Merlin's erection into his mouth. "Ah Arthur." Merlin moaned as he threw his head back. Arthur blindly reached up to Merlin's face with his right hand and felt around for Merlin's mouth. Merlin, cottoning on started to suck Arthur's fingers. Once Arthur thought his fingers were wet enough, he retreived his had and parted Merlin's legs even wider. Merlin watched as Arthur's head was bobbing up and down, watching as his cock kept disappearing into Arthur's mouth, his trance was broken when he felt one of Arthur's fingers enter him. "Ah.. More Arthur."

Arthur entered a second finger and started to fuck Merlin with his fingers whilst he continued to suck Merlin. "Ah Arthur I'm cumming." No sooner had Merlin said it, he spilled all down Arthur's throat who swallowed all he could. He pulled his fingers from Merlin and pulled his mouth away. He started to kiss Merlin's stomach, stopping when he reached Merlin's nipples, circling them with his tongue and gently nipping them before continuing his journey upwards.

He kissed, lick, bit and sucked on Merlin's neck before taking Merlin's left ear in his mouth, gently nibbling it before licking the shell. "Arthur. Kiss me."

Arthur pulled back and smiled at Merlin before crushing his lips upon Merlin's. Merlin roamed his hands down Arthur's back, stopping when he reached Arthur's arse.

Feeling Merlin pull him, if possible, closer. Arthur pulled back. "Merlin?"

"I want you in me Arthur."

Arthur smiled and one leg at a time, Arthur wrapped Merlin's legs around him and slowly entered him. "Why are you being gentle? Fuck me hard Arthur."

"Hold on then." Arthur smirked. Merlin lifted his arms above his head and grabbed a hold of the top of the bed. As soon as Merlin did this, Arthur started to slam into Merlin.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah." Merlin moaned with every thrust.

"Gods Merlin. You're beautiful."

"Arthur I'm close."

"Cum for me Merlin." and Merlin did, for the second time that night. Merlin clenched around Arthur, making him cum, emptying himself inside of Merlin.

Arthur collapsed on top of Merlin, panting, making Merlin feel his warm breath on his neck. After a few minutes, he pulled out of Merlin and laid at the side of him. Merlin lazily raised his hand towards the door and unlocked it. "In case you are needed in the night. They can hardly get in to wake you if the door is locked." Merlin explained after he saw the look of confusion on Arthur's face. Merlin looked out if he window to see that night had fell over Camelot. He pulled himself out of Arthur's arms and laid with his back to Arthur.

"Merlin?" Arthur asked when Merlin turned his back on him. Merlin normally went to sleep in Arthur's arms with his head on Arthur's chest. "Hold me Arthur."

Arthur moved closer to Merlin and wrapped him in his arms. Merlin reached behind him and felt around for Arthur's cock. "You want to go again?" Arthur asked when he felt Merlin's hand wrap around him. "No. I'm tired."

"Then what?"

"Fill me whilst I sleep Arthur."

Arthur let go of Merlin with his right arm and moved Merlin's hand away from his cock. He quickly found Merlin's entrance and gently pushed himself in, smiling when Merlin gave happy sigh. He wrapped his arm back around Merlin and kissed his shoulder. "Good night Merlin. I love you."

"Good night Arthur. I love you too."

Arthur tightened his hold on Merlin and buried his face in the back of Merlin's neck. The last thing on Arthur's mind before he fell asleep was: Life couldn't get any better.

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