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College went by in a flash for Finn, Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine. The two couples were so happy, no distance mattered. Blaine and Rachel went to USC in California, whereas Finn and Kurt went to N.Y.U. in New York. College was fantastic for all four and they all grew really close. Especially Blaine and Rachel.

They became like brother and sister. They rented a place off campus so they could share an apartment, and were really protective of each other. The couple's only became stronger. Nothing was going to break these four up.

"So, Finn is moving out this weekend." Blaine said casually over coffee at Main Street Café before going out job hunting for the day to Rachel.

"So is Kurt. What's it to you?" Rachel responded.

"It's a huge change." Blaine started, a little scared. "What are we going to do? The apartment, it's not going to fit four people for long…"

"Why did you trail off at the end?" Rachel questioned, confused. "Four people. Two bedrooms, we share. Not a big deal." Rachel stated matter-of-factly.

Suddenly Blaine looked very nervous and he got skittish. "You're right. Would you look at the time? Gotta go find a job. See you tonight. Take out?" He said as he dashed out the doors, forgetting his coffee.

Rachel sat there, eyes wide, dazed and confused. What had just happened? She put her head in her hand, before getting up and throwing money down on the table thinking, "Today is going to be a long day."

When Rachel thought the day was going to be long, it was an understatement. No one was hiring. Anywhere. Months she had been looking for a job singing, dancing, acting, she was getting desperate. She had just crossed another name off of her list of jobs and the sun was starting to set. As she sat down a park bench, she found herself in a place on Sunset Boulevard she had never been before.

She was sitting in front of a burlesque club.

She found herself walking in, just wanting to get a glimpse of the dancers. They were supposed to be fantastic. Of course Rachel would never indulge in such vulgarity, but, they were supposed to be better than most.

She walked in and down passing many posters coming to a stop in front of a wall mural that read, 'The best view on Sunset Boulevard…without windows,' Rachel rounded the corner and came in front of a booth with a tiny man. He simply said, "Twenty bucks and you can see the dancers."

"TWENTY bucks?"

"Best view on Sunset Boulevard babe."

Rachel gave him a smug look and handed the cash over. "I have a boyfriend by the way." Rachel said smugly as she walked in.

"And I am the queen of France. Hon, you don't got IT."

Rachel looked at him incredulously, but soon her attention was drawn away as the show began. Rachel was mesmerized. She had never seen anything like this. The way the moved their bodies to the beat and rhythm of the music was amazing. She had to be a part of this. She dragged her eyes away from the show and walked up to the bar.

"I want a job."

The bartender looked at her like she was Chinese. "I'm sorry?"

"My name is Rachel Berry and I want a job here." She stated.

"Start waiting the tables." Rachel stared for a moment before walking away to wait on the tables. She found she enjoyed it because; well she could watch the show and begin to memorize every dance.

The night went by quickly, and Rachel enjoyed every minute. Until she met the owner.

"What are you doing?" This tall woman stormed up to her, clearly upset and began to interrogate her. But Rachel would not be intimidated.

"The bartender, he said I could have a job waiting tables."

"We have one. Sit down and watch or leave."

Rachel would not give this up and gestured with her head to the 'waitress'. "Yes, and she is more concerned with flirting with your customers than actually waiting the tables. I am ten times better than her."

"Who do you think you are?" The woman questioned.

"A girl who needs a job, and is willing to do anything to work here." Rachel softened.

"Alright. But you waitress. Nothing more." The woman said as she walked away. "Oh, and talk to Jack to get your uniform."

"What's your name?" Rachel called after her.

"Tess. And I'll see you tomorrow."

Rachel just stood there, dumbfounded until Jack she assumed handed her a uniform and told her to change and get to work. The uniform was vulgar in Rachel's opinion. A tight black bustier and a short black pleated skirt with black pumps. However, she got great tips and did her job well. It wasn't horrible.

When Rachel walked in the door around eleven that night, Blaine was waiting up and looked quite cross. "Where were you? I've been calling you all night! I had to clean this place up all by myself for the guys' arrival tomorrow!"

"Sorry," Rachel began nonchalantly throwing her jacket on her bed leaving her in her uniform at which Blaine's eyes widened, "I got a job waitressing. Long hours. Don't worry the place doesn't open until late so I'll be here all day but I leave at like six ok?"

"Where are you waitressing? A strip club?" Blaine asked incredulously.

Rachel gave him a sarcastic glance as she walked into the bathroom to change. "No, do you honestly I would ever work at a strip club? Burlesque is classy. You have to have real talent."

"A burlesque club? Are you that desperate?"

Rachel gave him a hurt glare. "Everyone I know has called me that, but I never thought I would hear it coming from you. You always understood me better than that. This club is fantastic. These dancers, they're sensational and you have to have real talent to work there. I'm happy I got a chance to work there. I'm sorry if you don't approve."

Blaine realized just how much he hurt her. "I'm sorry. I'm just, really stressed. And if you think I'm mad, how do you think FINN is going to feel? I'm mean, really Rachel, look at you. Now you are beautiful no matter what, but Finn, and I, we are going to feel like you are seeling yourself short. No pun intended."

Rachel's glare softened as she realized what he was saying. "First off, Finn, I'll tell him. I'll bring him there. I mean, the dancers, they're like nothing I've ever seen. Blaine, come with me tomorrow. Maybe then you will understand. Listen, I'm really tired…BUT I made amazing tips, even though Tess pays minimum wage." Rachel said, pulling out all of the cash. There was close to two hundred dollars in her hand.

Blaine's eyes widened at the money. "Oh. My. CHEESUS!" He yelled. They started laughing, talking lightheartedly about random things. Blain even agreed to come and see the dancers.

Rachel's phone rang close to one thirty. It was Finn. Rachel answered the phone still laughing from Blaine attempting to stand up and get water, then tripping over his own two feet and falling face first into the rug. "Hey babe. What's going on?"

"Hey."There was a reserved tone in Finn's voice. "Listen, hun, I really want to make it out there. You know that."

"Yes. And we are excited for you to make it out here." Rachel said now, hesitantly. She sensed bad news.

"We can't get rid of the apartment."

"What do you mean?"

"The new renters backed out and now we are stuck here until we find new ones. I'm really hoping this won't take too long. I'm so sorry honey."

"It's alright. We will still be here. I just haven't seen you in so long. I miss you."

"And I miss you babe. Listen, it's like one o'clock there. I love you. Goodnight. Sweet dreams Sandy."

"I love you too. Goodnight. Sweet dreams Danny." Rachel hung up, and told Blaine what happened. Both of their moods saddened. They said their goodnights and as Rachel closed her bedroom door he heard him call her Candie. She threw one of her black pumps at his door and shouted.

"Hey, you want me? You gotta pay thirty bucks! I don't come cheap." She laughed and heard a muffled 'lousy strippers.' She knew he loved her. And Rachel loved her new job. So things were looking pretty good. Except Finn. He wasn't here. He couldn't whisper sweet nothings in her ear and scold her about her new job. She wanted her Danny here.

And 3000 miles away, Finn fell asleep wanting to sweet nothings in Rachel's ear and hold her. He wanted his Sandy.

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