World Glossary


Technically I only made this for myself so I can keep track of how much material I've incorporated from the Cartoon Network Universe. But since it's gotten so big, I thought I'd just throw it into the story as the index or glossary. Feel free to use it for whatever purpose while reading the story. Maybe you don't know who someone was because you never watched their show or maybe you don't know who I'm referring to when I use an alternative name. Feel free to suggest improvements to it as well such as more in-depth descriptions, altered canon, types of material like shows or monster names, etc.

This will be updated as new material or more information about a certain character is added to the story's universe (and this includes other stories within my fanon such as FusionFall: Recollection).

Abigail "Abby" Lincoln: Sector V's second-in-command and espionage expert

Absolution 2: TOM's current spaceship.

Ace D. Copular: The leader of the Gangreen Gang and Belladonna's boyfriend.

Acorn Flats: The portion of Wilderness that houses the Squirrel Scout camp.

Adam Compleo: One of Kyle's closest friends who suffered from a rare and fatal disease.

Adam Lyon: A young boy who mistakenly got sent to a school for animals due to his last name.

Algonquin C. Lumpus: An adult talking moose and headmaster of Camp Kidney.

Agent Six: The sixth most dangerous man on the planet currently working for Providence.

Amber: Kyle's friend who mysteriously disappeared after a tragic incident.

Ami: The usual drummer of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

Arturo de la Guerra: The Spanish midget of the Gangreen Gang.

Bean Scout: Any resident of Camp Kidney.

Beemo: see BMO

Belladonna: Buttercup's new alias as a punk rock star given to her by Ace while she has amnesia.

Bellwood: The city home to the famous Ben Tennyson.

Benjamin "Ben" Kirby Tennyson: A teenage hero known for saving the planet from alien invaders on multiple occasions.

Benson: A talking gumball machine who manages Townsville Park.

Big Billy: see William W. Williams

Billy: An idiotic boy from the city of Endsville who tricked the Grim Reaper into being his best friend.

Bloo: Mac's mischievous Imaginary Friend and current resident at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

Blossom: The self-proclaimed leader and more intelligent of the Powerpuff Girls.

Bobo Haha: A talking chimpanzee EVO, member of Providence, and one of Rex's best friends.

Book of Prophecy: An ancient and powerful tome originally created to protect the planet from a foretold catastrophe.

Bonnibel "Bonnie": see Princess Bubblegum

BMO: Finn and Jake's living video game system.

Bravo: The small tourist city known for its massive beach.

Bubbles: The sweet, innocent, and most joyful of the Powerpuff Girls.

Bubby: A talking whale and Flapjack's mother figure.

Buck: Member of Time Squad.

Bullet: An ordinary squirrel given the same powers as the Powerpuff Girls

Buttercup: The tomboy and most rash and aggressive of the Powerpuff Girls.

Camp Kidney: A camp for anthropomorphic animals located in Prickly Pines.

Candy Cove: A small bay just outside Peach Creek and current residence of the Candy Pirates.

Candy Pirates: A group of stereotypical pirates who plunder candy rather than actual treasure.

Cap'n K'nuckles: One of the people Flapjack is searching for.

Cerberus: Guardian of the Underworld. He is Grim's former and one of Mandy's current pets.

City Hall (*as a slang term): Refers to the municipal district of Townsville.

City Point: The residential district of Townsville and location of the Dizzy World theme park.

City Station: The central hub and business district of Townsville where all transportation routes connect.

Clam: A talking Albino rhino and member of the Jelly Bean cabin.

Coco: A strange Imaginary Friend whose language consists of only the word "coco".

Computress: Dexter's personal computer given a robotic female body and assistant.

Coop: A young overweight man from Jersey City and current pilot of the Megas robot.

Courage: A talking cowardly dog living in the middle of Nowhere.

Cul-de-Sac: The street where most activity in Peach Creek takes place. It is protected by a massive cardboard fortress.

Daniel: One of Kyle's closest friends who was murdered during a tragic incident.

Darklands: An ungoverned and extremely dangerous region between the two western continents. Currently serves as the headquarters of the Fusion army.

David: A Plumber stationed in the Pimpleback Mountains; named after David Wasson.

Dee Dee: Dexter's "stupid and annoying" older sister and expert ballerina.

Delightful Children from Down the Lane: A group of five extremely well-behaved children who speak in unison.

Demongo the Soul Taker: A powerful demon and one of Aku's most loyal followers.

Dexlabs: Dexter's company, headquarters, and mass producer of all his inventions.

Dexter: A young science prodigy who founded Dexlabs before he even hit his teenage years.

Double D: see Edd

Downtown: Refers to the cities of Townsville, Marquee, Orchid Bay, and Bravo due to their close proximity towards each other.

Drew (Blackwell) Saturday: Zak's mother and cryptologist.

Ed: The dimwitted but absurdly strong member of the Eds.

Eds, the: The trio of boys infamous in Peach Creek for instituting all kinds of scams.

Edd: The intelligent but paranoid member of the Eds. He is more commonly known by the nickname, "Double D".

Eddy: The greedy leader and con artist of the Eds. He currently proclaims himself as King of the Cul-de-Sac.

Eduardo: A monstrous but extremely friendly Imaginary Friend. He is also bilingual in Spanish and English.

Endsville: A dark, creepy, and mysterious city known for tons of strange phenomenon.

Exponentially Variegated Organism (EVO): An organism that has been mutated thanks to its nanites being activated.

Eustace Bagge: A farmer living in the middle of nowhere and husband to Muriel.

Father: A pyro supervillain and archenemy of the Kids Next Door.

Finn the Human: A young adventurer from the Land of Ooo and Jake the Dog's best friend.

Fiskerton "Fisk" Saturday: A legendary cryptid adopted by the Saturdays.

Flapjack: A child sailor boy from Stormalong Harbor.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: A foster home for Imaginary Friends when their owners outgrow the need for them.

Frankie: Caretaker of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and granddaughter of the owner.

Fusions: Evil clones of various characters that served Lord Fuse.

Fuzzy Lumpkins: An aggressive and short-tempered beastly bumpkin who lives near Leaky Lake.

Genius Grove: hometown of Dexter and Mandark.

Glorft: A technologically-advanced alien race that is on the verge of conquering the planet in one version of its future.

Great Machine: The machine that manages every Nanocom across the globe.

Grim: The Grim Reaper himself. He was tricked into being Billy and Mandy's best friend forever.

Grubber J. Gribberish: The strange zombie-like member of the Gangreen Gang.

Gwen Tennyson: Ben's more athletic and intelligent half-Anodite cousin.

Habitat: A town known for its large population of anthropomorphic animals.

Haunted Ridge: A mysterious region of the Pimpleback Mountains said to be plagued by supernatural phenomenon.

Hero Square: A monument in Sector V dedicated to fallen heroes.

Hi Five Ghost: A ghost working as a groundskeeper at Townsville Park.

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: A famous touring rock band.

HIM: The ultimate embodiment of pure evil and ruler of the Underworld.

Hoagie Pennywhistle Gilligan Jr.: 2x4 Technology Officer of Sector V.

Ice King: Ruler of the Ice Kingdom.

Imaginary Friend: A phenomenon that occurs when a child dreams of a friend and he becomes real.

Jake Spidermonkey: A talking zoo spider monkey who is best friends with Adam Lyon.

Jake the Dog: A magical talking dog and Finn's best friend.

Jamie: Coop's laid back and more snobbish best friend.

Jersey City: A city constantly destroyed by Megas' battles against various aliens.

Jimmy Jones: The young boy and fan who exposed Ben Tennyson identity as an alien hero.

Jinn: A Naljian who has a peculiar interest in humanity.

John: A Plumber stationed in the Pimpleback Mountains; named after John Dilworth.

Johnny Bravo: A man who travels with Marceline and Princess Bubblegum for a time.

Kaz: Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi's manager.

Kenny Bonne: Kyle's neighbor from across the hall.

Kevin Ethan Levin: A former half-Osmosian criminal. He is now a member of Ben's team and Gwen's boyfriend.

Kids Next Door (KND): An organization of children twelve years and under who combat adult tyranny.

Kiva: A woman from a post-apocalyptic future who is trapped in the present timeline after locating Megas.

Komodo: The Saturdays' genetically altered Komodo dragon.

Kyle Ventosus: A loner boy from the city of Townsville.

Kuki Sanban: Sector V's medical specialist and diviionary tactics expert.

Lady Rainicorn: Princess Bubblegum's steed and Jake's girlfriend.

Lance (OC): An Urban Ranger stationed in Prickly Pines.

Larry 3000: Robot member of Time Squad.

Lazlo: A talking Brazilian spider monkey and leader of the Jelly Bean cabin.

Lee Kanker: The leader and oldest of the Kanker sisters.

Len: A Plumber station in the Pimpleback Mountains under Gwen.

Lil' Arturo: see Arturo de la Guerra

Lord Fuse: The powerful ruler of Planet Fusion.

Mac: A young boy who frequently visits Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

Mandark: Dexter's long-time rival and founder of Mandark Industries.

Mandark Industries: A company created to rival Dexlabs.

Mandy: A cold, dark, and manipulative girl from Endsville who tricked the Grim Reaper into being her best friend.

Marceline the Vampire Queen: a relatively friendly teenage vampire who likes to play her axe.

Marie Kanker: The more crafty and resourceful member of the Kanker sisters.

Marquee: A coastal city known for its artistic and musical talents.

Max Tennyson: An un-retired member of the Plumbers and Ben and Gwen's grandfather.

Maxwell: A Plumber stationed in the Pimpleback Mountains; named after Maxwell Atoms.

May Kanker: The youngest and more dimwitted of the Kanker sisters.

Mayor: The mayor of Townsville responsible for calling the Powerpuff Girls when trouble arises.

Megas: An advanced giant robot stolen from the Glorft and personally modified by Coop.

Mojo Jojo: A supervillain chimpanzee mutated as a result from the explosion that created the Powerpuff Girls.

Morbucks Towers (*as a slang term): Refers to the new district of Townsville still largely under construction.

Morbucks Towers: The still under construction site where four skyscrapers are supposed to be erected.

Mordecai: A talking blue jay working as a groundskeeper at Townsville Park.

Mount Blackhead: A large mountain that house a Kids Next Door fortress and serves as the gateway into the southern part of the Twisted Forest

Mr. Herriman: A gentleman rabbit Imaginary Friend and chairman of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

Mitch "Muscle Man" Sorrenstein: A groundskeeper at Townsville Park.

Muriel Bagge: A kind elderly woman who adopted Courage and lives with her husband in the middle of Nowhere.

Nebula: The country's major space port and research center. It also refers to the small town right next to it.

Nigel Uno: The leader of Sector V and only Aetas-member of the Galactic Kids Next Door.

Numbuh 1: see Nigel Uno

Numbuh 108: A female spy operative stationed in Sector V.

Numbuh 2: see Hoagie Pennywhistle Gilligan Jr.

Numbuh 236: A KND operative; named after Ben Diskin.

Numbuh 3: see Kuki Sanban

Numbuh 311: An operative stationed in City Point.

Numbuh 4: see Wallabee Beatles

Numbuh 5: see Abigail Lincoln

Numbuh 688: An operative in charge of a KND air fleet.

Ooo: A post-apocalyptic version of the planet's future. Finn and those related to him are from this land.

Orchid Bay: A city where the magical realm and human world are intertwined.

Otto: Member of Time Squad.

Peach Creek: A suburban town now famous for housing a massive trade center and marketplace.

Pimpleback Mountains: A dark, cloudy area of the Wilderness mainly used for mining operations.

Plumbers: An intergalactic organization of officers maintaining law across the universe.

Pokey Oaks: A suburban town home to the Powerpuff Girls.

Pops Maellard: A gentleman working on his father's property, Townsville Park.

Prickly Pines: The area of the Wilderness between Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and Mount Blackhead.

Princess Bubblegum: The princess of the Candy Kingdom.

Princess Morbucks: The spoiled heir to the Morbucks fortune aspiring to finally be a Powerpuff Girl.

Professor Paradox: A strange time-traveling scientist who seems to be manipulating events around him.

Professor Utonium: A scientist known for being the creator and father of the Powerpuff Girls.

Providence: A organization created to capture EVOs.

Raj: A talking Indian elephant and member of the Jelly Bean cabin.

Rebecca Holiday: Providence's chief research officer.

Rex Salazar: A special EVO who works with Providence.

Rigby: A talking raccoon working as a groundskeeper at Townsville Park.

Riyos: A renegade demon who currently resides inside Kyle's body.

Runty: Billy's pet Fusion Spawn.

Samurai Jack: A samurai from the ancient past transported into the future.

Sanford D. Ingleberry: see Snake

SARA: A female artificial intelligence created by TOM.

SCAMPER: A KND airship used mainly for transportation.

Scotsman: A large, burly, rash, yet friendly clansman who helps out Samurai Jack at times.

Sector V: A suburban town where a Kids Next Door headquarters is located.

Skips: An immortal yeti who works as a groundskeeper at Townsville Park.

Slinkman: A talking banana slug and scoutmaster's assistant at Camp Kidney.

Solomon "Doc" Saturday: Zak's father and cryptologist.

Snake: The skinny and snake-like member of the Gangreen Gang.

Special Alien Capture Team: A secretive black-ops organization dedicated to capturing alien lifeforms.

Squirrel Scouts: A group of all female campers who have gone missing.

Stickybeard: The captain of the Candy Pirates.

Stormalong Harbor: A large port city built completely on wooden supports in the middle of the ocean.

Sunken Mall: The popular hangout in Townsville Center for people who want to take their minds off the invasion.

Sunny Bridges Auditorium: A grand auditorium in Marquee that serves as the stage for all sorts of musical concerts.

Sweet Revenge: The flagship of the Candy Pirates.

Toilenator: A normally ineffectual toilet-themed supervillain

Toonami Operations Module (TOM): A humanoid robot and former television block host. He currently serves as a bounty hunter and captain of the Absolution 2.

Townsville: A city constantly besieged by numerous criminals and supervillains who are eventually stopped by the Powerpuff Girls. It is now the central base of operations for many organizations.

Townsville Center: The main shopping district of Townsville that houses the famous Sunken Mall.

Townsville Park: A massive park m by Benson and maintained by his groundskeepers.

Ultimatrix: The watch or gauntlet-like device that allows Ben to transform into a variety of aliens.

Urban Rangers: A suburban group of boy scouts mainly centered in Peach Creek

Vilgax: A ruthless intergalactic conqueror and arch nemesis to Ben Tennyson.

Wallabee "Wally" Beatles: Sector V's combat and heavy weapons expert.

White Knight: The reclusive leader of Providence.

William W. Williams: The dimwitted cyclops of the Gangreen Gang.

Wilt: An extremely friendly Imaginary Friend and pro basketball player.

Yumi: The usual guitarist of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

Zak Saturday: Member of Ben, Numbuh 2, and Rex's gaming circle.

Zon: The Saturdays' pterosaur.