Meloetta's Sexy Suspender Striptease

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Meloetta needs more popular google hits. At this rate, I'm sure "Meloetta's Stomach Growling" will be a good hit on Google. And also random crossover with the DC Universe just because.

Abomasnow was in the household of the generation 5 legendary Pokemon, where he was speaking to Keldeo and Genesect. Abomasnow was reporting to them on the whereabouts of Meloetta, who recently disappeared.

"What's with Meloetta?" Keldeo asked as he gave a cup of coffee to Abomasnow, sipping his tea.

Sipping down the coffee, Abomasnow sighed as he placed the cup down. "Aye, she's actin' all cray, ya. Every time I try to have a private discussion with her, she runs off, claimin' she be hungry."

"Well, she is a big eater..." Genesect added as he rolled his right mechanical arm.

Abomasnow looked back up. "A big eater for trouble, I tells ye. I'm fine with her makin' her own decisions, but I'm looking out for her every ounce of the way." He leaned forward, hoping to get more of an answer from Keldeo and Genesect. "In fact, I saw her heading to a haunted house by that active volcano..."

Genesect stopped moving entirely as he whimpered. "Did you say... active volcano...?"

Abomasnow nodded as he folded his arms. "Aye, that be true. I would go there, but I'm exposed to the flames." He breathed out some of his icy breath as he looked back up at Keldeo and Genesect. "See my point?"

Keldeo nodded as he shook his head. "You do raise a good point." He turned to Genesect, rubbing the back of is neck. "Hey Gene, are you okay?"

Genesect fainted as he couldn't bear to hear anymore about such a volcano. "Urf... I don't feel well..."

Abomasnow and Keldeo glanced at each other, shrugging as they looked back down at Genesect, who fainted.

"So that's why you went all over the place?" Superman asked Aria Meloetta as the two were floating around in space, looking down upon the planet Earth.

"Oh yeah." Meloetta stated as she was sucking up a lot of vanilla icing, wiping her icing covered mouth with her right paddle shaped hand as she smiled. "And that's just the tip of the iceberg, if you will..."

Meloetta and Linoone were walking around the active volcano, wondering what to do. Meloetta's stomach growling surely was an indication, as Meloetta sensed there was delicious icing nearby. Linoone only shrugged as he followed, convinced by Meloetta to help her in the plight for sweets.

"So, why are we doing this here?" Linoone asked as he picked up a couple of rare candies, saving them for later.

Meloetta turned around as she pushed several small boulders to the side. "Because we have nothing better to do in our time." She then looked up at the bright red sky, feeling the heat of the volcano as she wiped her head. "Besides, it's not like there would be guys probably drawing scenes based on this fanfic."

Linoone took a glance at the computer screen, then back up at Meloetta, blinking several times.

"Good thing this won't get on TV Tropes," Linoone whispered as he picked up another Max Repel, "Otherwise they would have a heart attack right now."

As they climbed higher, things got hotter, and seemed to slow down due to the unbearable heat. Linoone and Meloetta took a quick break just below the open crater, resting on a hardened magma stone.

"Man, is it exhausting coming up here," Meloetta admitted as she raised her elegant feet in the air. "Time to let these bad boys rest for a bit..."

Linnone rubbed his nose as he turned to Meloetta. "Meloetta, is that funky odor your feet, or is it just the volcano?"

Meloetta glanced oddly at Linoone. "We've been walking up here for the past two hours. Of course my feet are gonna stink."

Linoone touched his fingertips together as he chuckled sheepishly. "Actually, they're not that bad. I kind of like it."

Meloetta was silent as she blushed, her hands down on her lap as Linoone ate one of the rare candies he picked up, stashing them in a blue backpack he picked up along the way.

Peering into the volcano, Meloetta and Linoone looked eat each other as Meloetta slowly walked into the crater. Meloetta then tripped over a tiny pebble, tumbling downward into the hot, molten red magma. Linoone screamed in horror as he watched Meloetta sink into the lava. Linoone ran around in circles, screaming as he also accidentally tripped and fell into the lava, screaming as his vision turned dark, being engulfed by the magma.