Aria Meloetta was frozen in a block of ice after eating the vanilla icing. Linoone was trying to figure out how to help out Meloetta. A female Chandelure approached the two Pokemon, wondering what was going on.

"Hey! What's going on here?" Chandelure asked as she observed the state of the frozen Meloetta. "Freezing in a tropical setting seems really out of place."

Linoone sighed as he folded his furry arms together. "Well, my partner here has a thing for icing, and she ate too much too quickly. And now, I don't know how to get her free!"

Chandelure giggled as she approached Linoone closer. "Oh, it's easy! I'll be glad to help! After all, one Flamethrower is all it takes to melt a block of ice!"

Linoone gasped as he placed his front right limb on his hip. "Really? You'll be glad to help us out?"

Chandelure laughed as she bopped up and down. "Of course! Even a mere ember from me can to the job!"

Meanwhile inside Meloetta's mind, Meloetta stripped off her black dress, dancing around a bunch of perverted dark types naked. Meloetta teased the perverted dark types by bending over and moving her butt cheeks, letting out several loud tuba like farts as she let out loud trombone like burps at the same time. Meloetta had forgotten that she was frozen.