Heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom


Mario x Pauline

Naruto x Peach x Rosalina x ?

Luigi x Daisy


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''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

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''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Story Start


After the Mario brothers were shown to their rooms Naruto began giving them a tour as he furthered explained the gravity of the situation. ''Unfortunately for the time being you guys are stuck here. I want force you to fight in this war, but I can insure you without the ability to fight you won't be able to survive. King Koopa Bowser in a monstrous foe who will due anything to get his hands on Princess Peach. The Mushroom Kingdom has a special power that only those who are royal by blood or marriage can harness; a magic that will one power over this land. The Mushroom Kingdom is one of many areas with grand power, but legends say that it's magic is one of the strongest. '' he lectured as they came across a lab.

The person in there was a toad with a brown vests and splotches on his cap. ''This is Professor Toadwin. He is the descendant of the man whose expedition let to the creation of super powered items that I will be introducing to you shortly.''

''Pleasure to meet you boys. The name is Toadwin Toad.'' the man said as he stroked his outrageously long white beard. ''I take it these are the plumbers you sent for?'' he turned to, asking Naruto as the blond winched, following with a sigh as he began to explain the situation.

''A mix-up I'm afraid 're Plumber, plumbers I'm afraid.'' he said as he folded his arms. ''I brought them here to ingest the items in case they decide to help.''

''But how are we supposed to help? My brother and I aren't fights, we're business men!'' Mario remarked as Toadwin went over to his computer and pressed a few buttons. The floor began to rumble and Toadwin informed everyone to step back as a cylinder slowly opened from the ground. Several small glass cylinders were raised from columns as red mushrooms were shown.

''These are the Super Mushroom.'' the Toadwin proudly exclaimed. ''After much cultivation I have bred a whole new superior breed of mushroom. These mushrooms are just the item are toads need in over to fight on even ground with Bowser's forces. These items will increase one's strength, speed, agility, and other functions to beyond the optimum level of a species ability. Endurance and reaction time will increase ten-fold as a result. Once consumed, the user would be able to survive wounds that most would find lethal. Of course one won't become invincible, but they will become a new breed of warrior and the best part is that it works almost instantly.''

''Aaah yes, breaking many laws of biology and many other things in the process.'' Naruto remarked with an amused smirk. ''So as you can see Mario brothers the Super Mushroom takes care of half the process. It is just one of many items Toadwin is cultivating and creating a new breed of items that are superior to their rare natural cousins, but they can only do so much. The other half I can take care of consists of the training so at least you can defend yourselves. So what do you say?'' he asked, waiting for their response.

''That's a-crazy!'' Luigi exclaimed, finally speaking up. ''We're just ordinary people! You can't expect us to fight in some war.''

''But Luigi, these people need our help,'' Mario argued. ''We can't just abandon them.''

''But what do you expect us to do? Super plant or not do you really expect us to be able to be able to survive something like-a this with a bit of training? Even so I doubt just two people can turn the tide of a war. Sorry to say this but count me out.''

''I understand your fear,'' Naruto elaborated on. ''You were kidnapped from your home and brought into a middle of a war that was not your own. Discuss it amongst yourselves and if you don't wish to join then it's your choice.'' the blond said as he left the lab and to leave the Mario brothers to their decision. He began walking up the stairs as he tried to figure out what he was going to do now with an explosion echoed and Naruto was nearly shaken off his feet. ''Damn...not now.''

Naruto glided up the stairs as he moved through the alcoves and looked out one of the rectangular windows. Rows and rows of Koopa soldiers and goombas were in the horizon. In the sky Bowser's flying battle ship could be seen as Bullet bills were being fired out into the canons. They impacted into the ground and small houses resulting in an explosion. Using Shushin Naruto appeared out of the ground as he whipped out Tempest. Charging forward he turned the blade to its side as he lopped off one of the Koopa's head. Raising his knee forward he impacted another in the face so far he was sent flying into the sky. With a twirl Naruto hurled it forward as the blade pierced the body of another causing it to hit another Koopa and knocking off it's shell.

Landing on the shell Naruto kicked the ground with a wind burst as the shell spun around and flattening Goomba after Goomba. Several toads armed with spheres and staffs charged forward behind Naruto as the crowds impacted, a random flurry of slashes and random blood shed spilled to the ground. Naruto gazed around the battle field looking for the general of the army. 'Is he...? Damned!' Naruto snarled as he summoned a battle toad, crushing numerous of the enemy with ease before he made a retreat back to the castle.

The Toad brigade, consisting of a Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Violet toad were leading Princess Peach to a safety bunker that was created for just this situation. Before they could exit through the large double doors it was burst open. ''What's wrong little toadlings? Running away?'' the violet shelled Koopa with red sunglasses taunted. ''Why don't you let me put you out of your misery and cause ya?''

''I-It's Roy Koopa!'' the yellow Toad cried out in fright.

''My reputation proceeds me! Now stand still and let me pound ya!'' one of the more boisterous of the Koopalings said.

''You'll have to get through me fiend!'' The green toadling said pulling out an axe.

''I'll fight as well!'' the blue toadling said pulling out some daggers.

''Y-Yeah great idea! We'll make sure the Princess is brought to safety!'' the shivering red toad said as he hastily led the Princess away.

Naruto scaled up the wall with ease and gripped onto the edge of one of the windows and launched himself in. He began taking a whiff of the air as he tried to pick up the Princess's scent. ''Hang on Peach! I'm coming!'' Naruto thought to himself as he made way to the roof.

''Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!'' The red toad muttered to himself as he and Peach were trapped on the roof. They had been cornered by the other Koopalings as the other Toad brigade members valiantly sacrificed themselves to hold them off, but the entrance to the bunker had been destroyed. Out of the sky a large figure dropped from the battle ship and landed on the roof causing an impressive crack into the foundation and knocking the Red toad off his feet. Looking up at the figure his voice froze in his throat. Standing before him was a massive
burly, green-shelled Koopa with spikes, horns, and hair. His bushy eyebrows and mane are fittingly a bright, fiery orange and had bright red eyes. He sported two small horns, many spikes on his shell, as well as along his tail. He wore several spiked collars around his neck and arms with three claws on each of his massive feet, which support his impressive girth. He had three claw-tipped fingers and a thumb on each hand, and his arms were noticeably burly, indicating his vast physical strength. While his face and his shell are green, his underbelly and snout are flesh-colored, and his tail and limbs are an orange-tinged yellow.

''B-B-B-B-Back vile fiend! For I...'' The Red Toad was whapped by the creature's tail, sending him flying over the side.

''Red!'' Princess cried out as she moved to the side to tried to help the leader of the Brigade only for the creature to display an amazing surge of speed and moved between Princess and the roof's edge.

''Princess Peach Toadstool! As radiant as ever I see!'' The Dark, powerful, and coarse voice of the creature radiated. ''If you don't wish for me to lay waist to your people you will agree to marry me.''

''Never,'' the Princess said as she took a step back. ''I would never hand my kingdom over to you.''

''How adorable! You refuse as if you have a choice in the matter. I wonder if you will have that same fire when your people are enslaved and spend the rest of their life in forced servitude instead of being spared because of their ruler's foolish decision. A ruler who is naive and who can hardly protect herself let alone her subjects! Now Princess...you bill bow before me AND SUBMIT!''

Peach froze in terror as the Turtle King lunge at her. She could only scream and feebly cover herself when a cry of Kaze no Yaiba filled her ears along with tearing flesh and a roar. Peach opened her eyes and found herself staring at Naruto's back.

''Don't worry Peach. Bowser made a fatal mistake; he and his followers will fall today!'' Naruto informed her confidently as he charged forward to engage the Monster-Turtle King.

Chapter End
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