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:: Twins ::

"Aerith! Look!" Zack waved over his wife with a wide grin plastered on his face.

The brunette woman with a braid held together by a pink ribbon walked over to her husband after washing the dishes. She smiled curiously, "What is it, Zack?"

"The twins," he chuckled, pointing to the babies sitting in the playpen, "They're a lot more energetic than I thought."

Persuaded by Zack's words, Aerith turned to face the playpen and smiled. Her twins of six months were busying themselves by playing with the toys in the playpen. Sora, the younger of the twins, laughed as he shook a rattle in his hands while Vanitas, the older twin, repeatedly smacked the buttons of another toy quietly. It was quite interesting to the mother just how different her boys were.

Identical twins, but so far, opposites in everything. What a combination!

"I think they're cute," Aerith giggled.

Zack grinned, "Of course!"

Another moment passed before Vanitas noticed Sora playing with the rattle. Sora, aware of the staring, glanced back. Zack and Aerith blinked curiously as Vanitas suddenly took the rattle from Sora and threw the object at his head.

Both parents' eyes widened. Sora started to cry while Vanitas began to laugh at his brother's pain. Aerith immediately went to pick up Sora to soothe his crying.

Zack rubbed the back of his head before picking up Vanitas, "That was unexpected…"

The young mother smiled knowingly, rubbing Sora's back, "What can you do? They're twin brothers after all."