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:: Brothers ::

"…What are you doing?"

"I'm trying to sleep!"

"Yeah. In my bed." Vanitas frowned. Sora gave his twin the best puppy dog look he could muster…and Vanitas disliked him for it. Sighing, the raven haired twin caved, "Fine. But only for tonight."

A wide grin spread across the brunette's face as he hugged Vanitas. "Thank you!"

"…Off," Vanitas hinted.

Sora let out a small laugh while they divided the bed in equal halves. They stared at each other once they were lying down; entranced by the same face looking back at the other.

"Hey," Sora piped up during their unpronounced staring contest.

"Hmm?" Vanitas replied; his eyes half-lidded with sleep.

It took a moment for Sora to formulate his question. "You and I… We'll be together forever, right?"

The question was quite deep and Vanitas didn't know what to say, but somehow…he felt what the right answer would be. Uncharacteristically, he took Sora's right hand with his own right hand and their joined palms stayed between them on the pillow. The brunette curiously eyed his twin and saw a rare smile play across Vanitas's face.

"No matter what happens…I'll always be there for you." Vanitas answered.

Slowly, Sora returned the smile and nodded. As they let sleep take over their tired forms, Sora gave out his own reply, "I'll be there for you too, Vani."

"Promise, Sora…?" Vanitas let out before drifting to sleep.

"I will." Sora yawned, following after his twin. "You and I are brothers…until the very end…"