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Albert Wesker, a truly evil being. He plotted the assimilation of millions. His goal was to convert the people of Earth into a more evolved race, a race of perfect beings like himself. He wanted to be the rulerthat isn't the word he was looking for. He wanted to be the GOD of the new world. Some would call him insane, others would call him righteous. It doesn't matter now that he was dead. He died fighting his arch nemesis, Chris Redfield. He would also never forget his partner, Sheva Alomar. He had to admit she was a beauty, much like Jill Valentine. Albert Wesker may have been utterly devoid of human emotion, but he still had his natural urges. Yes, while Jill was his slave, he did make her have sex with him. He was still a man, after all. Now was not the time to think about that, however, as he was currently running from demons.

They all had weapons of any kind, and they were out with the intent to kill. For centuries, Wesker had been running from the followers of Hell. After cheating death by stunning him with a punched that would have killed a human, he had ran. Using his extraordinary intelligence, he had managed to avoid the hands of death and had been hiding every chance he got. Right now they had found him, like many times before. Wesker knew that they would eventually catch him, so he had to hurry and think of a plan. As he was running, he saw something that surprised him. A large demon was attacking a village and then an idea found it's way into Wesker's head. An evil smile came across his face as he formulated a plan. He turned around and looked at the group of demons. He then just stood there, waiting for one of them to strike. One of them did and Wesker smiled as he attacked.

-Meanwhile at the hospital-

Minato Namikaze was not a man that could be scared easily. He took down hundreds of ninja in the Great Shinobi War with a technique that earned him the name the 'Yellow Flash' of Konoha. He took down the most dangerous of missing-nin. He even became Hokage at a young age. Now was a time that even he was scared, but not for his life, but for the lives of his family. His wife, Kushina had just given birth to his newborn son, Naruto. He had his fathers blonde hair and pearl blue eyes, but his mothers face it appeared. Upon the stress of giving birth, the seal had broken and the Kyuubi had been released. The fox was gigantic and it made the people of Konoha look like ants. It towered over them, releasing its energy that had been contained for so long, driving fear into the hearts of all. It was about to leave when it started itching everywhere. When it looked down, however, it was actually being attacked by the ninja. Their attacks, of course, didn't do much damage, if any. So it did what anyone would if they were being held captive against its will. It began to attack the village, killing all in its way.

"Minato-kun, what do we do?" said a worried Kushina. She was holding little Naruto in her arms protectively. She knew that the only why to stop it was to seal it again, but that would cost Minato his life. Maybe they could just leave and start a life of their own.

"Kushina, what I have to do is will not only save the lives of Konoha, but it will also guarantee that our son will be seen as a hero. You should be able to infer what I have to do." Kushina looked confused for a minute. They're son will be seen as a hero? What could that mean? Unless…

"No…no Minato you can't! Konoha won't see the boy as a hero, they will see as a demon! You should know this by now, Minato. Why do you think we kept it a secret all these years? People let their fears cloud their mind and that lets them believe anything they want, not the truth. You can't do this Minato! Can't we just leave and start lives of our own? That would be nice, wouldn't it?" said a desperate Kushina. Minato couldn't believe what she had just said. Leave the civilians of Konoha be condemned to there deaths? How could she even say that? She would never say such a thing. She was always sweet and kind, brash maybe, but still a loving person. There had to be only one explaining for this.

"What did do to you, Kushina?" the sudden question caught Kushina of guard.

"What are you talking about."

"What did Kyuubi do to you? You would never even consider such a thing unless the Kyuubi had something to do with it! It must have tainted you or something upon its release." Said a said Minato. Kushina was shocked. Tainted? She was just looking after the welfare of her first child. What would any mother do in this situation?

"How could you say that, Minato? Do really think that? Do you really believe what you just said? I'm just considering the well-being of our child!" said a frantic Kushina.

"I'm sorry that you think that, Kushina. I have to do it." He said as he started walking towards her. Kushina had a shocked and fearful look on his face.

"Wait Minato! You could just seal it in me and then I'll most likely die from the stress! Please Minato give our son a chance at life!"

"He is getting a chance at life! He will be seen as a hero. Why wouldn't they see him as a hero after he stopped them all from dying by just being born? I know they will Kushina, trust me." He then reached for the baby, but stopped wanting his wife to give Naruto to him. She had a hard look on her face as she thought of what to do. Maybe Minato was right and they would see him as a hero he deserves to be. She reluctantly gave Naruto to Minato and he smiled, happy that she complied. He then looked at her and said,

"Watch when this is all over, Kushina. He shall be seen as a hero for his sacrifice to the village." He then leaned over and passionately kissed Kushina on the lips, to which she returned. He then pulled back and said, "I love you, Kushina."

"I love you too, Minato." She said with tears falling from her eyes. She had a smile on her face, hoping that Minato was right. Minato smiled as well and he ran to the battlefield to stop the Kyuubi.

-With Wesker-

He had just finished taking out the group of demons easily, surprising even himself. For centuries he had been running, thinking that the demons were by far stronger than him. He hadn't lost his powers as he still had his speed to outrun them. He smirked to himself and then looked at the beast known as Kyuubi. Yes he knew what it was. He did cross paths with other spirits who couldn't rest in peace. As the ages changed Wesker knew that he could never get a hold of Uroboros again, seeing as the flowers he had created them from were gone. So was the Las Plages that helped him create the Urobors, they too disappeared into the sands of time. But he is Wesker, the-should-be God of this world, and he soon will be once he absorbs the energy from the beast.

He was miles away from the village, but this is Wesker we're talking about. He ran to the village with speed that was second only to the Yellow Flash technique, which was VERY impressive. It wouldn't be long before he arrived to the village.

-With Minato-

He had ran out the hospital and began forming the seals for a summoning jutsu. He finished and with a shout of "Summoning Jutsu!" he slammed his hand to the ground and appeared the King of the Toad contract. Gamabunta.

"What it that you want…oh, I see. You do realize that that is the most powerful demon in existence, the Kyuubi no Kitsune? Wait wasn't it sealed inside Kushina?"

"Yes. It broke free after delivering little Naruto here. But we can't talk right now. Right now I need you to stall the Kyuubi while I prepare the seals for the sealing jutsu."

"Ok. Good-bye, old friend." Said Gambunta, knowing that this will be the last time he sees his summoner and friend.

"Good-by, old friend." As Gamabunta charged to stall the Kyuubi, it did something that surprised the both of them. It began screaming in pain.

-With Wesker-

He had finally arrived on the battlefield and didn't waste anytime. He immediately on ran of top of a building and jumped from it towards the head of Kyuubi. The Kyuubi didn't notice until it was too late as Wesker's outstretched hand latched on to Kyuubis head and he began to absorb the Kyuubi. It screamed in pain and was shaking trying to get Wesker off of it.

-With Minato-

Minato was puzzled at the moment, but then remembered what it had to do .He got some ink and drew the seal that would seal the Kyuubi into his son onto Naruto's stomach. He then began to carefully perform the seals, not wanting to mess up. When he finished he yelled out "Reaper of Death Seal!" and the sky began to darken more than it already was.

Smoke had begun to appear between the Gamabunta and Kyuubi as it begun to take a form. It took the Shinigami, demonic looking being. It looked at its surroundings and asked a frighten Minato,

"Why have you summoned me, mortal?" Minato gulped and said,

"I have summoned you to seal the beast known as the Kyuubi No Kitsune into my son, Naruto Uzumaki." Said Minato, hoping he performed the seal right.

"That wish is within my power. It will be done, but not without a cost. This will cost you your life, mortal."

"I know the cost. May you please proceed with the seal, Shinigami-Sama?" said Minato, trying not to disrespect the Death God. The Shinigami just looked at Minato and at the Kyuubi to see a sight that surprised even him. The Kyuubi was still howling in pain. The Shinigami wondered what could have caused this, but he had a job to do. So he then grabbed the Kyuubi's soul and pulled it from its body, not seeing the soul of Wesker. He then placed it into the body of Naruto. He then grabbed the soul of Minato by thrusting his hand into Minato's chest and pulling out his soul. He then ate the soul and disappeared, back to his realm. Minato's body began to fall from the top of Gamabuta's head, but the Toad King himself with its tongue caught him. He gently placed his body on the ground and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

-Seconds before the sealing process-

Yes, he has done it. He is moments away from consuming the very essence of the Kyuubi. But then something happened. It felt like…like something had just grabbed him. He looked and saw the very thing he had be avoiding for centuries, Death. It was too late to move, however as he had be grabbed, along with Kyuubi, and placed into the body of a newborn baby.

-After the sealing-

He was now in a sewer of some kind. He saw that he was contained into a giant cage. He looked at the bars and saw that he could easily just walk out . He began walking towards them and he was about to walk out when he felt a powerful surge of electricity go throughout his body. He screamed in pain and was thrown back into the cage. He looked at the cage and had an angry look of his face.

"You can't escape." Said a demonic voice. Wesker turned around and saw the very thing he was trying to capture, the Kyuubi.

"What is this?" he demanded. He was answered when a tail came flying at him, which sent him back into the bars, which electrocuted him nad then sent him back into the cage.

"It is YOUR fault that we are here, spirit! I could have easily killed that mortal and that toad, but you had to intervene." Wesker got up and had an angry look on his face, even angrier than before. This beast DARE attack him, Albert Wesker? That CANNOT be tolerated. He jumped into the air and punched the Kyuubi dead in the face. Now Kyuubi was expecting to feel a tiny pillow hit its face. What it didn't expect was a punch that sent his head turning right, smacking against the wall. Kyuubi held its head in pain, pain it didn't feel in millennia's. The kyuubi recovered from the pain and was about to attack again when Wesker said,

"Now look, we could keep fighting eachother, or we could put aside our differences and form an alliance to manipulate the boy into doing our bidding." He said straight forward. The Kyuubi looked in thought, still angry that this spirit had caused it pain. The offer was a win-win situation for both of them however, so it looked at Wesker and said,

"Deal. What is your name, spirit?" I said, wanting to know its cellmate's name. Wesker looked at Kyuubi and said,

"My name is Alber Wesker."

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