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-7 years later-

Life was going fairly well for young Naruto. He was still hated by his village, but at least he had a mother to help him through it. She practically spoiled Naruto, but not to the point of arrogance or a big ego. He knew who his father was and he knew of the Kyuubi. He didn't hate his father, but he didn't miss him. He knew the life of a jinchuuriki, seeing as his wife was one. But he had too much faith in the village and now Naruto is paying the price. He was glad he had his mother, she loved him more then anything in the world, and Naruto loved her back. She gave him anything he wanted; he was her little prince. They even slept in the same bed however, both had different reasons. Naruto because he just loved his mother, and Kushina because she feared someone would send assassins after her son after an incident.

When Naruto was only a few months old, someone had sent an assassin to kill Naruto. He was in his crib sleeping when someone snuck in threw the window. Kushina had put seals in Naruto's room and immediately got up from her sleep. She made it just in time, as the assassin was about to kill Naruto with a kunai. She suppressed her chakra and tackled him to the ground. She hit him in the head with the hilt of her kunai, not wanting blood to be in Naurto's room. She dragged his unconsciousness body to the bathroom and tied him up. She placed a sound suppressant in the bathroom so Naruto wouldn't wake up from the screams of pain. She tortured him, not for information on who sent him, just to send a message. He begged her to stop and tried to tell her everything, but she didn't care. She already knew it was someone on the civilian side of the consul, so she couldn't retaliate. When she was finished with her torture, she killed him by drowning him in the toilet, which she wished for once in her life she didn't flush. She then rapped a rope around his neck and dragged him towards the top window of the compound. She then left him hanging there with a large sign around his neck saying,

"Don't touch my son, or this is your fate."

Needless to say the attitude towards the Uzumaki's went from hate and anger to fear and horror. The Hokage was highly disturbed by the sight and immediately ordered her to take it down. She didn't reject the order, all she wanted was for word to get around to not mess with them. Of course she still had to deal with some assassins, so she had to hang there bodies on the Namakaze/Uzumaki estate just like the first one, which Hiruzen always objected to but didn't tell her to stop. And her plan worked significantly. Each time she hung them, the number of assassins would deplete until there were no more assassins attempts on her son's like. It was after the first assassins attempt did she decide to have Naruto sleep with her and she would place a shadow clone in his room to fool the assassins.

Whenever she was sent out on a mission, she would hire Mikoto to watch over Naruto, simply because she didn't trust anyone else in the village. Naruto considered her to be his aunt. Mikoto didn't really like being at a place where everyone had sticks up there asses, so when Kushina hired her, she would stay at her house and watch Naruto instead of Naruto coming to the Uchiha estate. She didn't spoil Naruto like Kushina did, which is why Naruto really missed Kushina when she was gone. Naruto still liked Mikoto, he just hated when he had to sleep alone, since he was so use to it when his mother was there. Don't get wrong, Naruto highly spoiled like most clan members. He just loved it when he got what he wanted from his mother. He just wished Mikoto would allow him to sleep with her, so he could have someone to comfort him.

Speaking of Mikoto, he had also become good friends with her son, Sasuke. They played and had fun together like normal kids, which Fugaku disapproved of. He didn't believe in fun and he wanted Sasuke to be like his brother, Itachi. Mikoto didn't see it that way; she wanted him to have a normal life. So I assume you guys know who wears the pants in the relationship on certain matters? Right now she was babysitting Naruto who was playing with Sasuke. Kushina was on a mission, as always. She just didn't get a break in Mikoto's opinion. The consul was always hounding her, sending her on suicide missions. But she wasn't the wife of the Yondaime Hokage for nothing. She could handle anything they threw at her. And that is what Mikoto admired about her; she was strong, brave, and courageous.

That's when she heard a knock on the door. She already knew who it was and she opened it with a smile. There stood Kushina who looked completely worn out. "Fucking consul." She said as she walked in. "I know that they're trying to get rid of me, but I'm an Uzumaki dammit, and we don't die that easily!" she said with a proud smile. Mikoto could only giggle at her antics.

"Well, seeing as you won't die that easily, I assume you can watch Naruto now that you're home? Sasuke and I must return to our home, Fugaku is strict about curfew with Sasuke."

"Yeah I understand." Replied Kushina. "You know being a parent is easy when they stop shitting and pissing on themselves."

"Says the parent who spoils her son." Mikoto remarked.

"Oh, so I wonder how almost every Uchiha has sticks up there asses." She said with a smirk. Mikoto only glared at her before both of them burst into laughter.

"Well I got to go. Come on, Sasuke! We have to go! You know how your father is." She called out. Moments later both of them heard running as both Sasuke and Naruto crashed into their beloved mothers.

"Mommy, mommy! I missed you! Sasuke kept on cheating in hide-go-seek! (Or is it hide and seek? I never got that)" he whined.

"Naw uah! You just suck at hiding!" They both stuck their tongues out at each other. Kushina and Mikoto only chuckled at their children, glad that they both find true friends in each other; one who saw him for him and not just an Uchiha, and the other who didn't see him as some hell spawn and did anything to keep away from him.

"Bye Kushina. I'll see you around. Come on Sasuke."

"See ya Naruto.

"Bye, cheater." Sasuke glared at Naruto for that. Kushina closed the door and looked at Naruto.

"You guys are something else, ya know that?"

"All I know is that Sasuke is a big cheater. How can he find me all those times, but I never find him? Explain that to me." He said with a look that said 'Well?'

"Well maybe he is right. You probably do suck at hiding." She said with a playful smile.

"Mom? How could you say that? That's like saying I hate ramen! And that could NEVER happen! NEVER!" he yelled the last part. Kushina then picked him up and brought him to the bedroom and began to tickle him, which Naruto immediately fell victim. After that little ruffle, she had Naruto get in his pajamas, which had fox heads on them. Kushina went in her bathroom that was in the room and changed into nightclothes, which was just a red nightgown that stopped at her feet.

She got in bed with him and said, "Good night, sweetie."

"Good night, mommy." She then kissed his forehead and they both fell asleep, snuggling together.

-One-week later-

Kushina could now be seen running towards Konoha. This mission in particular was to escort man to deliver a special package. As they were making it towards the border of Fire Country, something she knew was bound to happen had occurred. It turned out that her escort wasn't a civilian; he was part of an ambush as ROOT operatives had appeared and surrounded her. She dealt with them, but was wounded. She immediately started running towards her home when the thought of someone hurting Naruto entered her mind. She didn't even care that she was wounded.

When she arrived at the compound, she was too late. She saw that Naruto was tied up and had tape on his mouth. She killed the ROOT operatives that were guarding him as Naruto was shaking his head. She ran towards Naruto and ripped the tape from his mouth only for he to yell "IT'S A TRAP!"

That's when an explosion occurred behind her, sending her flying over Naruto. When she fell she had serious looking burns on her back. She mentally cursed herself. How could she had been so stupid as to fell into an obvious trap? She looked up to see the man she despised with a passion, Danzo. He had two ROOT operatives on both his sides. He had an evil smile on his face, a smile that said 'victory'.

"D-Danzo… you son of a bitch." She said with the most hate a person could have. Danzo only chuckled.

"Kushina, Kushina, Kushina. How have you been? I've been quite while if you are wondering. I see you have done a find job in raising Naruto. He will make a great shinobi of the leaf."

"If you lay one finger on him I'll-"

"You'll what? Kill me? I don't see that happening anytime soon. Oh Kushina, you just don't know how long I have waited for this moment. This was a perfect chance, seeing as what is happening at this time. The ANBU that were assigned to guard you and your son are attending other matters at the moment. To be specific, the Uchiha."

"What's happening involving the Uchiha?"

"That is none of your concern, Kushina. What should be your most concern is Naruto."

"Mom? What's going on?" asked Naruto who was scared out of his mind right now. Not for himself, but for his mother.

"It's okay, sweetie. No need to worry." She said trying to calm Naruto, which she knew wasn't working.

"Yes keep telling your son that. As much as I would love to stay and chat, I don't have the time for that." He then looked at one of his agents. "Deal with her, but don't kill the boy. Leave him be." Danzo then began to walk out of the estate, seeing no need to teleport out of there.

The ROOT members he left there began to finish the job. One grabbed her arms and turned her towards Naruto, as instructed by Danzo. Both Naruto and Kushina had tears in there eyes as they looked at each other.

"Mom…" Naruto said in a low tone of voice. Kushina only smiled before she said,

:I love you Naruto. Be strong." The other ROOT member then slit her throat, spraying some of the blood on Naruto. Naruto had a look of horror on his face as he just witnessed his only family die right in front of him.

"MOM? MOM!" he screamed. The ROOT members then cut him loose as he ran towards his now deceased mother. The gave one look toward him before they Shunshined out of there, leaving the boy crying for his other.

-In Naruto's mindscape-

"The time has finally presented itself." Said Wesker. "The seeds have been planted. And now we must help them grow. The boy will obviously want vengeance, making it easier to manipulate him."

"You know, I will sort of miss her. She is the only human I didn't want to kill. So, when will we contact the boy?"

"When he is over his grievances. When we do contact the boy, we will ensure his loyalty. And when the time is right, we will both have our own bodies back, I could care less if the boy dies when that happens. All that is certain is that I WILL have my body back and I WILL be the GOD of this world, it is my destiny. While I don't have uroboros to aid me, there is always another way.

"Well, before that happens, I know I could aid you." Said a Kyuubi who had a seductive grin. Wesker only smirked as he walked toward the demoness that was in front to him and began his task. At least being sealed in the boy had its perks.

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