Set Fire To The Rain

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A/n: I don't know where it's going to go, this fic I mean. I'm having so many stoylines in my head since the finale, I just really needed to get some of it on paper. This is a draft and I'm just going to go along with it. I have no idea how long it'll turn out to be and I don't know how it'll end, but I do hope it will calm that desperate need to change what they did in the finale.

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Chapter 1: Many Shades Of Black

In one month Lynette had managed to lose about 10 pounds and drink about 8 bottles of tequila. It goes like this: During the day she's so busy working and taking care of the house and the kids that she forgets to eat. And when she finally has time for herself, she picks up the phone and Renee's over there in a matter of minutes, a tequila bottle in one hand and two shot glasses in the other. Each night Lynette would pour one more shot, saying that the amount she had yesterday wasn't enough to kill the pain and make her forget.

Tom on the other hand chose to drown himself in work and took on a project that demanded his presence in Europe.

They didn't talk. He called the kids, that she knew. But he never once bothered to pick up the phone and call her. She couldn't quite decide if it was good or bad. But it was Tuesday's noon when she opened the door to find him there that she realized there was simply no amount of tequila to numb what she was feeling at that moment.

"Wh… What are you doing here?"

"I just landed, I wanted to see the kids"

"It's early, they're still in school"

He checked his watch "You're right. Sorry, I still have jet lag. Do you mind if I'll wait for them?"

Yes. I mind she thought. She was blindsided. He could've called the kids and come pick them up. He could've called her to tell her he's about to show up at her door. But they haven't spoken in a month and she's just supposed to let him in now and then what? She has nothing to say to him, not now. And yet she found herself shifting, showing him the way in and saying "Yeah, sure, come on in" and for a split second she thought she didn't really say it, but then he walked in and she closed the door behind him, cursing herself for doing that.

"You want coffee?" she was desperate to make any casual conversation to avoid the one subject they both didn't want to bring up.

"Yes please".

She had to stand on her toes to reach the cups. They didn't have enough room, and Tom was always the one to get them for her when she made coffee, it didn't matter so much. And ever since he left she thought about moving them to a lower shelf but couldn't do it, but now she wished she had. She realized how stupid this must look to his eyes: her need to hold on to him as long as she could when there was a really good chance that he already let her go, just like he did when he left her. True, it was a mutual decision, that's what she's been trying to tell herself since that night. But truth is that she was sick and tired of constantly fighting with him and she really believed some time apart would do them well but now, being alone every day and every night, and not even talking to him, she was pretty sure it was just another one of the things Tom chose to run away from. He hated confrontations, he always let her do the dirty job. She never thought their marriage will turn out to be another one of those things. And she never thought she'd actually give in and run away from it just like he did.

Too lost in her thoughts, his voice sounded far away when he said "You lost weight". But she turned around, the cups still not in her reach "Yeah" she smiled.

She turned around again, stretching a bit more this time. Her shirt went up a little and she could feel his eyes on her. Finally, giving in, she turned around to face him "Stop staring!"

"I'm just wondering how did you get that giant blue mark on your back"

"Oh that" she said, checking it out again. She kind of forgot it was there. It really hurt when it happened, but that was a week ago. "I tried to change the light bulb in the bedroom and I fell"

"Why are you doing this alone?" He asked, and he was a little mad at that moment.

"Because you're not here?" she answered, cynical.

He wanted to tell her she should've called him and ask him to come help her, but that thought passed as fast as it arrived. As if Lynette would give up her pride and say that she needs help. This was just one of the many reasons he wasn't there in the first place to help her. But it didn't occur to him that maybe, just for once, it wasn't about her pride, but about her feelings. And yet he still managed to let go of this, standing up and getting the cups for her. "Well, I'm here now, so what needs to be fixed?" he asked insignificantly.

She suddenly realized just how close he was standing. She could smell him, his cologne mixed with a scent of someplace that wasn't home. And for a second there she was sure she forgot to breathe. Her eyes filling with tears, her desperate need to push away all the thoughts that ran through her mind. Instead she whispered "Me" and ran upstairs to lock herself in her bedroom. As she sat there and cried she made it a mental note to tell Renee to bring some more drinks with her.