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Blaine's not even fully unpacked when there's a knock on his door and his mother is popping her head in.

"Hey," She smiles softly.

Things had gotten better, over the summer. That month in Florida helped everyone. While his mother and father weren't totally seeing eye-to-eye yet on Blaine's acceptance, they were all long past the awkward silences and distant stares.

"Your…friend Kurt is here."

Blaine smiles. "Thanks mom."

She slips away and Kurt bursts into his room, all smiles and glowing eyes.


He wraps the shorter boy in a warm hug that Blaine eagerly returns. They pull apart, both grinning broadly and Kurt sinks onto the bed and looks up at Blaine winningly.

"I missed you so much! How was your vacation, tell me everything, skip no details at all!"

Blaine chuckles. "I missed you too. It was fine. We stayed with my aunt and uncle which was great because they are very, very religious and they had their gay nephew in the same house. I found six different bibles in my room and woke up at least twice with my aunt saying a prayer over my head."

"Ew," Kurt says sympathetically. "They sound insane."

"Oh yeah. We took a couple weeks and went off to Orlando. Disney World and all that jazz. That was fun. Mikey and I went toe-to-toe on some Buzz Lightyear game. I won of course."

"Of course."

"And," Blaine grins. "I met someone."

Kurt doesn't expect the lurch in his stomach after those words slip out. The joy radiating off of Blaine tweaks at Kurt's nerves and he shakes off the feeling of jealousy, telling himself he was only upset because Blaine managed to find a boyfriend before he could.

"Do tell."

"His name is Adam. He was at the same hotel we were staying at. There was some definite flirting, then he asked me out on Thursday and we dated pretty casually the whole time I was there. It was nice."

"Are you going to see him again?"

Blaine chuckles. "No. It was mutually agreed that it was a summer thing."

"I'm so jealous," Kurt sighs, "I want a summer fling. I want a fall fling. I just want a fricken fling."

"You will," Blaine assures. "Now, enough about me, tell me about your month."

"Boring. Boring. Boring. And, oh yeah, boring. Finn and Rachel sucked face, Mercedes and I went shopping. The usual. But enough about my boring month- didja buy me something?"

Blaine chuckles and grabs a bag off the desk. He tosses it to Kurt. "Of course I did."

Kurt squeals like the little kid he totally is on the inside and Blaine sits down next to him on the bed, content.

He pulls a small, plush Pinnocchio doll out of the bag, then looks at Blaine.


"What?" Blaine asks, chuckling. "I saw it and I immediately thought of you. What with the fact that you used to look a lot like that little guy."

Which, Blaine can't help but notice, is definitely not the case anymore. Kurt really grew over the summer, losing his baby-fat and growing a couple inches. He, well, he's a lot more attractive now.

And then he tells himself to stop because he's over Kurt, remember?

Kurt groans. "You're lucky I like you."

Blaine just smiles.

After Kurt leaves and the Anderson family gets through a no longer as awkward still kind of awkward dinner, Blaine drives over to Rachel's house.

She opens the door and tackles him in a hug.

"Blane! Oh my goodness, I'm so happy to see you. How was vacation?"

She drags him into the living room and forces him down on the couch. He chuckles.

"It was great. I went to Disney world. And before you ask, yes, I brought you back something."

She beams.

"Also," And he can't stop the mega-wide grin from popping up on his face, "I met someone."

"Ooh. Do tell."

"His name is Adam. We had some fun dates and then we went our separate ways. Just a fun summer fling."

"Are you still in love with Kurt?" she asks quietly.

He shakes his head. "I was never in love with Kurt, Rachel. But, I no longer have feelings for him. We've already talked through the awkward parts earlier in the summer, where I saw his points and we agreed not to let anything mess up our friendship. And, now, after Adam- I'm more sure than ever that Kurt and I can be just friends."

"Okay," she smiles, "Good. I'm very happy for you Blaine. Now. What did you buy me?"

Blaine chuckles and pulls a small bag out of his coat pocket. It's a princess crown, because, honestly nothing suits Rachel more.

Blaine is accosted by Jacob-Ben Israel when he walks inside the school.

It's his first day back in McKinley High and it's definitely not off to a good start when Jacob thrusts a microphone in his face.

"What do you say about the rumors that you hooked up with a pool boy over the summer?"

Blaine stares. "What?"

"And rumors that you are completely and totally in love with Kurt Hummel?"

"Uh, false," Blaine says, "To both accounts."

He's saved from answering another question when Kurt walks by. Their eyes meet and they exchange smiles until Jacob chases Kurt into the men's room.

A second later, he pops out and makes a grand speech about seeing saying things to his face.

Then Azimio slushies him.

Looks like another year of this stuff.

Kurt wipes away as much of the red dye as he can before he's pushed gently into the bathroom.

"This feels very familiar," Blaine quips.

Kurt grins despite everything. "This is the best welcome back I've ever gotten."

Blaine pulls a washcloth out of his own bag. Kurt notices.

"You've learned. I'm so proud."

The shorter boy rolls his eyes and wets the cloth. "Yeah, yeah."

He starts to gently clean off Kurt's face. The taller boy's eyes search him carefully.

"It's a good thing you got over…you know…otherwise this would be awkward."

Blaine pauses. Kurt closes his eyes.

"Or I just made it awkward. I'm sorry, I-"

"Kurt, it's fine," Blaine smiles assuredly. "It's not awkward, it never was awkward."

"Good," Kurt says.

Blaine finishes and rinses off the washcloth as best as he can.

"I'll see you in glee later?"

Kurt nods. "Definitely."

They need more members.

Rachel declares that more people equals more dance moves and enough to impress the judges and beat Vocal Adrenaline.

Mr. Schue, having read Jacob's blog, settles on a newer song for them to sing, to entice people to join.

And that's how Blaine finds himself in the courtyard, dressed in baggy jeans and bling, singing 'Empire State of Mind'

No one really takes notice of them. Which sucks because it only means they're still on the bottom. At least nobody threw anything at them.

Blaine is the first to stand.

"I need to get out of his outfit now."

Kurt is quick to join him. "I agree. These jeans? Way too baggy. And I hate bling."

"I like the hair though," Blaine says, and ruffles it as if to prove his point.

Kurt sends him a death glare. "Do. Not. Touch. The hair."

Blaine grins. "Excuse me."

Kurt sighs. "I suppose you're excused."

The new football coach kind of scares Blaine.

She cuts everyone right off the bat and starts tryouts completely over. Which could be a good thing, Blaine thinks, as maybe there's a slim chance Karofsky could be cut.

He notices a new face in the locker-room. A blonde haired, big lipped new face and he thinks he's kind of cute.

He notices Finn shooting looks at him too which weirds him out a little because, Finn, you're straight right?

Then pizzas randomly show up and they're forced to eat four slices.

The first ten to puke are off the team.

Yeah. She's definitely crazy.

"I changed my mind," Rachel announces as she walks up to Blaine later that day. "We don't need new members. We're fine."

"What did you do?"

"What?" Rachel sputters. "Why do you think? I, I just feel that our family shouldn't welcome anyone else. What if we get another gay boy and he swipes Kurt right from under your nose."

"First, Rachel, shut up. Second, I don't have feelings for Kurt. I got over him, as you well know. Third, don't spread that. You know I don't want the whole school to know."

She frowns. "Sorry. I just feel that our glee club is filled enough. We don't need anyone else. Especially girls who are shorter than me with a maybe slightly better voice."


"Nothing," Rachel shakes her head. Then beams as Finn walks up to them.

The taller boy leans down to kiss her and then grins at Blaine.

"Hey, you doing anything right now?"


"Impromptu guys meeting in the choir room in like five minutes okay?"

Then he continues to suck face with Rachel.

So, cute boy is in the choir room when Blaine walks in.

"I heard him sing in the locker room," Finn says quietly. "Asked him to tryout."

"Oh, that's why you were looking at him."



The cute boy's name is Sam Evans. He likes comic books and turns a sex joke around on Puck. The boys instantly approve.

They approve even more when he starts singing 'Billionaire' and sounds really, really good.

Blaine and Puck grab guitars and rock out behind Sam, playing a guitar of his own, and Artie handles all the rapping.

Sam is impressed. He'll audition again.


"Who's this Sunshine girl that Rachel is terrified of?"

Blaine looks up from his textbook. He and Kurt are doing homework in Kurt's kitchen.


"Rachel came into the choir room with some lame story about how she didn't want a girl to join glee club because she's a really good singer and could possibly damage mine and Mercedes' chances at getting solos."

"Huh. She never mentioned a name, but she did mention a girl," he sighs. "Oh, Rachel."

"I figured if anyone can get through to her, it's you," Kurt explains. "Other than Finn, you are the only one with the cure for Rachel-crazy."

Blaine chuckles. "It's a job title I'm proud of, I assure you."

"Sometimes she just needs a silencio charm."

Blaine freezes. Looks at Kurt who does not look at him.

"You finally watched Harry Potter?"

Kurt shrugs. "I gave it a shot while you were gone."

"And?" Blaine prompts.

"It was fine."

"Just fine, Kurt-"

"Alright," And Kurt finally looks up, grinning broadly. "It was amazing."

Blaine beams. "I told you. We need to get together and watch them all soon. We can make comments the whole time!"

Kurt sighs. "You're such a nerd."

Blaine just sticks his tongue out at him.

Blaine's in the locker room the next day when Finn wheels Artie inside, announcing that the crippled boy planned on trying out for the football team.

Coach Bieste loses her shit.

She starts screaming at Finn about how this is such a joke and why was he trying to make her look stupid and then she's kicking him off the team and Blaine can't stop himself from interfering.

"Coach, Finn wasn't trying to-"

She turns on him. "Not another word, Anderson, or you're out just like him."

Finn catches his eye over her shoulder. Shakes his head once. Blaine steps back.

"She just kicked him off the team? That's cold."

Kurt is at his locker with Blaine, who just disclosed the events from the locker room.

"I wanted to step in but Finn wouldn't let me. You should have seen his face, he was crushed."

Kurt sighs. "This year is really starting to feel worse than last year."

Before Blaine can answer, Santana storms by, her eyes focused on Quinn. The boys watch as the girls begin to snap, then yell, then fight.

"Should we…should we try to break it up?" Blaine asks.

Kurt shrugs. "Push comes to shove, Santana kills Quinn and then we are free from her for good."

Mr. Schue breaks it up before anything can really happen.

Rachel sent Sunshine to a crack house.


Blaine finds her pouting in the choir room after word gets out. She's sitting at the piano and playing a few of the keys. He sinks down next to her.

"Are you here to yell at me too?"

"Rachel. You sent a girl to a crack house. You're lucky Schue didn't call the cops on you."

"It wasn't an active one, Blaine!"

He stares at her. She sighs. "Not the best defense, I know. I just…I didn't want to be upstaged Blaine. What if she's so amazing that everyone loves her and I stop getting solos and then the club doesn't need me? I'm convinced the only reason they haven't demanded me kicked out is because I have talent. Then this girl will come along and be better and they won't want me anymore."

Blaine wraps an arm around her shoulders and brings her closer.

"Look, I can't promise that they all love you. And I can't say you didn't mess up because you did, Rach. But even if there's a club wide vote to kick you out, I'll stand behind you and make sure they keep you in, okay?"

She sniffles and looks at him with watery eyes. "Thank you, Blaine. That means a lot to me."

"Of course, Rach."

So, Sam balks on his audition after seeing the treatment Finn's got and Sunshine somehow got drafted by Vocal Adrenaline.

So they don't have any new members.

Mercedes is beyond angry.

"Sunshine was amazing. Okay, she blew us all away with her audition and Rachel had to ruin it for us. She is such a freaking diva."

Kurt opens his mouth, like he might agree and start bitching too. But then he glances at Blaine, who looks like he really wants to say something but is trying to not upset the somewhat truce he and Mercedes had managed to make.

"'Cedes, stop," Kurt says quietly.

"What? Kurt, she-"

"I know. She messed up. But being angry isn't going to fix anything, okay? So we're going to get over it and work to forgive her. Okay?"

She looks unhappy with this but agrees.

"Thanks," Blaine says quietly.

"I figure I'll try to be nicer to her this year, considering she's like your biff or something."

"Well, I would hope my two best friends get along."

"'Best friend'? Blaine, I am flattered."

"As you should be," Blaine agrees.

Kurt hits his shoulder. Then he gets up and joins Mercedes and Mike as they start doing some dances. He twirls a little and Blaine can't help but chuckle.

He's already predicting it will be an insane year. And he can't wait.

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