Reid's really tired, and the sons of ipswitch have got to find out what is going on before they lose one of their own forever. I tried to make it like an episode… but that did not turn out quite as planned… lol.


Sleeping Goldilocks


Reid woke with a start, feeling sated and drained; like he had just had a really good night of sex. He lay there for a moment, looking at the darkened ceiling of his room and wondered idly if the dream meant he needed to go out and find a girl for the night.

He had always had a bit of a reputation, started when he'd first had sex when he was fifteen and they'd been caught by a teacher of all people, but most of the girls (and boys) knew him to be more of a flirt, he never had relationships, and he rarely had one night stands, but the rumours of him being a love them and leave them continued.

He glanced sideways as his clock and groaned when he saw it was nearly four in the morning. He'd never get back to sleep now and not run the risk of being late for school. Tyler never got up on time, not even when all the alarms under the sun went off right beside his ear. Sometimes Reid thought that he was deaf.

With a groan he pushed off the blanket and swung his legs off the bed and stood… or tried to. He was hit by a wave of dizziness and was very glad the bed was there or the fall might have hurt. "Fuck I must be tired." He said, and pushed himself up again. This time he stayed standing and made his way to his desk.

Another rumour, founded and fuelled because of the way he dressed and how he behaved was that Reid didn't do well at school; a rumour that would have been proved wrong if anyone had ever bothered to watch him during class, but even then they probably thought he was doodling and not taking notes. Reid pulled out his literature notes, and flicked through to the essay questions. They weren't due until Monday, but he had the time to spare. He wondered if Mr. Jacobs would be pissed if he handed in one on the Dreamcatcher?

With a wicked grin he decided he was going to find out.



"Where's Reid?" Pogue asked, taking a seat at their usual table.

Tyler waited until Caleb had taken his seat before answering. "He said he'd meet us here. Had some things to do again."

"He's been working real hard on that house." Pogue nodded, satisfied with that explanation.

"Why is he doing that?" Caleb asked. Since he had apologised to Reid a week ago, he had been doing his best not to leap to conclusions on the things the blond did. He didn't know if Reid had noticed it yet, but Pogue definitely had, and it was nice not to have 'Mama Bear' watching any interaction he ad with Reid with disapproval.

"Kept him out of his Uncle's for the summer." Tyler answered easily.
Caleb frowned. He knew Reid hated having to live with his uncle, he could remember the evening his father had come home furious, already looking like a 60 year old man, but he had looked older that night. He had learned from Pogue the following day that all their fathers had converged on the Garwin manor to talk to Daniel Garwin about his treatment of his nephew.

"His uncle laid it on him this summer." Tyler said, a look of disgust on his face. "Reid reckons the bastard will kick him out as soon as his birthday comes."

Caleb was silent, he had heard nothing of this, and that disturbed him, because Reid had always come to him, at least, he had. He sighed and worried that maybe he was a little too late to start making amends.

"Did he say he'd be long?" Pogue asked, keeping Caleb from sinking too deeply into his worries.

Tyler shrugged. "I'm not sure, he had to go back to the dorms to clean up."


Reid didn't show up.



"Reid!" Tyler said with a frown, giving his roommate a shake.

All he received was a groan before Reid reached to pull his blankets over his head. "Go'way Ty'er."

Tyler frowned. "Where were you last night man? We waited for you until way after midnight."

Reid groaned again and peeked out, and Tyler was surprised to see dark rings round his eyes, like he hadn't slept at all. "I…" Reid frowned. "Sorry man; I just got back and crashed." He shifted in the bed. "Let me sleep." He said.

Tyler reached out, but aborted the movement. "When did you get in?" he asked instead.

"Don't know." Reid groused, hiding again. "After eight."

Tyler watched him drift off to sleep again in some concern. He'd been noticing Reid looking more and more tired since Monday, but Reid always managed to avoid his questions; or made his responses lewd enough that Tyler didn't want to hear more.

But he was starting to get worried. If he wasn't looking better by Monday he would mention it to Caleb and Pogue.



Tyler had forgone his usual seat beside Reid to sit beside Caleb and Pogue this morning, but he doubted Reid would even notice; his friend was looking a little too glassy eyed to notice anything much at all. Reid had woken up from a long sleep on Saturday looking more tired than anyone had the right to be, it had been as bad on Sunday, and this morning Tyler had been awake before him. It had been a mad dash to get to class on time.

Something's wrong with Reid. He scrawled on a page he'd torn out of his book.

Caleb's head spun round when he read it to look at Reid, who was dozing with his head down; it was a wonder the teacher hadn't called him on it, but then, Mr. Jacobs had always liked his most rambunctious student, he gave Reid far more leeway in class that any other student.

"What do you mean?" Pogue whispered.

Tyler was already scribbling out his explanation, and pushed it over to his friends when he was done.

"We'll talk to him after class." Caleb said.

After class the three stood and converged around their fourth, he was sleeping, his head pillowed on his arms.

"Is he ok?" Kate asked from behind them, having noticed their concerned looks.

Pogue turned to her with a disarming smile, he had still not found the courage to tell her about being a witch, or about what really had happened all those weeks ago. He had sworn Sarah to silence on the matter, but he knew he would have to tell her soon. "Just a late night." He said.

Kate smiled, knowing Reid well enough to believe that statement.

Tyler had reached out to give Reid a shake, and Reid bolted upright with a start, blinking rapidly. It took longer than anyone expected for him to realise they were there; and a beat more before he smirked at them disarmingly, but it was tired looking.

"Shit, you couldn't have waited another minute. Was just getting to the good part." He gave a lewd leer, but it fell short and he yawned, blinking fast again and looking at them. "What's the matter?" he asked, noticing their concerned looks for the first time.

"You've been sleeping for over an hour." Pogue told him.

"So, had a late night." Reid told him glibly.

"You were asleep by six." Tyler said, cutting through his lie.

Caleb spoke next. "What's going on Reid?" he asked. A little of the old emotion leaked in, and Reid went on the immediate defensive; but he seemed more awake at least.

"I'm not using!" he snapped out.

"Using?" Kate asked, reminding the sons of her continued presence.

Reid groaned. "Fuck!"

Caleb bit back a characteristic rebuttal, and instead sent Pogue a look, Pogue nodded and lead Kate away. Caleb turned back to Reid. "I never said you were using Reid; but something is going on with you. So, talk to us, what the hell is wrong?"

Reid eyed him warily, and Caleb could feel him judging his level of concern. Either he passed inspection, or Reid was really just too tired. "Nothing's wrong. In fact, everything's just great… or would be if I was getting to have as much sex in real life as I'm getting in my dreams." Then he blinked again and glanced round. "Is class over?" he asked.

Tyler and Caleb shared a looked. "Yeah Reid, class is over." Tyler said.

Reid pushed himself up, and swayed, nearly falling before catching himself. "Cool then. Do I have time for a quick nap before History?" he joked.

Caleb and Tyler didn't laugh, because it was obvious that there was something very wrong with their youngest. Caleb looked at Tyler and sighed. "Make sure Goldilocks gets back to bed, I'll explain to Miss Green."

Tyler nodded, and hovered as Reid slowly made his way down the stairs and towards the door.


"Is Reid doing drugs?" Kate asked. "That makes a scary kind of sense… You're not doing drugs are you?" she demanded, spinning on Pogue and glaring.

Pogue knew he couldn't hide it any longer; but he couldn't afford to discuss this here. "Kate, Reid's not on drugs. He doesn't even drink. But there is something I need to tell you. Can we talk later?"

Kate looked at him, studied him intently, and finally she nodded. "Ok. But this had better be good Pogue."

Pogue nodded, not sure if he should be presumptuous enough to give her a kiss, but thankfully she took the decision out of his hands and leaned up and gave his cheek a peck before heading to her next class.



Caleb looked around the circle, his eyes lingering on the drooping figure of Reid; his condition had been getting worse everyday., and it was getting harder and harder to wake him in the mornings, and to keep him awake during the day. He'd been sent to the nurse four times in three days, and no one had found a reason for his lethargy. He had an appointment with the doctor set for Friday. However, the son's didn't think it would be anything the doctors could explain.

"Put away the phone Pogue!" Tyler snapped, uncharacteristic, but he had been the one dealing with Reid the most while Caleb and Pogue researched whatever might be causing this.

"She hasn't called." Pogue said.

Reid let out a hoarse laugh. "Nice to know I'm top of the list." He said.

Pogue looked across at him with a scowl. "You are you moron! But this is important too. What if she—"

"She's put up with your sorry ass for Years Pogue. Kate'll be cool with this. Trust her." Reid said, leaning back on his seat, closing his eyes, clearly exhausted.

"I think I know what's causing this." Caleb said, to stop any further talk on the matter. Pogue could not be trusted to remain rational when Kate was involved, he had proven that clearly during the Chase fiasco.

"What?" Tyler asked, glad for any lead that would help his friend.

"A succubus."

"Succubus?" Pogue asked.

"They attach themselves to the dreams of young men, and then drain their life-force through their dreams. Usually they man dies after the first three feedings. That's what the book says." Caleb said.

"So why am I still alive?" Reid asked.

Caleb shook his head. "All I can think is that because Reid isn't ascended, and won't be for another 9 months, his power isn't his life yet, so the Succubus is draining it. It has a food source that won't fully deplete until he ascends, and when that happens he'll die."

"He's still in the room." Reid pointed out; though his voice was quiet.

"What do we do?" Tyler asked.

"The book says we can't kill it while it's in his dreams. We need to lure it out, so that it will attack him physically." Caleb said, looking worried.

"And how do we do that?" Pogue asked, feeling his worry rise.

Caleb looked at Reid for a long moment before shifting his gaze to the others. "We need to keep Reid awake. If he's not asleep then it can't feed; it'll have to come into the open to get him, and then we can stop it."

All three looked at Reid, who was already breathing heavily, already sleeping.

"How long?" Tyler asked.

"Hopefully no longer than 24 hours." Caleb replied.

"Fuck…" Pogue said, drawing a hand through his hair. "That's gonna be hard Caleb."

Caleb nodded. "There's no other way."



"Fuck man!" Reid croaked hoarsely. "Just fuck off and let me sleep!"

"No can do Reid." Pogue said.

Reid growled, but it was clear he was reaching the end of his tether, despite how well he was taking this. Much longer and he would really break his top. But they couldn't let him even close his eyes for more than a blink. Succubi could induce coma's Caleb had read, and then it would have free reign over Reid until he was dead; and they couldn't let that happen.

Reid was their Goldilocks to their Three Bears. It had been a running gag between them from they were kids. Caleb had been dubbed Papa Bear, and Pogue had been gifted with the Mama Bear title; Tyler was their Baby Bear; mostly because it annoyed him, and because Reid had refused to be the Baby of the group any more than he had to be.

It didn't mean that Reid was an outsider to their circle, or that he wasn't part of their family, it just meant that he needed closer watching, because if any of them were going to get into trouble, it was going to be Reid.

"Come on Reid, tell me about that book your reading."

Reid turned red eyes to him, and tried hard to pretend he wasn't on the verge of tears. "Dreamcatcher?"

"Yeah, that one." Pogue said.

"'Bout four guys, sorta like us." Reid started, his voice painful to hear. "Only I get to be Jonesy."

Pogue smiled. "Why?"

"'Cause he survives." Reid grinned tiredly.

Pogue laughed.



"Should it be taking so long?" Tyler asked.

Caleb shrugged.

"Does this mean it's not a succubus?" Tyler pressed.

"I don't know Tyler."

"Do you think it might be something… you know… not magic?"

Something they couldn't fix.

"No." Caleb said firmly; because he would fix this somehow.




There was a knock at the door, Pogue frowned at the others, who shrugged. Reid was really struggling now, after three days, and it took constant shaking, poking, prodding, and gallons of coffee and freezing showers to keep him awake.

He stood to answer the door, tensing as he did just in case it happened to be the succubus, but the door opened to reveal Kate.

"Kate?" he said, surprised and nervous.

She fidgeted anxiously on the threshold.

"Kate, now isn't really the best time." He said, though he was so relieved to see her it was nearly overwhelming.

"Oh." Said Kate. "I just… I just wanted to…"

"Told you so…" said Reid, his voice now thready and weak.

"Reid? Are you ok?" Kate asked, peering round Pogue and gasping when she saw Reid. "God, you look like hell!"

Reid laughed.

And that was when it all went to hell.


Caleb and Tyler were thrown into the wall, Pogue was thrown forward and into Kate and out of the room, and by the time they were able to stand again and get their bearings the Succubus was already on Reid, it's clawed fingers under his shirt and toying along his skin as it's body moved in a thrust against his, making him arch and moan.

"Shit!" Tyler yelled.

As one, the three drew on their power, and hit the succubus with everything they had. Their desperation to save their brother lending them the strength to blow the creature to smithereens.

And then it was over, just like that it was over.

Caleb approached the bed, worry etched on his features. Reid wasn't moving.

His eyes were closed, but he looked relaxed.

"Caleb?" Pogue asked; an arm around Kate, who was looking at them all wide eyed and frightened, but at least, not of them… at least Pogue hoped not.

"I don't know… we'll have to wait for him to wake up."

"And if he doesn't?" Tyler asked, a waver in his voice.

Caleb shrugged helplessly. What could they do?



Reid opened his eyes slowly, blinking at his ceiling. For the first time in a long, long time he felt rested, and honest to god awake. He turned his head to look at his clock, but was arrested at the sight of his friends arranged around the room. Kate was sprawled on the bed, with Pogue next to her, Tyler had made himself comfortable on the floor, and Caleb was draped over the chair. He wondered idly where Sarah was; before some vague memory of her mother getting sick filtered into his brain… Caleb had made a big deal about it at the time.

He blinked, a wicked grin spreading across his face.

Very slowly he eased himself out from under his blankets and set his feet on the floor.

It was time for his brothers to have a rude awakening… it would serve them right for all the things they had done to him when trying to keep him awake the past few days.

He tiptoes quietly into the on suite toilet and turned on the tap… This would be fun.

The end (of this story)

I hope you enjoyed. There will be more onshot things in this. Like Pogues discussion with kate, and maybe some more information of Reids family situation, and perhaps a little kid fic to further explain the goldilocks and the three bears. (I am one of those who like the idea of Reid being the youngest, and this just explained away why Tyler is called Baby Boy in the film lol)

I hope you enjoyed. If you feel anything needs clarified let me know, I may rework this chapter if people don't think it makes sense as it is.