What does snow become when it melts?

It becomes spring.

I was like the cold snow and he was my spring.

For the first time in my life I felt like I had been forgiven,

Felt like I had been given a chance at happiness.

I felt like my curse had been lifted.

There was no way I could know my curse had not yet made it's strength known.

I could not foresee how my curse could destroy someone so completely.

My spring soon turned to fall,

Skipping the happy summer altogether.

Then before I knew it winter was again descending,

Freezing my happiness and killing it forever.

For my happiness I just ended up hurting the one I loved,

That was part of my curse

And I could not deal with the consequences.

So I had to erase myself completely from his mind

And with it my happiness was erased with him.

My eternal winter surrounded me

Inspired by Hotori's story from Fruits Basket