He found me again in my disguise.

He threatened my life,

And he didn't even know why.

I tried to run from him

Through all of the petals falling down.

It seemed I had lost him,

Even though I had really been found.

I stopped on a bridge

And cried with all my might.

I loved him but it was hopeless

And he didn't even know why.

I stopped suddenly,

And knew what I would find.

I turned around slowly

And saw his face shine.

He was a couple feet behind me

And he finally found.

The person he had been searching for

Lying there on the ground.

I stood up hesitantly,

I did not recognize the look in his eye.

I moved to go,

Through I shouldn't even have tried.

He was there in a moment,

Holding me tight.

He didn't release me,

No matter how much I tried.

He grip slackened for a moment

And that moment turned to bliss.

When he pulled me against him

For our one true first kiss.

I didn't struggle at all,

I wanted it so much.

His lips were upon mine

And I didn't make a fuss.

There were fireworks overhead

And we watched them together.

I will never forget the time we shared,

I will never be without him.

Inspired by Romeo X Juliet Episode 7.