Very well, let's get this started. I will do my best to write, though don't expect perfection. Constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged. If there is anything you believe can be improved, please point it out.

Also, big thanks to SuperHyperMario128III for his support.



"There has to be a way," the human said, prancing around nervously. "There has to be someone still that-"

"There aren't," Sonic the Hedgehog replied as he shook his head, sounding utterly defeated. "I checked. I'm sorry. This is the only thing we can do now."

The hedgehog glanced at Doctor Robotnik, who knelt on the floor, formerly powerful, now powerless. There wasn't a hint of emotion on his face. If he felt any fear like most people would in his position, he did not show it.

The other man, who was carrying a pistol in his holster, stopped moving, silently thinking about what Sonic had proposed. What he believed in. The man decided he did not agree.

"No," he spoke, shaking his head ferociously. "It isn't." The man pulled out his Smith & Wesson as he walked towards Robotnik from behind, trigger in finger. "I'm sorry, Sonic."

As he brought up his weapon to Robotnik's head, just a foot away, Sonic rushed towards the two humans with horror in his eyes. "No! Wait!" He came in physical contact with the shooter just as a loud gunshot was heard.