I loved you, but I ran from you just the same.

I thought you would compare me to her.

We had the same name,

Just a different face,

Not to mention that we were in a different place.

She had died so many years ago

But I saw it in your eyes,

Something that I couldn't deny

And something that you couldn't hide.

I didn't want to spend my life trying to live up to her.

I was my own person

With a different past

Who wants your heart

So that I couls hold onto it fast.

How will I know that it is I that you love?

You have your memories

You can't change the past

But you have love right in front of you

And if you wait it won't last.

There are too few people in this world

That get a second chance

Too few people that get to have love again.

Inspired by Chobits episode 24 with the relationship between Yumi and Hiroyasu Ueda.