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Naruto Uzumaki has never been the star of a Quidditch team, scoring points while riding a broom far above the ground. He knows no spells, has never fought to keep a highly important jutsu scroll from falling into the hands of evil, and has never known what it was like to feel like he truly belonged somewhere or by someone apart from his grandfather, who he hardly gets to see.

All he knows is a miserable life, living in a village where nobody apart from a small handful of people want anything to do with him. Naruto's house is a small and uncomfortable apartment run by an angry middle-aged landlord who abuses him and overcharges for his rent out of blind contempt.

But all of that is about to change when a mysterious young man by the name of Harry Potter from another world arrives with the promise to keep him happy, safe, and to teach him everything he knows about the ancient and noble art of magic and sorcery.

It is within the mind of the beholder that Naruto finds not only friends, family, love, aerial sports, and magic from his classes and to his dreams, but a great and extraordinary destiny that's been waiting for him … that is if Naruto can survive the first encounter.

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Chapter 1: Prologue

High up above the mayhem and carnage that ensued for the past six hours, on the Astronomy Tower where Albus Dumbledore was killed under a year ago, Harry Potter and Tom Marvolo Riddle were engaged in mortal combat.

Voldemort flicked the Elder Wand at Harry, conjuring a series of black serpents to erupt from the tip and wrap themselves around the young man's body, before they constricted and turned into black cloth. Harry cursed, the hawthorn wand still clenched tightly in his fist, he let it happen while Voldemort's ropes pulled him right under his nose-less face. The two wizards stared at each other right in the eye. Voldemort scoffed at this boy, denying the fact that he had successfully discovered his secret and destroyed each and every one of his Horcruxes with the help of friends and loved ones. All of it still useless, the Elder Wand was in his hands now and he would slay him right here and now at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry…. Or at least what remained of it.

Voldemort grasped Harry's face with his left hand, took the time to observe the scar he had left on his forehead and then asked him in a cold voice, "Why do you live?"

"Because I have something worth living for…" the young man grunted back angrily.

Suddenly, the ropes turned into black smoke and Harry broke free. He blasted Voldemort out of the inside of the tower and sprinted after him with all his might. Voldemort recovered at edge of the tower against the railing and let out a terrible shout of frustration. Harry suddenly saw a large blue jet from another curse zoom out from the tip of the Elder Wand. He took the hawthorn wand and slashed the air, hitting the blue curse and sending it off to the side to blast into even more castle stone. Harry ran at Voldemort once again only to be struck by an unexpected blow. Harry hit his back against the stone ledge painfully, only to be grasped by the collar of his dirty, light-blue shirt by the Dark Lord's spider-like fingers.

Harry felt Voldemort Disapparate them both away from the tower and when both of them reached solid ground again, he looked around to see them both returned to the Viaduct Courtyard outside the Great Hall. There were people all around the courtyard, staring at them both and not making a sound to disturb either of them. Harry focused on the fight and looked at Voldemort in time to be blasted by another curse by him. Voldemort hadn't hit him with the Killing Curse again, he wanted to toy with him before he struck the final blow. Harry hit his back against the remains of a stone balustrade at the edge of the courtyard. He looked back and saw below him the large chasm that lead into the lake. Harry took a deep and much-needed breath before he stood back up and saw Voldemort standing over him again. Harry tried to hide his hidden desire, intent on surprising the Dark Lord with what he had in store for him. While at the same time tried to hide the fear of a possible death alongside this killer with what he planned. Harry actually half-smiled at the man that had murdered his parents and friends, taking the Dark Lord by surprise.

Harry said, "C'mon, Tom. Let's finish this the way we started it… TOGETHER!"

The young man then wrapped his arm around Voldemort's neck and grabbed his robes before he tossed them both off the edge, intent on killing them both. As the audience watched this horrific sight, Ginny ran out of the crowd only to be stopped by her father and Bill.

"NO!" she screamed as she watched Harry fall.

Voldemort yelled as the two of them plummeted down towards the unforgiving, rocky earth beneath them. The Dark Lord was actually scared; his existence was, for the first time since he was in school, in mortal peril. In an act of desperation, he focused as much magic as he could and Disapparated them both back to the courtyard. When they returned to the courtyard, everybody backed off as much as possible and watched intently again. Ginny, having been crying at possibility of losing her love, stopped and a look of hope rose in her angelus face.

Voldemort and Harry broke apart from each other, giving the other more than enough room to start dueling again. They both blasted twin curses at each other and were once again locked by a golden beam of pure light. As Voldemort tried his best to push his curse forward, Harry's continued to advance and begun to overcome the Dark Lord. As if they were thinking the same thing, they both broke away their spells and took a second to breath.

Voldemort snarled at Harry, still seeing him standing tall and very much alive, "How could Dumbledore's last plan have possibly backfired on me, Potter?"

Voldemort's hand was trembling on the Elder Wand, and Harry gripped Draco's wand very tightly. The moment, he knew, was seconds away.

"That wand still isn't working properly for you because you murdered the wrong person. Severus Snape was never the true master of the Elder Wand. He never defeated Dumbledore."

"He killed-"

"Aren't you listening? Snape never beat Dumbledore! Dumbledore's death was planned between them! Dumbledore intended to die undefeated, the wand's last true master! If all had gone as planned, the wand's power would have died with him, because it had never been won from him!"

"But then, Potter, Dumbledore as good as gave me the wand!" Voldemort's voice shook with malicious pleasure, "I stole the wand from its last master's tomb! I removed it against its master's wishes! Its power is mine!"

"You still don't get it, Riddle, do you? Possessing the wand isn't enough! Holding it, using it, doesn't make it really yours. Didn't you listen to Ollivander? The wand chooses the wizard… The Elder Wand recognized a new master before Dumbledore died, someone who never even laid a hand on it. The new master removed the wand from Dumbledore against his will, never realizing exactly what he had done, or that the world's most dangerous wand had given him its allegiance…"

Voldemort's chest rose and fell rapidly, and Harry could feel the curse coming, feel it building inside the wand pointed at his face.

"The true master of the Elder Wand was Draco Malfoy."

Blank shock showed in Voldemort's face for a moment, but then it was gone.

"But what does it matter?" he said softly, "Even if you are right, Potter, it makes no difference to you and me. You no longer have the phoenix wand: We duel on skill alone… after I have killed you, I can attend to Draco Malfoy…"

"But you're too late," said Harry, "You've missed your chance. I got there first. I overpowered Draco weeks ago. I took this wand from him."

Harry twitched the hawthorn wand, and he felt the eyes of everyone in the courtyard upon it.

"So it all comes down to this, doesn't it?" whispered Harry, "Does the wand in your hand know its last master was Disarmed? Because if it does… I am the true master of the Elder Wand."

A red-gold glow burst suddenly across the sky above them as an edge of dazzling sun appeared over the wall of the crumbling eastern edge of the courtyard. The light hit both of their faces at the same time, so that Voldemort's was suddenly a flaming blur. Harry heard the high voice shriek as he too yelled his best to hope to the heavens, pointing Draco's wand:

"Avada Kedavra!"


The bang was like a cannon blast, and the golden flames that erupted between them, at the dead center of the circle they had been trading, marked the point where the spells collided. Harry saw Voldemort's green jet meet his own spell, where they were locked as they were back at Little Hangleton and in the skies above Little Whinging. They pushed their spells back at one another; both wizards fell to their knees putting in more and more power into their spells. Voldemort let out one last yell, whether it was out of victory or anguish, Harry would never know. When he saw the Elder Wand fly out of Tom Riddle's hand and high, dark against the sunrise, spinning across the sky like the head of Nagini, spinning through the air toward the master it would not kill, who had come to take full possession of it at last. And Harry, with the unerring skill of the Seeker, caught the wand in his free hand as Voldemort fell back up on his feet, arms splayed, the slit pupils of the scarlet eyes rolling upward. Suddenly, Voldemort had been transformed. Upon being hit with his own Killing Curse, he met the same fate as his old host, Quirinus Quirrell, when he burst into flames for a split second before turning into ash and crumbled apart.

Voldemort was dead.

Killed by his own rebounding curse, and Harry stood with two wands in his hand, staring down at his enemy's remains.

One shivering second of silence later, the shock of the moment suspended: and then the tumult broke around Harry as screams and cheers and the roars of the watchers rent the air. The fierce new sun dazzled against the windows and remaining stone walls of the castle as they all thundered toward him, and the first to reach him were Ron and Hermione, and it was their arms that were wrapped around him, their incomprehensible shouts that deafened him. Then Ginny, Neville, and Luna were there, and then all the Weasleys with Hagrid, Kingsley, and McGonagall and Flitwick and Sprout, and Harry could not hear a word that anyone was shouting, nor tell whose hands were seizing him in his brown coat, pulling him, trying to hug some part of him, hundreds of them pressing in, all of them determined to touch the Boy Who Lived, the reason it was over at last-

But then something happened inside of Harry's body. His heart muscles, from all the running, sprinting, Apparation, curse and spell casting, were torn to shreds, causing him to fall into induced arrhythmia. Harry's heart beat irregularly and eventually stopped. The young man halted in his steps, doubled over in agonizing pain, and then coughed up an entire puddle of blood. Harry fell to the ground and everyone except for his closest friends backed away to give him room. The deafening shouts of victory all of a sudden stopped at hearing the sounds coming from Harry and gasped silently at seeing him cough and collapse onto the stairs of the destroyed Entrance Hall.

Ginny grabbed Harry carefully and held him gently in her arms, "Harry? What is it? What's wrong?"

Harry felt it and at once, he knew that he had lost. He swore to himself mentally and smiled despite himself and closed his eyes to add to the smile at Ginny.

"Its okay, Ginny… I'm just tired. I'll be fine."

Hermione fell to the ground and placed her ear against Harry's slow-moving chest and heard the sound of his heartbeat beat irregularly and heard a swish of liquid and a pop. Hermione quickly removed her head from her best friend and held her hand over her mouth and started to sob. Ron held her back up closely before whispering to her.

"What's wrong with him?" he asked.

Ginny and the others listened in as Hermione said chokingly, "Arrhythmia… I can't stop it…"

Tears formed in Ginny's eyes and she immediately went to work with her wand and tried to heal him with whatever medicinal spells she had read about for her N.E.W.T's. She figured it would be safe to know how to heal someone with a war coming and all. Harry coughed again and another gush of his blood came out his mouth. Desperate, she placed her black-colored wand on Harry's chest and conjured a greenish light at the tip of her wand nonverbally. Harry's chest almost became transparent while Ginny tried her best to repair the done damage. Ron shook his head in disbelief and looked to Hermione.

He begged desperately, "Hermione, y-your bag! D-don't you have anything that can help? Anything at all?"

Hermione collapsed into tears and shook her head, her beaded bag was probably destroyed somewhere in the ruins of the castle. Tears began to pour out from Ron's eyes and he looked to the professors for help.

"He won, didn't he? Why is this happening?" he shouted.

Ginny tried using the same spell again, trying to prevent Harry from going anywhere. She hardened herself and tried again, fully focused on reversing the damage and stop the bleeding. While this was happening, Harry found staying awake to become more and more difficult with each passing second. He had never felt so tired before in his entire life and he wanted nothing more than to just go to bed in his dormitory. He could hear Ginny become even more desperate and heard her telling him to stay awake for as long as possible. But it was getting increasingly difficult to do, while a small part of him wanted to give in to the approaching darkness. To just surrender and welcome Death as an old friend like in the Tales of Beedle the Bard. But then another part of him began to panic.

Had he not done his duty and fulfilled the stupid prophecy he had recited not five minutes ago? Was he destined to never know what it was like to live like a normal person?

No. He had to fight; he had to stay for Ginny and for his friends as well.

He couldn't give in no matter what. He reopened his eyes with what little strength he had left in his weak body and gazed up into Ginny's face. He looked up and still couldn't believe how beautiful she truly was, even with blood and dirt on her cheeks and in her hair. Harry could see her yelling and crying noiselessly while he could catch a glimpse of his best friend crying and pleading while he held onto Hermione. He caught a glimpse of Hagrid while he too cried giant tears of anguish along with the other professors and the Weasleys. Neville was holding close to Luna with the Sword of Gryffindor still clenched in his fist and the two of them cried while they saw their good friend slowly fade away.

Harry looked back into Ginny's face where his vision began to turn black all around him. He took whatever strength he had left in his arm and used it to reach out before he realized he could but then Ginny dropped her wand and grabbed his hand to hold the one that brushed against her face.

Harry smiled, "You… You're so beautiful, Ginerva Weasley…"

Ginny smiled sadly, embracing her less-than-likable full name with open arms and begged once again, "Hang on… Please, hang on, Harry…"

The girl clutched her lover's hand in her own desperately, half-smiling when she felt him squeeze back weakly. Despite his best wishes, Harry could feel the cold hand of death steadily grab at his soul and felt it as the strength became drained from his body. He smiled back up at Ginny again even when he felt her tear droplets fall down on his face.

Ron and Hermione dropped down across from Ginny and cried while they could see the life leaving Harry. Ron placed a warm hand down on Harry's shoulder and begged him one last time. Harry was the first real friend Ron had ever had in his life and he couldn't bear the thought of ever losing his best friend.

"No! Just relax, mate. We'll get you outta here and fix you right up, you'll see-Where the bloody hell is Madam Pomfrey!"

Several people called back for the school Healer to come at once, but it all proved to be useless.

Harry looked to Ron and also shared the exact same feeling as he was feeling. He reached out and called out to him with some of his last seconds remaining. Secretly, Harry slipped him the Elder Wand and had him tuck it away from sight without anyone noticing.

"Ron… I want you to take… to take care of everyone… Can you do that for me…?"

The redheaded man nodded with tears still pouring out his blue eyes and he sobbed before he looked back up to see Harry stretching out for his hand. Ron saw the cue and grabbed the hand of his best friend for all time.

He smiled at Ron and said, "… Love you… brother…"

With that Ron collapsed into a fit of tears and yelled quietly in anguish while Hermione held him. Harry then looked at everyone, Ginny more out of the crowd, being so close to him, and said with his final dying breath, "… I love you…"

Ginny bent down and sealed both hers and his lips together for one last bittersweet time, "I love you, too…"

Harry tried to respond back, but he no longer had any control over his body. His senses went numb, his body lost all feeling of cold and warm, his vision had gone completely, and with one final sigh his eyes slid shut as the world went dark and cold.

Sirius was right; death was like falling asleep only much easier.

The darkness went beyond from just clouding Harry's vision, it felt as if it went inside of him and threatened to overflow inside him. The dark oblivion consumed his very being. Untold darkness began to smother and crush him without pause. He felt as if he were now being crushed underneath the weight of the entire universe. With what he had left before he was totally gone, Harry tried to throw a part of himself back to the world he was leaving. He wanted to defy the laws of nature and return to the real world in the hopes that he would be able to live once more.

But then the weight of the darkness increased and he was pulled backward and it almost felt like he was thrown back across a field but he did not hit solid ground. He wasn't sure if he had heard a voice whisper to him, but if there were, he would imagine that it would say that he had made a mistake.

Before Harry could react or make one last attempt to return to the real world with his friends, he continued to soar backward as the weight became too unbearable to endure. A few seconds later all had been stopped and he was crushed. At that moment, he was no longer Harry Potter. In the space of one fraction of a second, all of Harry's memories had vanished. His memories of Private Drive, Voldemort, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Hogwarts were all gone from his mind like a blank book. All of his experiences of pain, suffering, anguish, love, joy, and even happiness were no longer there, exempting him of what made him human. Harry was no longer himself, as everything he knew and learned from his time living was whisked from him.

The being that was once called Harry Potter felt itself become tossed into deeper darkness until it was simply nowhere. The being's clothes had vanished upon its consumption into the realm of nothing and felt naked, even though he could not recall a previous experience. The being opened it's eyes and discovered that it was not in a place that was either pleasurable or agonizing, ruling out the possibility that it was in Heaven or Hell. The being, having a slight trace of it's former self left in him, rolled it's eyes. But it didn't matter either way, seeing as it couldn't truly feel anything anymore.

After a stretch of unknown periods of time, the being actually developed a genuine emotion and after some time thinking it over, it assumed that it felt bored to be dead. The being later decided that it wanted to change things and all at once, the darkness around it turned into a new realm, a realm of nothing but the color of white.

After another long period of time (the being now understanding the perception of time again) became bored for not being able to know anything apart from boredom and knowing what time was and what it felt like. The being in the realm of white-nothing wanted to learn. And just like that, books and scrolls filled to the brim about human understanding, memory, and just about everything one can possibly learn about being human came to it. The information spiraled around him as fast as a powerful typhoon and whizzed past him too fast to process, but because of his desire to learn, Harry took in and learned every single letter and word that he could possibly pick up. What's more, Harry even began to learn how to read and speak in a variety of languages as easily as he could read from the Standard Book of Spells, Grade One as the adult he was now restoring himself to be again.

After he took in so much information for countless years, bit by bit, Harry's human memories from when he was alive returned to him perfectly and he could even remember the finest details of his life as if he had watched them from multiple perspectives. After he was finished with learning all he could about basic information Harry decided that he wanted to learn everything he could possibly know about magic. And with just one thought, Harry summoned a new assembly line of books and scrolls containing all of the information that could have been inside of Professor Dumbledore's brilliant mind. He learned everything there was to know about magic while his human memories and emotions helped him to remember what kind of magic he preferred to learn as well as an endless source of information about magic that he never thought could be possible or magic he knew he would never use, but it couldn't hurt to know how to do it.

The information did not stop encircling him until it felt as if he had been watching these books and scrolls for over a hundred thousand years. In time, the pages started to slow down and then finally stop and vanish.

Harry looked down at himself and realized that he was naked again and closed his eyes and said while he crossed his arms, "Okay… I've died twice and both times I ended up naked. Unless four angels come down and have their way with me in the next few minutes, or I'm going to be pissed…"

Then out of nowhere, Harry felt an invisible force drive him forward in the same manner he felt millennia ago. He didn't know what was about to happen but he had an idea that his time here was up. Before he could react or stop the force that controlled him he felt his entire being become drawn out from the realm of nothingness. He felt as if he were thrust out from a white bubble, upon his departure, Harry felt his entire being become consumed with pressure, like he was collapsed underneath the universe once more. He felt as if he had been forced into a small space that felt like a ball no bigger than the size of a bludger. There was a sudden flash of light and at once he was returned to the real world, but it did not feel like it was the same world that he had departed from.

Out on the battlefield, the Kyuubi no Kitsune continued to rampage its way through the mountains and forests to destroy the village of Konohagakure no Sato. It's nine giant red tails swished through the air and crashed senselessly into the mountains and landscapes, causing earthquakes to shake the earth and tsunamis to rise from the lakes and oceans out in the distance. The shinobi of the ancient village nobly defended their home, willing to die in the hopes of preventing the giant fox from getting close to the village.

Second after second, the jounin and chunin at the frontlines were annihilated when the fox used its massive claws to consume and destroy the home of the world's most powerful shinobi. The giant red beast, with eyes as red as the fires of Hell, unleashed a terrible blast of pure chakra from its mouth in the form of a destructive cannon blast. The blast caused a sonic boom before it was fired with untold speed and caused devastating damage unto the front half of the village, taking down blocks of buildings and houses and leaving nothing but fire, smoke, and rubble behind. But no matter how bad the terror reigned down upon them, the shinobi of Konoha stood tall and advanced forth to stop their unstoppable and unbelievably gigantic demonic enemy.

All seemed hopeless in this epic battle until the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, arrived atop of his trusted giant toad summon. The great amphibian was almost as large as the fox demon, but being a mortal animal of this earth it stood little to no chances of actually killing the demonic beast.

The Yondaime Hokage held a small child and kept it close to his chest while he tore through the battlefield to engage the demon atop his summon. As he drew closer to it, he felt as if his heart were being torn to shreds. As the Hokage of his village, it was his job and his dream to do anything within his power to keep his village and his people safe. But to do something like this, to burden a child with the responsibility to contain the Kyuubi's spirit was asking for far too much when it meant that he would destroy this newborn baby boy's life before he even had a chance to protest.

As his giant toad summon brought him closer to the demon, the young Hokage could only pray that one day this small bundle he held close to him would be able to forgive him for what he was about to do. He smiled own at the baby boy when the child gurgled and tugged at his white and red-flame designed coat. Minato couldn't believe that he had just taken this boy away from his mother, the best friend he had ever known in his life. He soon smiled and tried to remain confident that the boy's mother would still be able to be there to love, care, and protect him. He hoped with all his heart that the rest of the villagers would be able to understand his final testament and see this child as a hero for holding the Kyuubi within his small body and protect the village in doing so. But deep down he believed that maybe it might not happen for many years until after he was dead.

Minato still held the baby close to his face and kissed the tiny boy on the soft forehead before whispering with tears flowing out of his eyes, "… Forgive me… Naruto… Listen to your motor-mouth mother…"

Harry's essence emerged into existence and entered the new world. If anyone who had the ability to see spirits or magic were to look up into the full moon sky of the re-leveled battlefield, those people would have seen a ball of light erupt out from the sky as if the sky were a part of some invisible ceiling. There was a rift created through time and space where the spirit or soul escaped or rather was returned to the real world. The opened rift in time-space soon repaired itself just as fast as it appeared and looked as if the sky remained clean and untouched apart from the several clouds and full moon that decorated the night sky beautifully.

Against it's will, the ball of light that was Harry Potter's spirit flew through the skies and gravitated towards the source that was drawing his soul, looking like a falling star. Harry's spirit moved toward the giant toad that had now grabbed a solid hold over the demon fox. He zoomed towards a source of blinding white light coming from in-between the two giant creatures but apart from the man that had created the light.

An unbearable roar broke out from the fox demon while the light coming from the Yondaime Hokage's jutsu grew brighter and brighter with each second that passed. Within a few moments, Harry had reached the point where the blinding light was coming from and saw the giant red fox begin to become sucked into the fresh-cut navel of a small newborn human. The fox's entire body, starting with its soul, was sucked into the baby's navel and in the act; a spiral swirl on his tummy that looked like a tattoo had been formed. Then without hesitation, Harry felt his spirit or soul become sucked into the navel along with the demon.

The beast itself roared in rage and tried to fight the pull but it was no use as the last piece of its soul was absorbed into the newly imprinted seal and thrust into a giant cage. The fox itself soon started to deteriorate and turn into dust while it seemed to die and the blonde Hokage smirked while a line of his own blood leaked out of the corner of his mouth and he fell. At the same time, the soul of the demon felt its consciousness fade while inside its new prison, but not before it felt something that threw it off. The Kyuubi no Kitsune was sure that it had sensed the presence of another creature or another humanoid soul become sucked into the seal at the same time it was.

Emerald-green eyes snapped open for a second as their owner felt something strange but after being sucked into a small space upon being released from what he assumed the last hundred thousand years had been purgatory, he lacked the strength to stay awake. So he slowly drifted off to sleep to make up for his lack of sleep for the uncountable amount of time he had been lost. Harry then lost consciousness and fell asleep there upon a floor without walls, but with unlimited darkness. Had he been aware of what had happened to him, he would have hexed the dead Hokage for what he had done. But for now, he was too tired to even care about that and probably never would care about it again for another few years.

He just wanted to sleep.

{{The Arrival of Baby Harry by John Williams}}

Several people stared down at the crying newborn child, unaware of what was happening within his tiny body.

There was a new form of power, different to that which they were used to, being slowly integrated into the infant's small body. The seal on his tummy strengthened it in some ways once the child had developed more in later life. Had a member of the Hyuga clan been there, they would have fainted from the shock of seeing a second set of a chakra circulatory system begin to develop as well. But not even a member of that esteemed clan would have managed to see the vague outline of a faint but powerful third system that would not develop for another few years to come.

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Naruto Uzumaki and the Scroll of Sealing

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