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Thicker than Water-

Chapter 1


They weren't sure what happened. One minute they had been doing their daily rounds to make sure that there wasn't any criminal activity going on and the next thing they knew...


What they did know however was that they must have fallen under an ambush or sneak attack and had been overwhelmed by the enemy. Perhaps stunned or knocked unconscious, because when they came to feeling groggy and with their heads aching and feeling slightly nauseous. They were each laying face down in a solid steel cage on a cold white tile floor.

They groaned and lifted their heads and looked around, weakly noting first and foremost that they were in cages right next to one another and that they were in a room that looked freakishly similar Karbuckle's lab. The walls were an off white, there were pieces of broken machines, and surgical tools lying everywhere.

There were several metal autopsy tables a good twenty or so feet from them that had rust colors stains on them and the room smelled like the sickening blend of death, antiseptic, and freshly spilled blood mingling with the subtle hints of sweat, tears, urine and other bodily fluids.

From whoever had been on the operating table no doubt.

They each took a second to try and remember what happened to them and how they had gotten where they were now, but couldn't recall anything aside from being on the road riding their bikes and minding their own business.

They pushed themselves upright and did a mental check to make sure that they didn't have any injuries. Once that was done they each got to their feet feeling shaky and more than a little weak and tried to think of a way to escape.

They took turns trying to kick the cell door off it's hinges, ramming their shoulders into the cold metal bars and trying to pull the bars apart but after about thirty minutes of trying they realized that they weren't going to get that lucky and manage to free themselves so easily. And fell back away to the far side of the cell, across from the door and quietly dropped down to the floor to patiently wait for whoever had grabbed them to make an appearance.


Limberger stared at the three TV screens with a malicious smile.

Finally, finally after nearly two years of experimentation, and over a dozen different trial and error incidents, he was about to have his new weapons. Weapons made of flesh and blood and sired by the seed of his most hated enemies.

He watched the faces of the two human females already in the advanced stages of their labor, their faces were sweat streaked and contorted with pain. Their bodies writhing in agony as they struggled to give birth. It won't be much longer for these two- He thought in amusement as his violet eyes shifted to the third screen and the woman shown on it.

She was moving around her room restlessly-at her home nearly three blocks from his building. Where as the other two were already in the building in his care, this one-

This slip of a human woman evaded him and his men. She fought him, threatened and bullied him at every turn despite his efforts to earn her trust and assure her that he was only here to help her and her unborn child.

In his opinion the little bitch deserved to die screaming. But that could wait for now.

First he had some rodents to inform of their impending fatherhood.