Thicker than water- 19

(************************************************* ************************************************** **********************)

Shira stared at the two beings a few feet away and frowned. They smelled like the guy claiming to be her father back at the bookstore, but she couldn't see their faces due to the helmets on their heads. She could however see the rest of them. Like the other guy, they were covered in fur- one white and the other grey. The white one wasn't wearing a shirt. The grey one was wearing what looked like a bullet proof vest that reached his middle and nothing else.

He also had a metal arm...

Was he half robot maybe? She wondered as the grey one caught sight of her and her mother. Uh-oh. Something bad was gonna happen in the next few minutes, wasn't it? Shira thought as she lost sight of the two.

(************************************************* ************************************************** ***********************)

Throttle hit the door of the bookstore running, following the scent of Rain and his young- no that wasn't right; his daughter. Fuck, he had a lil baby girl. A precious, beautiful and highly intellegent baby girl. And he wasn't losing either of them.

Not now that he had finally found them.

Bypassing the place where his bike was, he kept going. Gradually gaining speed as he ran down the crowded street. Rain was up ahead, he could see her. Could see his bro's tailing her at a distance as she carried their daughter as fast as she could away from the bookstore- from him and Limburger. From the safety he and his bros had worked so hard over the past few years to create so that they would be safe from harm.

He let out a low growl, smelling Greasepit somewhere up ahead of her, and knew that Rain was about to step into a trap that would endanger not only herself but their daughter. Gnashing his teeth, he called out hoping to slow her down enough to keep her out of the trap.

"Rain!" She ignored him and he inwardly cringed. He had expected things to be difficult, after all she didn't know anything about him.

Yet she had birthed his daughter.

He had often wondered how she would react when he found her. So far he hadn't been disappointed. She was as prickly as a porcupine. And his young...ah, he had theorized a few years after he and his bro's had become stranded on Earth that hybrid children could be born to a martian and human. But he hadn't been sure of what sort of condition the mother or child would wind up in.

So in the end he had set his theories aside and forgotten them thinking it for the best. But now... Now that he had a child and a woman to worry about- he wasn't so sure it was entirely wise to ignore his former theories.

"Rain!" He tried again, his normally soft, husky voice booming so loudly that he saw her falter as she turned to look in his direction. Her eyes locked with his and he felt his heart stutter in his chest as he caught sight of Greasepit stepping out from around a building a short distance from her wearing his usual overalls and some expensive looking sun glasses.

Throttle saw Vinny and Modo tense up and angle their bikes to intercept the giant goon as he put on one final burst of speed and raced to reach Rain first. He would not lose her and his young. Not again- He'd rather die first.

"Rain! Run!" Throttle shouted as Greasepit got right on top of her, she ran into him. Turning her head to look at what she hit, she let out a blood curtling scream as the giant wrapped an arm around her slender waist a moment before lifting her feet up off of the ground. He saw several emotions flicker across her face at once, shock, horror, anger then determination as she suddenly dropped their young daughter and yelled,

"Shira run! Get as far away from here as you can!" Throttle blinked as his young scrambled to her feet and quickly did as her mother ordered her to as Greasepit carried Rain kicking and screaming towards a car a little ways away.

Throttle growled and felt torn between going after the woman who had birthed his daughter and saving her and securing their offspring so that nothing would happen to her when he saw Modo break from the formation he and Vinny had been in and rev his bike up as he pulled onto the sidewalk and shouted, "I'm going after the girl. Throttle, take Greasepit down!"