Looking out my window and watching the days slowly pass by.

I see people out the window as they go.

I want to be able to get out of this room.

To experience freedom and see the sakuras bloom.

I wish and wish with all of my might,

A cat comes in the window and my wish takes flight.

Through this cats eyes I do see the world that is about me.

I met my love that I saw from my window.

He was everything I dreamed of and seemed to be more.

He helped me to overcome my fears and we went out on a date.

That was the night of my life and it sealed my fate,

For his own love was sick and so the tree had to die,

My wishes with them.

I had to go back to my window looking out all by myself.

I could no longer fly.

Inspired by the cat girl, Misaki/Yoriko Sagisawa, in Da Capo.