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This story is basically a boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl and wants her desparatly but one problem- he's a prince.

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My Angel. My baby. My girl

I watched silently, half hidden by the shadows, as my baby girl made her way home. It wasn't safe for her on the streets at night. Anyone could go after her, anyone could take her, harm her. Or at least thats what I told myself anyway.

A small, shy smile flickered across my face as she shook out her hair and took off her sunglasses, folding them in her bag. How I envied her hair. Those beautiful, delicate strands were touched by her everyday. I wished that could be me.

I sometimes wondered if she ever realised I was watching her. If she ever felt my piercing stares on the back of her neck, or if she ever shivered when I watched her from her across the street.

I was in love with her.

I adored everything about her. The way her hair bounced and shined, the way her laughter could fill the room, the way her big brown doe eyes would flutter innocently beneath her lashes. She was perfection and I wanted her. So bad. But she never noticed me.

My... title made it hard for people to not recognise me. I was a prince, the prince of Randara (A/N completely made up place- i was quite proud of it actually ;] ). An extremely large powerful country. I was the oldest child in my family, the oldest son. This made me the legal heir to the throne so as to when my father chose to retire or when his time of departure struck him, I would take over. I do not think about my future often. Whenever I do, it is always with her. I dreamed of us marrying, her telling me she loved me. I dreamt of our kids, little brown haired wonders, just like her of course. My love for them would never be greater than my love for my angel, that I was sure of.

I had been a coward, I suppose you could say. My family's urging was the only thing making me consider going up to her and attempting to talk to her. The rejection would be too much for me to bear if she refused me. Another part of me, a darker part, wished that my family did not know of her. All of my family members were very close, and yet I had always seemed to be the odd one out. I despised when they wanted ot know every little detail, and I had no idea how my sister-in-law Alice and her husband Jasper who was my brother and Emmett my other brother and his wife Rosalie, could all stand to be living in the same house as I with my parents. I knew that if I ever married my sweet angel, and I didn't dare to hope, I knew that I would not and could not live with my family. I did not want them taking her away from me.

My confidence had been rising recently, and I had brought a large plot of land south from the palace. I would not break ground on it yet. I wanted my baby girl, if she ever chose me, to design the house. I loved her more than anything and I never would want her to feel left out.

I was snapped out of my internal musings when I noticed my baby dolls' name being called from across the street. I watched with seething hatred as a commoner came over to her and place his hand on MY babys' waist. How dare he? I roared in my head. I was enraged. Another part of me, which was equally as dominant, heart broke as I watched her returned the mans embrace. Why would she do this to me? How could she betray my heart so? I watched, silently seething, as she patted the mans arm in farewell and carried on home, to her small cottage she lived in with her parents.

At that moment I realised something. My baby would one day soon be snatched up. All of the men watched her, lusted after her. I knew that I had to woo her, and fast. I had to make her love me. With my resolve set in my head. I smirked silently as I climed up the tree outside her bedroom window. She was going to be mine.

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