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My Angel My Baby My Girl

Chapter 14


Currently, my life was almost perfect. It was practically perfect because I had Isabella Swan by my side. My sweet angel grew closer and closer to me more and more each day. Now, whilst this was extremely pleasurable, the only downside was my family.

My family seemed to linger around us, never giving us time alone. As soon as we were locked in any kind of intimate embrace, someone seemed to interrupt us and this made me incredibly sexually frustrated. I did not know why they did not like the idea of us having sex. With their partners, they usually make love on a daily basis; with the exception of Alice and Jasper. Jasper seemed to be attempting to avoid Alice even more than usual lately and seemed to cling onto myself and Bella whenever he could not go fishing. It was incredibly tiresome and I was beginning to grow agitated at this.

Now, you would think that Alice would be the worst to accept myself and Isabellas' relationship, but I was surprised to see that it was Esme who seemed to eye us up sceptically at each turn. I didn't know if it was because I was her favourite son or what, but she seemed to not approve of my relationship with my love and this made me angry.

I could not wait for us to move out and have a villa of our own. I know that if my mother insisted on daily visits, I would refuse. I wanted to pretty much cut off all ties with my family. I didn't need them anymore now that I had my baby.

'Honey,' Bella called, coming out of the bathroom with damp hair. She was a vision wrapped up in a gold silk short robe.

'Yes my baby,' I cooed, holding my arms out for her and pulling her on my lap, rocking her gently back and forth like a child. I loved treating her like this. This was a way to show her that she was the most precious thing in the world to me, that I wanted to care for her and treat her like my baby. I loved caring for her and I knew that I would always continue to do so.

'I was wondering if we could go back to my parents house,' The look I gave her must've been an angry slash incredulous one as she blanched back slightly and buried her small head in my neck and placed a kiss there.

'And why on earth would you want to do that, my silly girl?' I asked, tightening my grip on her and trying to keep my voice light, but there was no escaping the slight edge in it. If she thought she was leaving me and going back to live with her parents she has got another thing coming. I didn't want it to come down to me tying her up, I never imagined it, but as they say; desperate times calls for desperate measures...

'I just I wanted to pick up my mail and get all my documents and papers so they I can write to them and get them to start sending it here. I also need to take a trip to the school and say that I am ending the school year early,' She said quickly, obviously taking note of the distaste in my voice. She looked at me with her big brown orbs and smiled gently at me and I couldn't help but melt under her gaze and pull her in for a searing kiss.

'Okay my gorgeous baby,' I crooned, but a wicked thought crossed me 'But only if I can pick out what you wear, lingerie included,' I knew I was a possessive bugger, but seeing my babe prancing about in clothes I had picked for her, seemed to scream MINE in my head. I waggled my eyebrows at her giggle and she proceeded to hop off my lap after receiving a quick spank from me, and went off to dry her hair in the practical salon we had in our bathroom.

I walked into one of our wardrobes; yes I said one of our wardrobes. We had two walk-ins, one was for our regular clothes from Bella's recently purchased ball gowns to my Armani suits, and one which we were going to fill with new lingerie for my sexy baby and fun things for us both. Currently, there was only about a quarter of the closet full of Bella's underwear and we were planning on going shopping for more soon, which I could not wait for. I sauntered into the clothes closet and picked out a short brown plaid mini-mini skirt and a backless white tank top made of silky, flowing material. I picked out some knee-high brown heeled boots and decided to forgo a jacket. In the other closet, I took my time browsing through the lace and silk before deciding on just an extremely revealing thong. If she wore a bra, it would just show because of her backless shirt, I thought, snickering slightly to myself.

I lay it all on the bed and chuckled when she eyed up the clothes and rolled her eyes. She proceeded to get dressed whilst I eyed her hungrily up and down. My sex goddess must have noticed my gaze because she walked over to me and ran a finger down my chest whilst I smirked cockily at her and leaned back on my elbows. She turned round and rubbed her ass in tight circles round my engorged cock and I moaned and threw my head back, loving the feeling. Before I could react she had turned around and unzipped my pants before sucking the head of my hard cock in her mouth. I growled when I watched her bent over me, her boobs almost tumbling out of the shirt. She slapped her hand very gently across my balls before running out of the room and down the stairs. She had left me on the bed, a panting mess. She was so going to pay for that later.

My heart began to ache slightly at the separation from her and I immediately zipped up my pants and ran down the stairs in search for my love. She was a vision standing by the garage door waiting for me. Emmett had just came out from the garage, but I ignore the lingering stares he placed on my girls body. He just wasn't worth my time at the moment.

'Were to first, my love?' I asked taking her hand from across the console and squeezing it gently in my own. I loved how perfectly it fit there.

'My parents house I suppose,' she said with a small sigh and a pout on her lips 'I really don't want to see them, but they are going to be home because Charlie doesn't work until late and Renee will be there to most likely suck him off a few times,' She said with a grimace 'I don't understand why Renee does it though, she can rarely stand Charlie and I don't know why she doesn't just leave already,'

'Maybe it is because Charlie gets paid frequently and she can splash it out on drugs and booze,' I mused. My angel's parents truly baffled me. I didn't understand how they could not love such a wonderful creature as their daughter. I knew that they thought out relationship wouldn't last but I knew they would try and worm their way back into our lives once we were wed.

Wed. I couldn't wait to marry Isabella. I hadn't even told her I love her yet but I hoped that I portrayed it in my actions daily. We would have a big wedding, I decided. I wanted everyone to know that I was hers and she was mine. All of those pubescent boys would look on with envy as we were joined in matrimony and I would grin in their ugly faces.

I pulled up outside the house and glared at the outside cheeriness of it. The flowers were blooming and the house was painted a bright blue. Charlie and Renee probably did that to make them look like the perfect couple, a normal family. People didn't know about the drug abuse or the over alcohol consumption going on in there. I had a good mind to ruin them, to blurt out to all of their friends and family what they were really like, but I decided to save that for another time.

I always thought it was a good thing to have the dirt on everyone who you don't like. I had dirty little secrets about a lot of people, including my family members. Never know when it might come in handy.

Jogging round the car, I opened my babes' door and wrapped my arms tightly round her waist so she was attached firmly to my side. We could hear the shouts between Charlie and Renee before we even rang the bell. I wondered what they were fighting about as as soon as they knew someone was at the door they shut up.

Renee opened the door with a cheery smile on her face, but it quickly turned into a smirk when she saw Isabella. 'Come to return the whore, I see,' I looked smug and it took all my will power to not slap her in the face. Isabella did it for me though. 'How fucking dare you!' Renee roared, one side of her face going red with a small hand print on it. Bitch got what she deserved, I said smug. It was an incredible turn on to watch Isabella lash out at another then looking completely cool about it after. I just couldn't help but tease her and run my fingers over the swell off her arse, barely covered by the little skirt.

She giggled and blushed slightly at the feel of my fingers and buried her head under my arm just as her father came out. He paled as soon as he saw me and he was obviously remembering out last encounter and Isabella's words of me coming back another time.

'What're you back here for then,' He asked gruffly, trying hard to hide the trembling in his voice. He was scared and I revelled in it.

'Just here to pick up Isabellas documents and mail,' I said, never removing my hard gaze from him. With a jerk of his head, he motioned for us to come in and get what we wanted. Renee was still seething by the door but Charlie gave her a look that said, speak and you die.

Isabella headed up the stairs first, her arse waving around in my face cheekily. I chuckled and teasingly licked one arse cheek and swatted the other and grinned madly when she squealed. I loved playing with her like this. She quickly swiped a folder out of a cabinet on the upstairs landing and raised her eyebrows when she saw that her mail had been placed inside it.

We left quickly after that and departed after Isabella waved cheerily to her parents and hopped in the car. The school was a couple of blocks away, so the car ride was fairly quick and easy. Once I had helped my love out of the car my phone began to ring and I noticed that it said Esme on the screen. I rolled my eyes when I saw this but knew I would have to answer or she wouldn't stop ringing until I did. She was irritating like that.

'Go on ahead baby girl, I'll catch up,' I told Isabella before opening my phone sharply 'Yes,' I snapped. I didn't like my time with Isabella to be cut short and my mother knew that I was out with her. She better have a good reason for calling.

'Edward, how are you baby?' She cooed and I rolled my eyes. She obviously wanted something and she was trying to 'soften me up'. Little did she know I only wanted Isabella calling me baby. Esme laughed awkwardly after me not answering and cleared her throat before continuing 'I just wanted to ask if I could talk to you later, alone,' I rolled my eyes. I knew she was going to try and persuade me that Isabella was not right for me. I decided to humour her and arrange a sitting with her but the only way I would come if my Isabella would be present. After reluctantly agreeing, we hung up and I went off in search of my baby girl.

I headed to the main entrance and rounded a corner to see her chatting to a boy. A boy I recognised as a Mr Michael Newton. Rage seeped through me and a bit of hurt sidled its way in there as well. Why would she hurt me like this by talking to another man without me present, without my permission? Without making my presence known, I listened in to the tail end of their conversation.

'Well what about the weekend after next?' The boy looked at her with an eager look on his face 'if you can't do this weekend,' He added. What were they planning to do? Was Isabella planning on leaving me for this worthless human? How dare...

'Mike, to be perfectly honest, I am not interested on going on a date with you. I have a real man waiting for me and I wouldn't settle for something like you,' my angel snapped, making my heart swell with pride. She really must love me. Deciding to make my presence known, I walked up behind my love and looped my arms around her hips, pulling her ass into my crotch.

'Have you done everything, babe?' I asked before placing a kiss under her ear, all the while staring at Mike. He went pale; he must've recognised my voice from the night I beat him up. With a parting squeak Mike scurried off whilst bashing into about six different teachers roaming the corridors.

The teachers all immediately recognised me of course and began to babble away; some in excitement and some in fear. I ignored them all and only focused on the sexy thing in front of me. I spun my girl round and I felt the need to claim her as I pushed my lips to hers and forced one of my legs between her thighs. She gasped and grounded down on me when I sucked and sucked and left a dark purple mark under her ear. How sexy.

I pulled away and smirked at the deep look of lust on her face and she quickly snapped out of it and glared at me teasingly, knowing I had just turned her into a pie of goo. She took some papers off the desk and took my hands in hers before leading me out of the building, winking at baffled faculty members as we walked past.

We arrived back in the palace, hand in hand and fully ready to fuck each other after a good twenty minutes of teasing each other into oblivion as we were driving home. Just as we were about to run up the stair to our room one of the snooty butlers stopped us.

'Your mother has requested you, Prince Edward,' He sniffed out 'Isabella was not requested and she is waiting for you in her study,' he said before turning on his heel and scurrying out of the hall. I glared after him before taking Isabellas hands and leading her up to the study.

'Edward, I don't think I should come with you, your mother doesn't seem to want me there,' She hesitantly said as we approached the study door. I just gave her a look before dragging her into the room where my mother sat stiffly, raising her eyebrows at mine and Isabellas' joined hands.

'So glad you could join me, Edward,' she said pointedly ignoring my baby. 'I would like to talk to you about your current relationship. This... fling of yours will affect the country in the worse way possible. If you care about your family and your future, you will end this preposterous relationship,' She said, lips pursed and eyes wide. 'It is outrageous of you to think that this thing between you both will ever work. She is seventeen years old, a minor no less, not to mention she dresses like a slut most of the time. Can't you see she is just after your money and...'

By this point in time I was seeing red. She had just insulted mine and my sweethearts relationship, called her a slut and a gold-digger.

This was war.


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